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SMW TV 10/23/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Jellico, TN

1.) SMW Tag Team Champions Rock N’ Roll Express defeated Chris Canyon & Juicy Johnny
2.) SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Dirty White Boy defeated Larry Santo
3.) Tracy Smothers defeated Chris Comet
4.) Chris Candido defeated SMW US Junior Heavyweight Champion Bobby Blaze to win the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) You might notice that I skipped over the 10/16 program. The show was a highlight show highlighting the Parade of Champions event that took place in Johnson City, TN. There were promos by the men involved in matches, but it wasn’t original programming. So, here we are back with original material.

2.) Bob Caudle returns to television this week after Les Thatcher had replaced him for a few weeks due to Caudle going on vacation with his wife, apparently.

3.) Jim Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies are interviewed after the Express match. Cornette talks about the Moondogs being the team to take the titles from the Express and all they want to do is chew the Express up. Cornette wants to know the team that requested a contract to battle the Bodies for a number one contenders match for the tag titles. They demand to know right now and they refuse to leave the area until they find out. Eventually, they go to the ring and dare the team to enter the ring and show themselves. The team ends up being the Bruise Brothers and the Heavenly Bodies are begging off in the corner! Dutch Mantel enters the ring and interviews the guys. The Bruise Brothers want to prove to Cornette that they should be the team to be brought to the WWF. Cornette explains to the Bruise Brothers that there are two people in this world. The Bruise Brothers are labor and he is management. Cornette says they are lucky they weren’t fired. Cornette is going to make sure they go back to the biker bar. Cornette gets shoved down and the teams nearly come to blows. Cornette apologizes for losing his head. Cornette agrees that it would be best that they had their match as stated. Cornette throws powder into one of the Brothers face and the Bodies attack the other. Cornette gets his tennis racket and hits the other Brother over the back several times. All four men are brawling as they have recovered from the beating and they chase the Bodies to the backstage area. So, the Bruise Brothers are good guys now. After a commercial, the Bodies and Bruise Brothers continued to brawl outside.

4.) The Bruise Brothers come back into the arena and they claim they are the best in professional wrestling today. They will not accept being embarrassed. The Bruise Brothers are going to break Cornette into a million pieces.

5.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee, Tammy Fytch and Ron Wright are interviewed. Fytch notes all the gifts that Wright has bought her. She isn’t worried about Dirty White Boy because they know how to treat Ron Wright. Lee doesn’t care about Dirty White Boy. Wright is asked if he misses Dirty White Boy. Lee and Fytch are mocking Wright behind his back. Wright is acting woozy, rambling and doesn’t seem to remember his career information. Dirty White Boy comes out and shoves Lee and tries to take Wright, but Ron doesn’t wanna go and instead wants to go with Fytch. White Boy threatens Lee and Fytch that Wright better not get hurt.

6.) Tracy Smothers is interviewed following his squash match. Smothers mocks the issues between White Boy and Lee being a soap opera. Smothers doesn’t care about White Boy and Lee’s issues. Smothers is going to get the SMW Heavyweight Championship back around his waist.

7.) It is time for another edition of Tammy’s Tips. This week Tammy is going to focus on table manners. Tammy is with the same woman from two weeks ago. She brings over some fast food because she couldn’t find the stuff Tammy had wanted her to cook. Tammy is losing her patience with Margie. Tammy says next week they will focus on dieting and training.

8.) Daryl Van Horn is interviewed about his mystery man coming to SMW. He says that all the contracts have been signed and announces that his man will make his debut at the second annual Thanksgiving Thunder tour. He demands that the people show his man the proper respect.

9.) Blaze takes Candido over with an arm drag and knocks Candido to the floor following a dropkick. Blaze hammers away on Candido followed by a backdrop. Blaze gets out of a scoop slam with a rollup for a near fall. Candido stops Blaze on the middle rope to gain control with basic strikes and sends Bobby to the floor. Candido hits a springboard cross body to the floor taking out Blaze in the process. Chris delivers several punches on Blaze and attempts a suplex into the ring but Blaze counters actually hitting a suplex to the floor! Blaze hits a top rope cross body to the floor taking out Candido! Candido battles back in the ring and dumps Blaze gut first across the top rope for a near fall. Blaze nearly pins Candido with a rollup.

Candido continues to work over Blaze in the corner with several strikes before locking in an abdominal stretch and uses the ropes for leverage. Candido lets go of the hold and Blaze takes Chris over with a backslide for a two count. Candido locks in the abdominal stretch a second time but Blaze gets out with a hip toss. Blaze locks in an abdominal stretch but Candido also gets out of the hold with a hip toss. Blaze hits a spinning heel kick and a high knee lift for a near fall. Candido grabs a chain from the corner and decks Blaze while the referee was out of position and Candido pins Blaze to win the title. (***. I enjoyed the opening few minutes of the match more so than the closing moments due to their usage of high spots which added excitement to the match. Candido getting a big push in the company is great.)

10.) Chris Candido says he is going to toss the championship into the river and SMW is going to have to recognize him as the real World Champion.

11.) The Bullet is interviewed to end the program. He is ready for the Thanksgiving Thunder. Bullet has accepted the four faces of fear match and wants Bob Armstrong to get his job back. He doesn’t care what he has to do to beat Jim Cornette.

Final Thoughts:
I don’t think I care enough about the Bruise Brothers to really care about their face turn. The segment was enjoyable, but I’m not ever looking forward to their matches. I enjoyed the Blaze/Candido match more so than I was ever expecting to. I’d say the show was pretty good this week with plenty of angle developments.

Thanks for reading.

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