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SMW TV 1/8/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Jefferson, NC

1.) Rock N’ Roll Express defeated The Hornet & Mike Collins
2.) SMW Tag Team Champions The Heavenly Bodies defeated Chris Canyon & Rock Regal
3.) Dirty White Boy fought SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee to a no contest
4.) Chris Candido defeated SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Tracy Smothers to win the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Sandy Scott and Tracy Smothers are interviewed with Scott saying the fans deserve a rematch between Smothers and Chris Candido this week. Smothers wants to prove he can beat Candido and he gets that chance tonight.

2.) Rock N’ Roll Express are interviewed following their victory. Morton mentions what happened at Survivor Series when they lost the belts. They thought the match was over when Pritchard tossed Morton over the top rope, apparently. Morton is confident they will be the champs for the sixth time.

3.) We see footage between Bullet and Dick Murdoch at the Christmas Chaos event. Bullet doesn’t sell a tennis racket shot and decks Murdoch. Murdoch decks Bullet with brass knuckles and that means Bullet would have to unmask. Dick and Jim are sitting in chairs waiting to see Bullet unmask. The referee helps Bullet and another mask is underneath! Bullet hasn’t unmasked after chopping the heels. We see more footage from another match between the two and Bullet pins Murdoch after tossing Cornette off the top onto Murdoch.

4.) Bullet cut a pre-tape promo saying that he is fighting for his good buddy Bob Armstrong because SMW needs a commissioner.

5.) We see footage from Christmas Chaos and the tag match between The Heavenly Bodies and the team of Mike and Doug Furnas. Cornette interfered and help the Bodies pin Mike Furnas.

6.) SMW Tag Team Champions the Heavenly Bodies and Jim Cornette are interviewed. Cornette notes that a lot of teams haven’t gotten the job done against the Bodies. Cornette embarrassed the Rock N’ Roll Express worldwide. Pritchard believes they have made their reputation following their win at Survivor Series. Cornette says they are going to take them out of SMW.

7.) We see more footage from Christmas Chaos between SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee, Dirty White Boy and Tracy Smothers. Lee attacked White Boy before the match with his loaded glove and sent White Boy into the ring post. Chris Candido interfered and attacked Smothers hitting a suplex on the floor behind the back of the referee and Lee was able to pin Smothers. White Boy recovered from the previous attack to hit an axe handle from the top rope. Lee manages to bust White Boy wide open and pummels him with more strikes. White Boy hits a choke slam but Tammy sprays hairspray into White Boy’s face and Lee gets the rollup for the victory. After the match, Dirty White Girl attacks Lee but is tossed to the canvas. Tammy enters the ring and hits White Girl with her loaded purse. Tracy Smothers runs into the ring and attacks Lee to save her. Smothers locks in the figure four on Lee but Tammy hits Tracy with her loaded purse. Smothers, White Girl and White Boy are laid out as Lee returns with a steel chair. White Boy prevents Lee from using the chair and whacks Lee over the head with the chair!

8.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee and Tammy Fytch are interviewed. Lee is putting himself and Tammy over until Dirty White Boy comes out and begins to brawl with Lee, leading to a match apparently.

9.) White Boy backdrops Lee and follows up with a clothesline for the early advantage. Lee comes off the ropes and is met with a big boot. White Boy hammers away on Lee in the corner with right hands. Lee plants White Boy with a quick DDT followed by basic strikes to keep the challenger on the canvas. Lee misses a big splash in the corner and White Boy hits a backdrop. Lee accidentally runs over the referee with a clothesline and White Boy hits a side slam. Dirty White Girl enters to count the fall, but Tammy whacks her over the head with a loaded purse. Lee and Tammy pummel White Boy until White Boy gets the purse from White Girl and sends Lee and Tammy out of the ring to end the segment. (*1/2. It was fine action as it was more of an angle advancement segment.)

10.) Footage from Christmas Chaos is aired as we see clips from the Bruise Brothers and Moondogs match. The Moondogs pinned the Bruise Brothers after a trash can shot. They would continue brawling after the match all the way to the backstage area.

11.) Jim Cornette reveals that the Bruise Brothers have been suspended for six weeks because the board of directors felt that the Bruise Brothers caused what happened at Christmas Chaos and the excessive brawling. The Bruise Brothers cut a promo saying they can’t be controlled. They don’t care about six weeks because they will be back for the Moondogs.

12.) Smothers shoves Candido sending him to the floor where the fans taunt Candido. Smothers scoop slams Candido for a near fall and keeps control with an arm drag. Candido gets control following a snap mare for a two count. Candido gets another near fall following a snap suplex. Smothers blocks another suplex attempt and hits a suplex of his own for a near fall. Candido low blows Smothers and delivers an elbow strike to the head. Candido slams Smothers with a gut wrench for a two count. Candido heads to the top rope but misses a leg drop. Smothers backdrops Candido and hits a leaping elbow strike. Smothers attempts a back suplex but Candido hits Smothers with a right hand that apparently had an illegal object and pins Smothers. (*1/2. It was okay for a quick match and I like that Candido is now holding three championships. It’s important that Candido is presented strong since he has a lot of talent. Smothers is going down the card into the upper mid card and that seems to be a fine place for him to be in at this point.)

Final Thoughts:
While the wrestling this week certainly wasn’t memorable, I like the direction that the company is going into. I do think that the heels have too much momentum in the feuds at the moment because it seems like the fans don’t have anyone to get behind and believe in. That’s usually not a good sign. I’m looking forward to the blowoff between DWB/Lee and the feud between Smothers/Candido to heat up.

Thanks for reading.

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