SMW TV 1/22/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

: 1/22/1994
From: Chilhowie, VA

1.) Jason Herd & Robbie Eagle defeated The Moondogs by disqualification
2.) Louie Spicolli defeated Jeff Victory
3.) Prince Kharis defeated Jason West
4.) Dirty White Boy defeated SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Chris Candido by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) It is announced that on February 13th the Bruise Brothers return from their suspension to wrestle the Moondogs inside a steel cage at Sunday Bloody Sunday.

2.) We see footage from a recent street fight between Dirty White Boy and Brian Lee which White Boy won but was attacked by Lee afterward. Lee rammed White Girl back first into the corner and White Boy hammered away on Lee. Chris Candido came out and hammered away on White Boy along with Brian Lee. Lee plants White Boy with a power slam and held White Boy so that Candido could hit a top rope diving head butt. Tracy Smothers runs into the ring and tosses Candido off the top onto Lee. Smothers hammers away on Lee in the corner but Tammy Fytch sprays some hairspray into Smothers face to end that. Lee plants Smothers with a power slam and Candido goes to the top rope to hit another diving head butt. Lee, Tammy and Candido stand tall.

3.) Dirty White Boy is to be interviewed but Tracy Smothers comes over and tells White Boy that he is one hell of a man. Smothers says they may not like each other but they have mutual respect, which White Boy agrees. Smothers will fight hard with White Boy and they shake hands. White Boy is looking forward to Sunday Bloody Sunday. White Boy will wrestle Brian Lee in a Tennessee chain match. White Boy says that Ron Wright will walk by his side to the ring for the chain match! White Boy says he will walk out as the SMW Heavyweight Champion on February 13th.

4.) This is the debut of Louie Spicolli on Smoky Mountain Wrestling television. Spicolli is being promoted as a challenger to Chris Candido.

5.) Down & Dirty this week is with Jim Cornette and Tom Pritchard this week. Cornette doesn’t care about Ricky Morton’s old father. Cornette believes that Paul Morton got what he deserved. The Express will get a title shot at the Sunday Bloody Sunday event. The Bodies will have to wrestle twice once agains the Furnas Brothers and again against the Express. Jimmy Del Ray comes over into the scene acting like a blind Paul Morton. Gibson and Morton come out and chase the heels away. Cornette and the Bodies come back out and voice their displeasures with the Furnas Brothers and the Express some more. He says all four of them stink. Morton and Gibson come running over and chase the heels away a second time. Morton says he doesn’t care about the SMW Tag Team Championships anymore because this personal.

6.) This is the television debut of Prince Kharis, perhaps the most ridiculous gimmick in professional wrestling history.

7.) Candido attempts an early rollup on White Boy for a near fall in the opening minute of the match. White Boy arm drags Candido who backs off in the corner and puts the referee in front of himself. Candido hip tosses White Boy but goes to the corner to avoid any rebuttal from White Boy. White Boy drops Candido with a short arm clothesline and a scoop slam. Tammy Fytch is at ringside and that allowed Candido to deliver a knee strike and pummels White Boy with strikes. Candido plants White Boy with a snap suplex but only gets a near fall on a cover attempt. Chris snap mares White Boy and delivers a leg drop for a two count. Candido keeps White Boy on the canvas with a sleeper hold. White Boy big boots Candido and drops Chris with a right hand. Candido comes off the ropes but is met with a backdrop. Candido is given the purse by Tammy and whacks White Boy! Dirty White Girl trips Tammy while o the floor to prevent Tammy from getting in the ring. Brian Lee clotheslines White Boy from behind and plants White Boy with a DDT! Lee chokes White Boy with his own chain as Candido holds Dirty White Girl in the corner! Tracy Smothers runs into the ring and cleans house with strikes to make the save. (**. The match was okay, though the main focus here was the aftermath to add some extra heat for the chain match. I like the new duo of Candido and Lee, as well.)

Final Thoughts:
The shows are building to one of the biggest events in SMW history on paper. For the last several months the show hasn’t felt like it was building to anything, but the show on February 13th is going to have a lot of blow-offs to feuds and hopefully memorable moments. The show this week was fine and advanced several of them moving forward. I just wish Prince Kharis didn’t exist.

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