WCW Saturday Night 3/22/1997

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Dalton, GA

1.) Public Enemy defeated Ace Darling & Devon Storm
2.) WCW United States Champion Dean Malenko defeated Galaxy
3.) Steiner Brothers defeated High Voltage
4.) Malia Hoska defeated Leilani Kai
5.) Rick Fuller defeated Johnny Swinger
6.) WCW Television Champion Prince Iaukea defeated Ciclope
7.) Scotty Riggs defeated The Renegade
8.) Kevin Sullivan defeated Johnny Boone
9.) The Giant defeated Roadblock
10.) Lex Luger defeated Jim Powers
11.) Harlem Heat defeated Meng & The Barbarian by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Public Enemy is interviewed by Lee Marshall following their victory. They will be wrestling Steve McMichael and Jeff Jarrett at Spring Stampede. Rocco Rock is mad that Jarrett said that the Enemy was at the bottom and that they were a better team than them. Rock says it is time for Jarrett to get his wings clipped. Johnny Grunge chimes in and wants Steve McMichael to bring his football stance self to Spring Stampede.

2.) Steiner Brothers are interviewed following their victory. They will be wrestling the Outsiders at Spring Stampede. Scott Steiner says that things may seem different but they are the same. Scott says they are the best tag team that the Outsiders will ever meet. Now, the Outsiders won’t be able to hide behind Eric Bischoff. Rick Steiner has a score to settle with the WCW World Tag Team Champions. The Outsiders are going one more time.

3.) Kevin Sullivan, Jimmy Hart and Jacqueline are interviewed. Hart says the issues between Sullivan and Benoit have gone too far. Sullivan says that Woman and Benoit don’t have his son crying to him to get it together. Sullivan says that nobody has stood behind him aside from one person, Jacqueline. Kevin says his son thinks that Benoit is okay and that Sullivan is the bad guy. Sullivan has realized one thing and that is Jacqueline stood by him even after he left ten years prior. Sullivan says his own son Ben is out of his life! Jacqueline and Woman are going to strapped together while Sullivan and Benoit compete in a death match. Jacqueline is going to slap slob out of Woman’s mouth in Baltimore. Sullivan is going to send a ticket to his son Ben to come and tell him to face how bad he really is.

4.) Ray and Barbarian start the main event with Barbarian working over Ray in the corner with strikes and choking him. Ray comes out of the corner with a clothesline and a big boot. Booker tags in and works over Barbarian with strikes. Barbarian stops Booker with a kick and rams him into a corner followed by a scoops slam. Booker boots Barbarian in the corner but Meng tags in only to be met with a spin kick for a near fall. Ray tags back in and works over Meng with strikes. Ray is sent into Barbarian’s head, who tags in. Meng knees Ray from the apron and Barbarian hits a side slam. Ray is double teamed by the Faces of Fear but tries to fight back unsuccessfully. Barbarian scoop slams Ray and tags in Meng and they hit a double leaping head butt for a near fall. Ray takes Meng over with a vertical suplex but can’t make a tag. Ray knocks Barbarian off his feet with a clothesline but Booker is knocked off the apron and Ray is worked over some more. Booker finally gets the tag and hits a leaping forearm on Meng for a near fall. Booker counters a side slam to hit a scissors kick for a near fall. Heat hit the Big Apple but here comes Hugh Morrus to cause the disqualification as he attacks Booker sending him into the ring post. The Giant makes his way down to the ring alongside Lex Luger to make the save to end the program. (*1/4. Nobody cared about the action and I thought it was really standard and uninteresting. This has been a trend for Saturday Night main events for the past several weeks.)

Final Thoughts:
The Sullivan promo was a highlight, but that’s just about it.

Thanks for reading.

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