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WCW Saturday Night 6/26/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) Arn Anderson & Paul Roma defeated Don Brodie & Warren Quinn
2.) Maxx Payne defeated Dave Hart
3.) WCW World Champion Vader & Sid Vicious defeated Two Jobbers
4.) Ron Simmons & Ricky Steamboat defeated WCW Television Champion Paul Orndorff & Dick Slater

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) The program is only a one hour edition due to Atlanta Braves baseball.

2.) Teddy Long is interviewed saying that Bagwell and Scorpio can’t be here due to poor weather. The Wrecking Crew come over and they taunt Long for Bagwell and Scorpio not being here. They tell Teddy he better not get in their way.

3.) Flair For The Gold this week has Dusty Rhodes as the guest. Flair is wearing cowboy gear and Fifi is quite excited about getting an autograph from Dusty. Dusty comes out wearing a suit and Flair laughs saying that Dusty “got me again.” Dusty puts over the Beach Blast pay per view as being must-see event. Dusty hypes up the Dustin vs. Rude match but here comes the Masked Assassin to confront Dusty! Assassin insults Rhodes not believing that it is Dusty. Assassin knows that Dusty would be trading blows with him right now if it were the real Dusty. Rhodes gets to his feet as he gets annoyed by Assassin. Assassin calls Dusty a cream puff. Assassin tells Dusty he needs to call his mother. He doesn’t tell us what they talked about. He is going to rekindle the feud between himself and Dusty instead of the jellybean. The segment comes to an end with officials preventing Dusty and Assassin getting physical.

4.) Catherine White continues to search for Cactus Jack with the homeless guy from the previous week. The homeless guy asks for more money but White refuses to give the money until she sees Jack. Apparently, Cactus helped get White her purse back. We hear Cactus talking but random stuff. Cactus believes he was a captain of a ship. Cactus doesn’t have an facial hair at this point. He is a sailor without a name at this point. His eyebrows are gone, too. Cactus goes into his cardboard box home after his homeless wife threatened the reporter. Will Cactus ever get his memory and return home?

5.) Simmons and Slater kick off the main event with Simmons hammering away on Slater before getting a two count after a clothesline. Simmons power slams Slater out of the corner. Steamboat tags in and works over the arm of Slater with a leg drop. Steamboat gets a two count on Slater following a backslide. Orndorff tags in to try his luck with Ricky. Orndorff works over Steamboat with elbow strikes but misses a splash in the corner. Simmons tags in and works over Orndorff. Steamboat comes off the top to deliver an axe handle on Orndorff. Ron and Ricky both work over the arm of Orndorff for a few moments. Steamboat fights out of the corner with chops but Slater grabs his foot and whacks Steamboat’s leg over the apron a few times. Slater tags in and keeps Steamboat on the canvas with stomps.

Steamboat drops Orndorff with a kick to the head but Slater tags in and allows Orndorff to wrap Ricky’s leg around the ring post as Simmons entered the ring to cause a distraction. Slater plants Steamboat with a swinging neck breaker. Slater works on the knee with a spinning toe hold. Orndorff tags back in and drops Ricky with a knee breaker. Orndorff continues to yank on the injured leg of Steamboat. Simmons gets the hot tag and he hammers away on Orndorff. Simmons goes to the top and hits a top rope leaping shoulder block but Slater breaks up the cover attempt. Slater and Steamboat tag back in with Steamboat chopping Slater a few times. Slater takes Steamboat down to the canvas and locks in the figure four but Simmons enters to break the hold. All four men are brawling in the ring at this point. Steamboat rolls up Slater after Slater collided with Simmons and gets the three count. (*1/2. That was basic and nothing memorable. Simmons has seriously fallen way down the card at this point.)

6.) WCW World Tag Team Champions The Hollywood Blonds finish off the program with an interview. Pillman says that they are doing to debunk the Horsemen theory. Austin calls Arn Anderson a fat pig and calls Ric Flair an old man. Austin calls Paul Roma an idiot for associating himself with the Horsemen. Next week it will be a six man tag match as the main event.

Final Thoughts:
Not a really strong episode for WCW this week, but they touched on some of the top programs going on. The Assassin/Dusty angle doesn’t make a lot of sense and I don’t know what the purpose of it is. I can’t imagine WCW thinking of putting Dusty Rhodes back on television in a major wrestling role. For all the major talent that WCW has, some of the storytelling is head scratching.

Thanks for reading.

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