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SMW TV 1/15/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Chilhowie, VA

1.) Tracy Smothers defeated Jeff Victory
2.) SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Chris Candido defeated Ricky Morton
3.) SMW Tag Team Champions The Heavenly Bodies defeated Jason Herd & Jason West
4.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee defeated Bobby Blaze to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Sunday Bloody Sunday is the next super event for SMW which takes place on February 13th in Knoxville, Tennessee. So, that’s what the television show will be building up to for the next several weeks.

2.) Rock N’ Roll Express are interviewed with Ricky Morton saying he is happy to challenge Chris Candido because he likes $1,000 in his pocket. Robert Gibson gives Bob Caudle a note saying that Ricky Morton’s ill father is in attendance for the show and Morton will be surprised this week. Caudle read the letter on the microphone so I’d imagine that Morton could have heard it, but thats nitpicking.

3.) Backstage, Sandy Scott is interviewed saying that it doesn’t look good for Bob Armstrong regarding an offer Bob made to Cornette. Jim Cornette leaves the conference and says that Bullet wants any match for Bob Armstrong to become commissioner again. Cornette says he called a man that Bob has never defeated and that man is Terry Funk. Cornette made a stipulation that would hurt Armstrong. If Funk wins than Bullet shows his face by unmasking and leaves SMW forever. However, before he leaves he will do one last thing and that is to get on his hands and knees and kiss Jim Cornette’s feet. Cornette is looking forward to seeing that happen in Knoxville.

4.) Chris Candido is interviewed following Tracy Smothers victory. Candido has a new SMW US Junior Heavyweight Championship and says that Smothers is really from Pennsylvania and not from the South! Candido is confident the will beat Ricky Morton this week to keep the championship.

5.) Down & Dirty this week is with Dirty White Boy and Dirty White Girl. White Boy is trying to get a certain match signed with SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee. White Boy says if he can get the match he wants signed then there is no way Brian Lee can get away from him. White Boy is purposely avoiding the name of the match and says the whole world will know when Lee signs the contract.

6.) Darryl Van Horn is interviewed regarding his client Prince Kharis. Van Horn insults all the rednecks and says that Kharis makes his television debut next week. He wants the fans to greet him with the proper reception when he debuts next week.

7.) Morton takes Candido over with a head scissors after Candido avoided a hip toss a couple of times. Robert Gibson and Bobby Blaze enter the ring and tell Morton something causing Morton to leave the ring and runs backstage. Candido gets the win by count out.

8.) The suspended Bruise Brothers are counting down the days before they return to take out the Moondogs.

9.) Backstage, Ricky Morton and other wrestlers are in a panic as it appears that Morton’s ill feather is on the floor.

10.) Dirty White Boy is interviewed but Robert Gibson comes over and cuts the interview off. White Boy tells Gibson that it is not his fault. Gibson goes back and checks on Ricky. White Boy explains the situation. Apparently, Ricky’s father ran into the Heavenly Bodies and Jim Cornette. Ricky’s father slapped Cornette and that didn’t end very well for him, apparently. That’s a rather somber angle development.

11.) Robert Gibson tries to get into the ring but is held back by officials and Tracy Smothers during the Heavenly Bodies match.

12.) Doug and Mike Furnas cut a pre-tape promo on their upcoming match against the Heavenly Bodies at Sunday Bloody Sunday on February 13th in Knoxville. Doug says that the helmet will be on a ten foot pole and whoever gets it can use it. Whomever loses the team will have to wear an Alabama sweatshirt. Oh, what a regional company kind of stipulation.

13.) Blaze opens the main event taking Lee down with a couple of arm drags but Lee comes back with a big boot. Lee press slams Blaze and taunts the fans. Lee drives Blaze head first into the canvas and chokes Blaze to keep control of the bout. Lee clotheslines Blaze in the corner but misses an elbow strike a couple of times. Blaze fights back with a spinning heel kick to stagger Lee. Blaze follow up with a high knee and a splash in the corner. Lee avoids another splash in the corner to hit a back suplex and pins Blaze to retain the title. (*1/2. Well, at least Blaze got a flurry of offense to make it more interesting. It seems like Lee is starting to get a belly and doesn’t seem to be in same shape he was when he was a face. Perhaps as a heel he needs to be out of shape or something?)

14.) Tracy Smothers is interviewed to end the program. Smothers is pissed about what Heavenly Bodies and Jim Cornette did to Ricky Morton’s father. Smothers says that Ricky Morton is going to get his revenge. Smothers is going to make Chris Candido famous when they step in the ring. Smothers is coming right for Candido and he is pissed that Candido cost him the SMW Heavyweight Championship. Smothers got a concussion due to Candido’s interference and says that 1994 will see the South rise again.

Final Thoughts:
The Express/Bodies feud needed another layer since their feud had become rather stale. Having the heels attack a vulnerable family member gives the Bodies even more heat and more of a reason for the Express to get revenge against them. I really liked the segment. Sunday Bloody Sunday looks to have Lee/White Boy, Smothers/Candido, Bodies/Express and Furnas/Bodies as the obvious matches. Oh, and add Bullet/Funk to the mix, too. Quite honestly, that’s a really strong lineup and I’m interested to get to that show.

Thanks for reading.

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