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WCW Saturday Night 3/29/1997

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Dalton, GA

1.) Harlem Heat defeated Scott & Steve Armstrong
2.) Greg Valentine defeated Billy Kidman
3.) Steiner Brothers defeated Bunkhouse Buck & Mike Enos
4.) Madusa defeated Peggy Lee Leather
5.) Chris Jericho defeated Super Calo
6.) Ultimo Dragon defeated Galaxy
7.) WCW Television Champion Prince Iaukea defeated Bobby Eaton
8.) Kevin Sullivan defeated Johnny Swinger
9.) WCW United States Champion Dean Malenko defeated Scotty Riggs
10,) Diamond Dallas Page defeated Maxx

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Harlem Heat and Sherri Martel are interviewed backstage after their victory. Booker says they have a plan to make sure they walk out of Spring Stampede as the winner of the four way match. Ray says their main focus is to walk out of the match with a victory. They basically say they are sure one of them will win the match and face Hogan for the WCW World Championship. Sherri Martel says there is no problem between the two and they are both supportive of each other. Sherri is mad about Luger and Giant costing them money. They don’t need anybody because all they need is each other.

2.) Steiner Brothers are interviewed following their victory. Scott Steiner says it is payback time at Spring Stampede for everything the Outsiders have done to them. Rick Steiner is going slap them like a wild four year old at Kmart.

3.) Lex Luger and The Giant cut a promo backstage regarding their match with Stevie Ray and Booker T at Spring Stampede. Luger says that WCW has always had the talent and determination but they haven’t had it in the direction. Luger and Giant are working as a tag team but know the winner gets the title shot against Hogan. They have talked about it and they are both cool with it. Giant is very aware of what the New World Order is all about. He is coming into the match with 110% intensity. Giant is confident that someone from WCW is on their way to get the belt from Hogan.

4.) WCW United States Champion Dean Malenko is interviewed following his victory. He says if you compute two and two you’ll always get four. Malenko has two issues with Eddie Guerrero and Syxx. Malenko says he will never be fooled by Syxx. He still wants the WCW Cruiserweight Championship back and he is going to expose Eddie Guerrero for what he really is. Malenko defends the title against Chris Benoit at Spring Stampede. Malenko recalls wrestling Benoit for over thirty minutes the last time they squared off. Malenko respects Benoit and likes what he is all about. He expects Benoit to show him what he is all about and knows that Benoit isn’t going to let him down.

5.) Diamond Dallas Page is interviewed to close the program. Page says he has been married to Kimberly for quite sometime and says they haven’t been tighter than they are right now. Page says he is at the top of his game and that Kimberly is the most important person in his life. Page says they are real proud of Kimberly’s Playboy shoot. DDP is pissed about Savage putting his hands on Kimberly and spray painting NWO on his wife. Page doesn’t care what it takes to get his hands on Savage. Page says you are going to have to kill him to stop him.

Final Thoughts:
Spring Stampede has been getting some decent promotion and is actually coming across rather interesting. I mean, on paper the card doesn’t look all that impressive but they are hyping the big matches rather well.

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