WCW Saturday Night 6/12/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) Johnny B. Badd defeated Paul Lee
2.) NWA World Champion Barry Windham defeated Dave Dunlap
3.) WCW World Tag Team Champions Steve Austin & Brian Pillman defeated Dick Hart & Scotty McKeever
4.) Sting, Davey Boy Smith & Dustin Rhodes defeated Dick Slater & The Wrecking Crew

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) The program this week is an hour program, which sometimes happens due to Atlanta Braves baseball.

2.) The Masked Assassin comes out again and says he will continue to come out until he gets an answer from Dusty Rhodes. He is mad that Dusty won’t answer his phone call or return his messages. He threatens to get in contact with Dusty’s mother as a way to get to Dusty.

3.) Tony Schiavone brings out the debuting Lord Steven Regal and Sir William. They are from Great Britain. Regal had previously been in WCW earlier with a bland look and no gimmick. Tomorrow night, Regal will make his debut and competes at the Clash against Marcus Bagwell. Regal is shocked to hear that Americans drink tea cold. Regal would rather talk to Larry Zbyszko and he will tomorrow night. Regal is here to show that the British are still the greatest in the world.

4.) A video of Col. Robert Parker introduces Harley Race. This is one of their movie type of promotion videos. They are talking in front of a rowdy group. WCW World Champion Vader is brought out and the actors chant his name. Sid Vicious is introduced and it appears that Sid and Vader are forming an alliance. They will be known as the Masters of the Powerbomb. They have one goal and that is to dominate WCW. They have a list of wrestlers they are going to rid of WCW. The first two men are Davey Boy Smith and Sting. They will be having a tag match at Beach Blast, apparently. Parker offers them the chance to avoid destruction by going to a retirement home of their choice. Parker and Race say that Sting and Smith have signed their own death warrant.

5.) My copy of the show prevents me from knowing exactly what was said, but Flair and Anderson cut a promo on the Blonds hyping their match at the Clash taking place in five days.

6.) To end the program, Davey Boy, Sting and Dustin Rhodes cut a promo saying they aren’t going to quit and they will meet Sid, Vader and Rick Rude in the squared circle. Dustin is going to collide with Rick Rude.

Final Thoughts:
Mainly just a last minute hype for the Clash with nothing much going on aside from the debut of Lord Steven Regal. Clash seems to have a solid lineup.

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