WWF House Show 10/16/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation House Show
From: San Francisco, CA

Opening Contest: Tito Santana vs. The Brooklyn Brawler: Santana hip tosses Brawler causing him to bail to the floor and stall for a few moments. Santana continues to work over Brawler with a stomp to the face and the guys recording this are sarcastically saying, “This is worth nine bucks.” Brawler has control choking Tito and delivering a stomp to the lower midsection. Brawler keeps control with very basic offense and the crowd is rather dead for the match. Tito gets a near fall with a rollup but Brawler hits a clothesline to keep control of the match. The guys are providing commentary for fictional character that aren’t in the match and it is hilarious. Santana gets the pin on Brawler with a flying forearm smash. (DUD. This is a horrible match but the guys doing commentary were hilarious. Big Ron and Skip Roma were the names they used and I couldn’t stop laughing.)

It is announced to the crowd that Bret Hart won the WWF World Championship from Ric Flair on Monday. While the response to the news is positive, there were a few boos heard in the crowd.

Second Contest: Papa Shango vs. Road Warrior Animal: At this point, Hawk has left the WWF but hadn’t been given his release from the company. It is kind of weird that fourteen years later Animal would have another singles run in WWE. They do a test of strength with Shango getting the upper hand but eventually Animal gets out of the hold. Shango runs into a big boot in the corner and Animal hits a clothesline followed by a dropkick to send Shango to the floor. Shango avoids a splash in the corner and clotheslines Animal to gain control of the bout. Shango drives his head into the lower midsection of Animal as he keeps his offense very basic. Animal drops Shango with a leaping shoulder block but misses an elbow drop. Shango drops a few elbows on Animal but doesn’t get a three count on the cover attempt. Animal counters a scoop slam attempt with an inside cradle for the win. (DUD. Similar to the opener this match is awful. It’s rather interesting that Shango loses to Animal despite soon getting a World Championship match on SNME against Bret Hart. A loss here doesn’t make Shango look like any kind of credible contender.)

Razor Ramon makes his way to the ring and cuts a promo. Ramon tells everyone to listen to him as he speaks. Ramon talks about how everyone knows that Randy Savage hurt his leg at SummerSlam. Ramon pokes fun that Savage lost his gold and he wants everyone to take a good luck at him. He has two good legs and he has all of his gold. Ramon knows that Savage can hear him in his locker room and promises Savage he will be a loser. Savage didn’t come out thus nothing happened.

Third Contest: The Beverly Brothers vs. The Bushwhackers: Oh brother, my least favorite tag team ever, the Bushwhackers. It seems like the crowd is tired of the act, too. Late in the match, the referee is distracted as Butch is dropped throat first across the top rope and is pinned. After the match, Luke rams the heels into each other and they hit the battering ram double team move because they have to retain their heat for whatever reason.

Fourth Contest: WWF Intercontinental Champion The British Bulldog vs. Shawn Michaels: Bulldog shows off his power by shoving Michaels to the canvas a couple of times. Michaels tries to shoulder block Bulldog but that doesn’t work very well. Michaels works over Bulldog with basic strikes but Bulldog hits a gorilla press slam. Bulldog hits a running clothesline to send Michaels over the top to the floor where Michaels hit the guard railing chest first. Michaels jabs Bulldog several times in the corner and taunts the fans as he has control of the match, though it’s short-lived as Bulldog uses his legs to spin Shawn to the canvas a couple of times. Bulldog lifts Michaels up by his arm and drops Michaels to the canvas to keep control of the contest. Bulldog comes charging out of the corner and shoulder blocks Michaels, but on the second attempt Michaels sidesteps the move and Bulldog crashes to the floor.

Michaels nails Bulldog with a baseball slide and pulls Bulldog up to the apron. Michaels maintains control of the title match working over Bulldog with basic strikes. Shawn continues to weaken Bulldog with an abdominal stretch while using the ropes for leverage. The referee continues to check the rope but Michaels moves his hand in time several times. Bulldog gets out of the hold with a hip toss but misses an elbow drop and is nearly pinned as a result. Michaels sends Bulldog to the floor and taunts the fans with the champion on the floor. Michaels takes the top turnbuckle pad off while the referee was distracted. The referee sees the pad off and prevents Michaels from ramming Bulldog head first into the exposed metal. Bulldog sends Michaels into the corner and drops Michaels with a clothesline followed by a vertical suplex. Bulldog catapults Michaels chest first into the corner and hits another clothesline.

