SMW TV 10/30/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Jellico, TN

1.) Steve & Scott Armstrong defeated Larry Santo & Juicy Johnny
2.) SMW Beat the Champ TV Champion Dirty White Boy defeated SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee by disqualification
3.) The Bullet defeated Killer Kyle

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee comes out and asks Dutch Mantel what he is doing when he is named as the challenger to Dirty White Boy this week for the Beat The Champ match. Lee doesn’t need the match nor does he need the money because he is the champion. Lee doesn’t want to wrestle Dirty White Boy and Tammy doesn’t want it to happen either.

2.) White Boy runs into the ring and wastes no time hammering away on Lee and drops Lee with a clothesline. White Boy takes Lee over with a backdrop and chokes Brian with his own vest! White Boy continues to hammer away on Lee who staggers into a corner. White Boy kicks Lee in the midsection and delivers a few overhand strikes. White Boy head butts Lee and keeps control of the match by decking Lee to the floor. White Boy goes to the floor and Lee rolls Ron Wright in front of White Boy to allow Lee to get control by sending White Boy into the ring post. White Boy has been busted wide open as Lee stomps away on his rival. Lee chokes White Boy over the middle rope as he keeps a basic offensive attack.

Lee runs into a big boot in the corner and White Boy fights back with strikes. White Boy continues to deck Lee in the corner but Lee gets his loaded glove but misses a strike and White Boy hits a side slam. Tammy enters the ring and sprays something in White Boy’s face! Lee beats on White Boy but here comes Ron Wright and he decks Brian Lee! Lee punches Wright! Wright has been laid out as Lee goes to the top rope and hits a top rope knee drop onto the legs of Wright! Lee hits another top rope knee drop to the legs of Wright! (*1/4. Alright, the match is rather basic and nothing all that memorable, but that aftermath was fantastic and my interest in White Boy getting revenge on Lee is high. That was a great way to effectively turn White Boy and Wright into face characters and Lee is a douche coward heel.)

3.) Darryl Van Horn is interviewed after Ron Wright is helped backstage after being laid out. Van Horn can’t find any competition for his man coming to SMW. He is asking for a favor and wants his man to compete against two men instead of one so he can get some challengers. Van Horn suggests everyone get ready for Thanksgiving Thunder.

4.) We see footage of the Moondogs competing in the USWA. They are bearded fellows who don’t follow rules and tend to use plenty of weapons.

5.) SMW Tag Team Champions the Rock N’ Roll Express are interviewed about the Moondogs. Morton knows they are a team that don’t care and will use weapons on them. Morton says they aren’t going to back down from any team. They will prevent the Bodies from being the SMW and WWF World Tag Team Champions.

6.) Tammy’s Tips this week focuses on diet and exercise. Tammy says that if you follow her plan you can become fit. Margie says she eats hamburgers and fried chicken for her diet. Margie begins to do the exercises and it’s rather comical. Margie ends up rolling down the hill.

7.) Chris Candido is at the river and is going to toss the SMW US Junior Heavyweight Championship into the water. Candido puts himself over and is going to toss the belt into the river. Candido says that Bobby Blaze didn’t have the guts to see him do this. Bobby Blaze runs out from nowhere and attacks Candido but ends up getting himself tossed into the water. Blaze gives chase to Candido but isn’t able to catch him. Blaze is interviewed a couple days later saying he was embarrassed by Candido and he puts great pride in the first major championship he ever won. Blaze knows some guys in SMW and is going to think of a way to embarrass Candido just as he was embarrassed.

8.) Mike Furnas is interviewed and he has signed to train with SMW. This guy looks uninterested in being there. Mike has been in Italy for the last nine years and he is glad to be back in the Smoky Mountain area. Mike appreciates the support as Jim Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies come over to cut him off. Mike leaves the segment.

9.) Jim Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies are interviewed. Cornette doesn’t like football especially not Tennessee football. Cornette is livid with the Bruise Brothers as we see what happened last week between the two teams. Cornette tells the Bruise Brothers to do their homework because they are ungrateful for the help he gave them. Cornette says if they had done their homework for the Express this would have never happened. Cornette says the Brusie Brothers have a lesson in wrestling coming soon to them.

10.) The Bruise Brothers are interviewed and they call Jim Cornette a snake. They admit that the Bodies may be better wrestlers but they don’t believe another team can go toe to toe with them in a fight.

11.) Kyle kicks Bullet to the floor to start the main event. Bullet rams Kyle head first into the ring post and taunts Kyle in the ring. Bullet slingshots Kyle into the ring from the apron. Kyle plants Bullet with a side slam and tries to take the mask off but isn’t able to remove it. Bullet surprises Kyle with a rollup and wins the match. (NR. That was hardly a match.)

12.) Bullet is interviewed following his victory. Bullet is looking forward to the Thanksgiving Thunder tour as he will be competing in the four levels of fear. He is still bad to the bone.

13.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee and Tammy Fytch are interviewed to end the program. Lee says that White Boy can’t backup what he talks. Lee says he left White Boy in a pool of his own blood. Lee wants to know where White Boy is at. Fytch says that Ron Wright was an old goat and they will miss his credit card. White Boy nails Lee over the head with a steel chair. White Boy cuts a promo after they runaway. White Boy got sick to his stomach after seeing what Lee did to Ron Wright. “I’m not coming at you as the New York City Dirty White Boy. I’m coming at you as the Bucksnort Tennessee Dirty White Boy.” The fans let out a big ovation for that line.

Final Thoughts:
I’m into the feud between Brian Lee and Dirty White Boy after what happened this week. The show has been full of angle developments and it is back to being fun to watch each week.

Thanks for reading.

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