WCW Saturday Night 6/19/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) WCW World Champion Vader & Sid Vicious defeated two jobbers
2.) Davey Boy Smith defeated A jobber
3.) Lord Steven Regal defeated A jobber
4.) Paul Roma defeated A jobber
5.) Wrecking Crew Fury defeated Marcus Alexander Bagwell
6.) Ricky Steamboat defeated WCW Television Champion Paul Orndorff by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Tony Schiavone interviews Sid and Vader following their easy victory. Col. Robert Parker and Harley Race take control of the talking part. Parker has two tickets in his coat pocket and will approach Sting and Davey Boy with the tickets to a retirement home of their choice. Vader puts themselves over as the biggest and baddest wrestlers in the world. Vader begs Sting and Smith to go to the office to call off the match. They are coming to cause pain and end careers.

2.) Teddy Long and Marcus Bagwell are interviewed following Bagwell’s lost. Long says that Bagwell was the true winner since Fury had the help of his partner. Bagwell wants Wrecking Crew next week on television.

3.) Oh great, Sid and Vader are invading the beach that Sting and Davey Boy Smith are playing volleyball. Sid is wearing damn flip flops which just makes this even more hilarious. Sting has the tickets and thinks they might want to take the retirement home. Davey Boy Smith doesn’t want to take the tickets. They refuse the offer and they will see Sid and Vader at Beach Blast. They have signed their death warrant according to Harley Race. After being threatened with death they go back to volleyball. Sting is told later that a strange guy was hanging by the boat. Davey Boy Smith runs over to save Sting from an exploding boat. Smith leaps up and saves Sting from the explosion. The actors try to convey shock and terror but it’s just ridiculous. They pop out of the water with their arms raised and the fans cheer. This continues at Beach Blast.

4.) Sid and Vader come to ringside at the end of Davey Boy Smith’s victory. Schiavone enters the ring to interview Smith while Vader and Sid are circling the ring. Sting comes out and evens the odds to have Smith’s back. Sid and Vader leave the ringside area. Sting says they have one more chance to get out of the match, but of course that’s not going to happen. They are going to Beach Blast to kick some butt.

5.) The Masked Assassin is out again saying that his issues with Dusty Rhodes have lasted for eight years. Dusty can’t hide from him forever. He says that Dusty should call his mother.

6.) Catherine White is back with an update on Cactus Jack. She is in Cleveland looking for Cactus Jack on Skid Row. The sound effects of gunshots are heard. A homeless man tells her that Cactus is here but nobody believes him. She pays the homeless man fifty dollars and her business card so that the man can call her. A homeless man steals her purse and runs but she gets it back. Okay…

7.) This is the Saturday Night in-ring debut for Lord Steven Regal. He won the match with a rolling fireman’s carry. After the match, Regal and Sir William are interviewed. Regal is looking for a championship and doesn’t care which one he gets. Regal doesn’t understand how the Americans don’t watch or play polo or cricket. Regal is disgusted by seeing people eating hot dogs. Sir William says they are looking for championships and not hot dogs.

8.) Flair For The Gold with Ric Flair is next. Flair wants and needs NWA World Champion Barry Windham because he needs to be champion for the tenth time. Flair brings out Col. Robert Parker to be his guest and Parker gives Flair a cigar. Parker is still mad that Sting and Smith declined his personal offer for the retirement home. Parker is confident that Smith and Sting will not be the same after Beach Blast. Next week, Dusty Rhodes will be on the show. The crowd was DEAD for that segment.

9.) Tony Schiavone is with the new Horsemen, Paul Roma and Arn Anderson. Ric Flair is there as well. Roma says he was picked to be part of the elite group and he intends to stay. Roma says the Hollywood Blonds are next. Anderson says that Austin and Pillman made this a personal issue. Anderson says they are on the hunt and they will be tag champions. Flair chimes in and puts over the new Four Horsemen. Flair is back and wants a title shot against Barry Windham. Flair wants Windham at Beach Blast!

10.) Orndorff starts the match with a right hand but Steamboat hits a cross body for a near fall. Ricky tries to get a pin fall early on but Orndorff continues to kick out at two. Orndorff decides to bail to the floor and regroup while the fans boo the champion. Ricky continues to control Orndorff with a wrist lock and controls the arm. Orndorff drives Steamboat face first onto the canvas and runs over Steamboat with a clothesline. Orndorff continues to work over Steamboat with strikes in the corner before hitting a knee drop. Steamboat gets a knee up in the corner and hits an axe handle off the top for a near fall. Orndorff bails to the floor and runs around before entering the ring and Steamboat still hits a dropkick. Orndorff goes to the floor again and runs away before entering the ring. Orndorff stops Steamboat with a knee lift and goes for a piledriver. Steamboat backdrops Orndorff but Orndorff holds on for a near fall with a sunset flip. Ricky knocks Orndorff down with a strike and leaps off the top to hit a flying cross body. However, Dick Slater runs into the ring and attacks Steamboat to cause the disqualification. Ron Simmons runs into the ring and makes the save as the show goes off the air. (**. They fit a lot in there for five minutes of action. I was expecting just some stalling and nothing of great interest, but I thought it was a fine match to set-up a bigger match, I’d imagine.)

Final Thoughts:
A lot of focus has been put on the tag team feud with those movie type previews, but they are very corny and don’t make the feud all that intense. It comes across more comical. I mean, Sid and Vader attempted to commit murder with a bomb and Sting is just casual saying they’ll meet at Beach Blast. WCW is trying a lot of out of the box ideas and they don’t seem to connecting, along with the Cactus Jack angle going on. It’s entertaining in a “I can’t believe they are doing this” kind of way more than a “I want to see what happens next” way.

Thanks for reading.

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