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ECW Hardcore TV 6/6/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Philadelphia, PA

1.) Hack Myers defeated Tony Stetson
2.) Shane Douglas defeated ECW World Champion The Sandman to win the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) The show isn’t anything original as they are still showing matches and segments from the Enter Sandman super card event from May 13th. Nonetheless, I’ll give a little recap of what we need to know moving forward. To read a more in-depth review of the matches on this show, head to the Enter Sandman recap already provided on the blog.

2.) ECW World Tag Team Champions the Public Enemy cut a promo at the batting cage regarding an upcoming match against the Pitbulls. Grunge has a sword with him and makes some Japanese related jokes. They suddenly turn serious and Rock says they are bringing their bats and hope the Pitbulls bring their balls for the fight.

3.) The main event goes just under eleven minutes of action. Sandman counters a belly to belly suplex with one of his own onto Douglas and gets a three count as Cactus Jack knocked Shane’s foot off the bottom rope. Bill Alfonso comes out and demands a restart to give Douglas a fair shake. Sandman attempts to cane Alfonso but instead hits Cactus Jack, who saved the referee. Douglas takes advantage of the distraction and rolls Sandman up for a three count to regain the championship. Dean Malenko comes out and attacks Cactus while Raven and Stevie Richards DDT Tommy Dreamer onto a metal fan cover. Cactus recovers to scare Raven and Richards from the ring and checks on Dreamer.

Final Thoughts:
The three way feud between Sandman, Douglas and Jack has been rather enjoyable. I’m not sure if Douglas is the actual champion now or what is going on, though. I looked it up and it looks like the victory by Douglas wasn’t recognized and that Sandman is still the ECW World Champion. An average episode for ECW Hardcore TV this week with the debut of Alfonso and a confusing title match.

Thanks for reading.

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