WCW Saturday Night 4/16/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) Johnny B. Badd defeated Matt Shepard
2.) Arn Anderson defeated Haito
3.) Steve Keirn & Bobby Eaton defeated Thunder & Lightning
4.) Erik Watts defeated Ron Oates
5.) Tanaka-san defeated Kenny Kendall
6.) Terra Ryzing fought Terry Taylor to a draw
7.) Pretty Wonderful defeated Brian Armstrong & Bill Payne
8.) The Patriot defeated Tony Zane
9.) Kevin & Dave Sullivan defeated Butch Long & Dave Hart
10.) Bunkhouse Buck defeated Brad Anderson
11.) Ron Simmons & Harlem Heat defeated Marcus Alexander, 2 Cold Scorpio & Ice Train

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Ron Simmons and Harlem Heat are interviewed regarding their six man tag main event match. Booker says that he and Stevie Ray know that they are the number one contenders and they are going to take care of business. Ron Simmons says that injuries mean nothing to him and tonight their opponents will know what injuries are all about.

2.) On WCW Pro earlier in the morning we see more comments from WCW Television Champion Lord Steven Regal while being interviewed by Larry Zbyszko. Zbyszko is sick and tired of Regal ripping on the Americans. Larry tells Regal to shut up and walks away from the interview. Regal is livid that Zbyszko did that and calls Zbyszko a coward.

3.) Ryzing shoves Taylor away and taunts Taylor by posing. Ryzing chops Taylor in the corner but doesn’t continue with the advantage. Ryzing yanks Taylor down by his hair but backs away into a corner to beg off. Taylor nearly pins Ryzing with a crucifix pin. Ryzing takes Taylor down to the canvas with a headlock. Taylor hip tosses Ryzing but is kicked away quickly. Taylor controls Ryzing with a hammerlock on the mat until Ryzing reaches the bottom rope. Ryzing works over Taylor in the corner with several strikes but misses a charging strike and is nearly rolled up. Ryzing elbows Taylor to break free and counters a crucifix pin attempt with a Samoan Drop. Terra plants Terry with a snap power slam but only gets a two count. Ryzing drops Taylor with a big boot and taunts the fans. Ryzing holds Taylor up and hits a delayed vertical suplex for a two count.

Taylor gets out of an abdominal stretch with a hip toss but Ryzing hits a tilt a whirl back breaker for a near fall. Terra blocks a sunset flip and nearly pins Taylor. There is one minute remaining in the time limit, which was ten minutes. Taylor hits a cross body but Ryzing rolls through. They punch each other and they are both knocked out. Taylor hits a back suplex but time runs out and the match ends in a draw. (**1/4. That was better than I was expecting, but it was still a really average match. I don’t believe they were feuding on any form of television, but this could set up a feud for the future.) After the match, Ryzing attacks Taylor with right hands and sends him over the top to the floor. Terra sends Taylor shoulder first into the ring post to end the segment.

4.) Simmons attacks Bagwell from behind to get the cheap advantage and works over Bagwell with several right hands. Bagwell rolls Simmons up for a near fall and nearly wins following a cross body. Bagwell gets another two count with an inside cradle before tagging in Ice Train. Simmons rolls away and tags in Stevie Ray. Ray works over Train with strikes backing him into a corner briefly. Train comes back with a hip toss and the same for Booker and knocks Simmons off the apron. Scorpio comes off the middle rope to axe handle Ray but is scoop slammed and Booker tags in. Scorpio nearly wins following a top rope cross body. Booker drops Scorpio with spinning heel kick and taunts the fans. Scorpio spin kicks Booker and makes the tag to Bagwell after a kick to Booker. Bagwell scoop slams Booker but misses a big splash as he lands across Booker’s knees instead.

Booker works over Bagwell in the corner with right hands. Bagwell hits a cross body for a near fall. Simmons hits Bagwell while on the apron and Booker drops Bagwell with a scissors kick. Ray enters and stomps away on Marcus. Simmons tags in and works over Marcus with strikes for a near fall. Simmons sends Bagwell to the floor where Ray clotheslines Bagwell on the outside. Booker sends Bagwell guy first into the guard railing. Bagwell avoids a backdrop by kicking Simmons int eh chest. Ray prevents Bagwell from making the tag. Booker attacks Bagwell from behind to keep control as Marcus wasn’t aware of a tag being made. Booker nails Bagwell with a forearm strike and tags in Ray. Bagwell is double teamed with a clothesline.

Bagwell decks Ray with a clothesline but can’t make the tag as Simmons enters to work over Marcus. Bagwell drives Simmons face first into the canvas and tries to tag in one of his partners but Booker enters to prevent that from happening again. Booker hits a snap suplex for a near fall. Bagwell knocks Booker down but attempts a dropkick and is side stepped. Booker hits a power slam on Bagwell and Ray enters to work over Bagwell with a leg drop for a two count. Ray slams Bagwell but misses a middle rope knee drop. Bagwell makes the tag to Ice Train who cleans house with scoop slams and clotheslines. All six men are in the ring as Train has a press slam on Booker but Simmons clips his knee allowing Booker to get the win. (**1/4. An enjoyable main event that got a lot of time. Bagwell did very well as the face in peril and the heels worked over him in an entertaining fashion. I’d be interested in a Bagwell/Simmons singles match, but that’s just me.)

Final Thoughts:
Not much for angle development as the pay per view is tomorrow, but there were a couple entertaining matches on the show, which isn’t never a bad thing. I’d say it’s an average episode for WCW Saturday Night.

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