ECW Hardcore TV 2/1/1994

Written by: Heelsinc

TV 1994-02-01 (Matches taped 1994-01-08 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pa)

Heavyweight: Terry Funk
TV: Sabu
Tag: Kevin Sullivan & Tazmaniac

We open up with the ending to last week then get a short Sheik video package.

Opening video.

Joey Styles is of course our host and he welcomes us to this weeks episode

Tag Team Champions Kevin Sullivan & Tazmaniac (w/ Woman) vs. Keith Shearer & Mikey Whipwreck ref Jim Molineaux
The champs hit the ring and go right after their opponents. Sullivan with a chair on the floor to both of them. Tazmaniac with big t bone suplex on Mikey. Sullivan with a power bomb. Tazmaniac finishes it off with a super belly to belly in 2.34. The champions then go crazy until Woman covers Sullivan’s eyes. Taz starts covering his own eyes and calms himself down. These guys are great.

Hype for the Arena show this Saturday.

“The Franchise” Shane Douglas (w/ Sherri Martel) vs. Tommy Dreamer ref John Finnegan
Match is joined in progress. Douglas hits a suplex but then misses a forearm smash from the top rope. Dreamer goes to the arm. Dreamer hits the ropes but Shane ducks a line and then Sherri grabs the foot. Dreamer goes after her. Sherri runs and slides into the ring as Douglas cuts off Dreamer as he gets in the ring. Douglas with a chin lock but Dreamer eventually picks him up and drives him into the buckle. Dreamer still down though and Shane goes up top. Dreamer gets his foot up though and takes over. Powerslam gets 2. Dreamer punches away at Shane. Dreamer with a roll up. Shane kicks out and Dreamer grabs Sherri who is on the apron. Sherri throws a chain to Douglas and he nails Dreamer with it. Douglas covers and gets the win. 6.10 of the match is shown.

Douglas is on the phone now and he says this Saturday night he is going to take the belt from Terry Funk. We get an awesome video package on Douglas afterwards.

Johnny Hotbody vs. Chad Austin ref John Finnegan
Hotbody beats on Austin and drops him on his head with a german suplex. Austin fights back and kicks Hotbody to the floor. Austin goes up top and does a somersault dive to the floor. About 2 minutes is shown.

Matty in the House gets some predictions from the locker room for the main event on Saturday night. JT Smith and Sandman pick Terry Funk, Jason goes with Sabu, Rockin’ Rebel says Douglas, Tod Gordon says he can’t make a prediction. Paul E Dangerously tells Matty he’s a schmuck for asking him who he thinks is going to win.

Tod Gordon hypes the Arena show from his office and trashes some of the business practices of the other wrestling companies.

Jason shit talks Sandman and Sal Bellomo.

Public Enemy promo highlights with clips from their match against Keith Shearer and Chad Austin cut into the promos. PE was victories after Johnny Grunge hit the reverse DDT and Rocco Roc came off the top with a moonsault.

Sabu’s handler (w/ Paul E. Dangerously) vs. Duane Gill ref Jim Molineaux
Gill comes off the top but is caught by the throat and chokeslamed down. Match is over in .15. Two more chokeslams after the match as the crowd cheers on. Joey tells us that this Saturday night we will finally learn the name of this big man.

Joey with some last minute hype for the big show this Saturday. Paul E. has some final words for Terry Funk and Shane Douglas. Paul E. says it is going to be a night more torturous then watching a nights worth of WCW PPVs. Hype video for the show.

My thoughts on the show.
Enjoyable one here tonight. I love the tag champions so any time they are around I’m happy. The Douglas/Dreamer match was pretty good and as usual Paul E. had me hyped every time he was on screen.

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