Bulldog continues to run over Michaels with clotheslines. Michaels avoids a clothesline and Bulldog clotheslines the referee to the floor instead on accident. Michaels rams Bulldog head first into the exposed metal but the referee didn’t see it from the floor. Shawn sends Bulldog into the metal a second time. Michaels takes time to taunt the fans but is sent into the corner where Bulldog catches Michaels and hits a running power slam but the referee comes back in and calls for the bell to give the match to Bulldog by disqualification. (**1/4. Compared to everything else that has been on the show, this match was solid and given plenty of time to develop. These two have some good chemistry. This was much needed for this to not be a complete waste of time.)

Fifth Contest: Kamala vs. Big Bossman: Kamala opens the match striking Bossman in the corner and splashing Bossman as he was seated in the corner from the initial beating. Kamala runs into a big boot in the corner and Bossman decks Kamala several times. Bossman knocks Kamala off his feet with a shoulder block and follows up with strikes. Bossman gets a one count with a rollup out of the corner. Kamala strikes a charging Bossman in the corner and keeps Bossman on the canvas with strikes. Bossman is sent into a corner and Kamala locks in a bear hug. Bossman battles out of the hold but staggers and falls across the middle rope where Kamala continues to choke the fan favorite. Bossman gets out of another bear hug but runs into a standing spin kick, which was unexpected from Kamala. Kamala attempts a big splash but misses. Bossman gets up and strikes Kamala several times followed by an elbow strike. Bossman jumps onto Kamala across the middle rope and slides to the floor to deliver his trademark punch. Kamala accidentally hits Harvey Whippleman off the apron and Bossman gets the win with a rollup. After the match, Bossman is beaten down by Kamala who hits a big splash and stomps with Kimchee and Harvey. Kamala heads to the top rope but Animal runs in for the save and prevents Bossman from suffering any more punishment. (DUD. This was just as bad as I was expecting it to be. The booking of this show has made very little sense to me.)

Sixth Contest: Barry Horowitz vs. Max Moon: Moon takes care of the career long jobber Horowitz following a top rope twisting cross body. As you might recall, the Max Moon character lasted less than four months.

Main Event: Razor Ramon vs. Randy Savage: It takes Savage a little extra time to get to the ring as he is selling the knee injury. Ramon wastes no time working over Savage with several strikes in the corner. Savage battles back with a jab, hip toss and clothesline. Savage knee lifts Ramon chest first into the corner and chokes Razor over the top rope. Savage has Ramon over the apron as he delivers a strike and slams Razor chest first across the apron. Ramon is begging off but stops Savage with an eye rake and several stomps in the corner. Razor works over the injured knee by wrenching on the injured knee. Ramon boots a charging Ramon in the corner but Razor lifts Savage up by his throat and drops Macho to the canvas. Ramon traps Savage in the corner and delivers more shots to the injured knee. Randy battles back ramming Razor into the corner and knocks Razor to the floor following a back elbow strike.

Ramon pulls Savage down to the canvas and wraps Randy’s injured leg around the ring post. Razor locks in a half Boston Crab looking to get a submission but Savage doesn’t give in. Razor stomps on Randy’s injured knee followed by knee strikes as well to keep Macho on the canvas. Ramon drops a few elbows across the knee and slams Randy’s leg down on the canvas. Savage gets to his feet hobbling on one leg but continues to pop up after leg sweeps by Ramon. Randy jabs Ramon several times as he has gotten a second wind. Razor takes Savage to the canvas and wrenches on the injured leg a few times. Randy kicks Ramon to the floor and follows to the outside to continue his attack on Ramon. Savage rams Razor head first into the ring post.

Back in the ring, Savage goes to the top but Ramon rolls to the floor. Savage hits a double axe handle on the floor! Ramon is able to roll back into the ring before Savage can and wins the match by count-out. (**. Well, the finish is lame as hell, but the crowd was energized for the match and there was some redeeming entertainment for the main event. I enjoyed Savage selling the knee and not forgetting about it. He’s an example of a real entertainer and knowing how to get something over.)

Final Thoughts:
This is easily one of the worst house shows I’ve reviewed. I really don’t know what I was expecting since the card is rather awful and the action lived up to that. The best part of the show was the guys recording the show providing some commentary while ripping the product.

Thanks for reading.

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