WCW Saturday Night 4/9/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
: 4/9/1994
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) Sting defeated Diamond Dallas Page
2.) WCW World Tag Team Champions Nasty Boys defeated Alex Davis & Ken Kendall
3.) The Patriot defeated The Gambler
4.) Vader defeated Bill Payne
5.) Dustin Rhodes & Erik Watts defeated Tex Slazenger & Shanghai Pierce
6.) Brian Pillman defeated The Terrorist
7.) WCW United States Champion Steve Austin defeated Hyoto
8.) WCW Television Champion Lord Steven Regal defeated Pez Whatley

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Sting is interviewed following his easy victory over DDP. Sting talks about his match with Rick Rude for the WCW International Championship. Sting says that Rude avoided him when he asked for a title shot, which was a mistake. Sting wants to destroy Rick Rude at Spring Stampede and win the title in the process.

2.) Cactus Jack is interviewed who says that Vader has made a mission to destroy his face but he is too late. Jack has his head taped since he recently lost his ear in Germany. Jack assures us that Vader will pay for his injury. The tag match at Spring Stampede doesn’t have any rules and says that now in Chicago the Nasty Boys will pay for giving him internal injuries and Maxx Payne a concussion.

3.) Harley Race and Vader are interviewed after destroying a jobber. Mean Gene finds what Vader did to Cactus Jack as being appalling. Race loved what happened because people will learn to keep their nose out of their business. Race says that the Boss will have to deal with Vader in Chicago. Vader wants everyone to think about all the guys he has taken out of the business like Sid Vicious and Nikita Koloff. Vader blames Boss for costing him the title and he is going to take something from the Boss at Spring Stampede.

4.) Recently on WCW Pro Erik Watts was attacked by Shanghai Pierce and Tex Slazenger after beating Tex in a singles match. Dustin Rhodes came off for the save hitting a top rope clothesline on Tex and elbow shots on both men.

5.) Bunkhouse Buck tries to attack Dustin Rhodes after the tag match but fails at first. Buck grabs the trophy Watts had won and breaks the trophy over Dustin’s back leading to a beating in the middle of the ring.

6.) There is a conference between Ricky Steamboat and WCW World Champion Ric Flair via satellite. Mean Gene claims that every news telecast is talking about the match is hilarious. Steamboat knows that Flair is overlooking him and is more focused on Hulk Hogan. Flair says he hasn’t gotten to be where he is today by looking past Steamboat. Flair says it is Steamboat’s problem if he is mad that Flair is inviting Hogan to Spring Stampede. Flair again invites Steamboat to sit front row for Flair’s match tonight. Steamboat is going to be at ringside to watch the match. Flair thinks that Steamboat will be able to feel the rush of greatness by being close to him. Steamboat recalls beating Flair twice in 1989 and says he is going to beat Flair again. Flair is destined to go down as the best that has ever lived.

7.) Brian Pillman is interviewed following his squash victory. Pillman is given an American flag to Pillman since Lord Steven Regal is from England. Pillman says there is 200 years of pain and suffering behind the flag. Pillman says that girls are going to bed hungry while Regal enjoys fancy food. Pillman is going to show Regal he is in the land of the free at Spring Stampede.

8.) WCW Television Champion Lord Steven Regal was interviewed by Larry Zbysxko on WCW Pro. Sir William knows that Pillman was a football player but that is a team sport. Regal says that Americans are stupid and Pillman is one of them. Regal thinks the health care plan is the dumbest thing America could have. Regal is offended that Zbyszko would ask him if he is afraid of Pillman. Zbyszko asks why would Regal have to piledrive Pillman on concrete, which frustrates Regal. Regal is going to make Pillman a fool at Spring Stampede.

9.) Ricky Steamboat is out and Ric Flair comes out wearing street clothes for his match. Flair dismisses the challenger in the ring and heads to the ring. Flair quickly takes the jobber down on the mat and locks in the figure four to win the match in less than ten seconds. Flair is pointing at Steamboat while having the hold locked in. Steamboat enters the ring and wants Flair to release the hold. Several officials run into the ring to prevent Flair and Steamboat from coming to blows. Flair slaps Steamboat but Ricky is held back by officials! Flair is playing his heel role flawlessly at the moment.

Final Thoughts:
A lot of squash matches but the angle advancements were rather entertaining and the final segment added much needed fuel to the match between Steamboat and Flair. Flair is in full heel mode at this point and he is doing a great job with it, as per usual. I enjoyed the show this week despite there not being a feature match, really.

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