SMW TV 2/5/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Chilhowie, VA

1.) Jason West & Jeff Victory defeated the Moondogs by disqualification
2.) Bobby Blaze defeated Brian Keyes
3.) Robbie Eagle defeated SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Chris Candido to win the title
4.) SMW Tag Team Champions The Heavenly Bodies defeated Rock N’ Roll Express by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Darryl Van Horn was on commentary for the Bobby Blaze match. It appears that Prince Kharis will now be involved in an angle with Blaze moving forward. Don’t get too excited about it, everyone.

2.) Tracy Smothers is interviewed regarding Chris Candido. Smothers is hot over Candido costing him the TV and Heavyweight Championships. Smothers is also mad that Candido is claiming that Tracy is from the Pennsylvania. Candido comes out and dumps a bin full of water onto Smothers! Candido says “if you’re so hot that will cool you off!” Smothers gives chase but slips a couple of times to end the segment.

3.) Down & Dirty this week is with Dirty White Boy and Dirty White Girl. We see a pre-tape promo from Ron Wright. Wright says that he made a mistake last time on television when he got in the ring without his walking cane. Wright warns Brian Lee that he is dealing with him now. White Boy is looking forward to the chain match on February 13th. Lee has cost him $20,000 and put his hands on Dirty White Girl. White Boy goes over the rules for the chain match and what it takes to win the match. White Boy doesn’t think Lee has what it takes to win the match against him. White Boy promises to God that he will be the SMW Heavyweight Champion.

4.) Candido attacks Eagle before the bell and hits a snap suplex. Candido hits a middle rope forearm drop and a scoop slam. Candido hits a top rope leg drop and drops Eagle throat first across the top rope. Candido continues his offense with a snap suplex for a near fall. Eagle is sent to the floor by Candido and Candido hits a flying cross body over the top to the floor. Candido leaps off the apron to hit a diving elbow drop onto Eagle. Tracy Smothers comes out and yanks Candido off the middle rope to allow Eagle to get a pin fall! (*1/2. Candido displayed some great offense and controlled the match. The Smothers involvement isn’t shocking, but the upset is cool to see.) After the match, Smothers enters the ring and takes Candido out with some strikes. Smothers comes off the top rope but is met with a strike and Candido plants Smothers with a piledriver! Candido bails as the Dirty White Boy enters the ring.

5.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee and Tammy Fytch are interviewed. Fytch is angry that producers are airing people calling her the b word. Fytch says that Lee is a wrestler and shouldn’t be in a chain match. Lee asks Fytch why he is even in the match. Fytch asks Lee if he is man enough. Lee and Fytch are having issues it looks like but they agree to leave the area to settle their argument.

6.) Jim Cornette and the SMW Tag Team Champions the Heavenly Bodies are interviewed. Cornette says that they are going to be like Penn State to the Furnas Brothers being Tennessee. Cornette reminds us that Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson will be suspended if they touch Cornetee other than a match between Express and Bodies. Pritchard says that Ricky Morton’s father entered their locker room to use the restroom and they took him out because he started it. Cornette says they will be wrestling Dave Meltzer and Wade Keller. They are two wrestling journalists and aren’t actually competing. Instead, it’s the Rock N’ Roll Express.

7.) Ricky and Robert enter the ring and hammer away on Del Ray and Pritchard. Gibson and Del Ray legally start the match with Gibson hitting a backdrop. Morton drops Del Ray throat first across the top rope. Gibson decks Pritchard off the apron but Pritchard gets tagged in. Morton enters and hammers away on Pritchard to keep control. Morton chases after Cornette on the floor and Pritchard gets a cheap shot to get control of the match. Del Ray leg drops Morton over the knee of Pritchard. Del Ray hits a snap suplex and taunts Gibson to allow the Bodies to double team Morton while the referee is distracted. Cornette jabs Morton with his tennis racket. Del Ray dropkicks Morton and gets a two count. Gibson is distracting the referee as Del Ray hits Morton with the tennis racket for a near fall.

Pritchard plants Morton with a DDT and taunts the fans before getting a two count. Del Ray comes off the top rope and leg drops Morton. Pritchard enters and keeps control of Morton choking him over the top rope and Del Ray drops Morton across the rope. Morton low blows Pritchard and Del Ray tags in to pummel Morton in the corner. Del Ray rolls through a hurricanrana and tags in Pritchard but Morton kicks Tom to get some momentum. Morton tags in Gibson who cleans house with strikes. All four men are brawling in the ring when Cornette enters the ring but Morton gets the tennis racket and huts both Pritchard and Del Ray to cause the disqualification. (**. A decent match but it was more of a filer for program and angle advancement since the two teams meet at the big event. The finish shows me that they had no reason to really have this be a match.)

Final Thoughts:
There wasn’t much going on here though they touched upon the feuds that they needed to. Sunday Bloody Sunday has had some good build. The next TV show is a preview show, so the big event will be the next review.

Thanks for reading.

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