ECW Hardcore TV 1/25/1994

Written by: Heelsinc

TV 1994-01-25 (Matches taped 1994-01-08 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pa)

Heavyweight: Terry Funk
TV: Sabu
Tag: Kevin Sullivan & Tazmaniac

Joey Styles starts us off and he talks about the main event from last week. In an interview taped last week week Jay Sulli was in the dressing room getting ready to interview Public Enemy before their match but instead he had the unfortunate task of telling them that the match won’t be seen until next week. They start to go after Sulli but Tod Gordon shows up and tells them they can’t put their hands on an interviewer. Rocco Roc grabs Gordon and slams him against the wall until Gordon threatens to call the cops.

Public Enemy vs. Duane Gill & Don E. Allen ref John Finnegan
Roc and Johnny Grunge attack before the bell. PE make easy work of their opponents finishing off Allen with a reverse DDT drive-by combo in 4.14.

Tod Gordon is backstage with Jay Sulli and he announces that PE will be taking on the Bruiser Brothers on February 5th. PE asks him to call the police instead but then decide that they can take out the Brothers.

Joey talks about the tag match.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Dr. Disaster ref John Finnegan
Dreamer gets hardcore in the match using a cane and biting Disaster. Dreamer with a snap suplex and leg drop. Dreamer finishes with a cobra clutch russian leg sweep combo in 3.40.

They run down the card for the February 5th show and we get some words from the team of Sandman and Cairo and Kevin Sullivan with Taz and Woman.

Mr. Hughes (w/ Jason) vs. Mikey Whipwreck ref John Finnegan
Mikey making his pro wrestling debut. He’s super tiny here. Hughes shows off his power by hitting three straight back breaker without dropping Mikey. Hughes with a huge and awesome looking bossman slam for the win in 2.40.

More hype for the show on the 5th including Mr. Hughes and Jason hyping a match against Sal Bellomo.

Champion Terry Funk vs. Pat Tanaka (w/ Paul Diamond) ref John Finnegan
Funk tells Diamond to leave ringside and go back to the dressing room. Funk makes fun of Diamond wrestling for the WWF even though Funk has done the same. Funk attacks Tanaka before the bell. Funk takes it to the floor and beats on Tanaka. Funk with a near fall after a piledriver and then he tosses Tanaka back to the floor. Tanaka makes a come back and hits a flying forearm. Bad Breed comes out and beats on Diamond and they fight down the aisle. Tazmaniac and Kevin Sullivan show up now and beat on Diamond. Tanaka gets distracted and Funk rolls him up for the win in 4.46.

Matty is in Da HOUSE!!!! He’s with Paul E Dangerously and Matty wants to know who the big man from last week was. Paul E says it doesn’t matter what his name is and all that matters is he is going to control Sabu and destroy anyone in his way. Paul E. hypes the three way dance coming up in a few weeks.

Tag Team Champions Tazmaniac & Kevin Sullivan vs. Duane Gill & Don E. Allen ref Jim Molineaux
Match never happens as Badd Company stop Gill and Allen on their way to the ring and tell them to go to the locker room so they can take their place.

Tag Team Champions Tazmaniac & Kevin Sullivan vs. Badd Company ref Jim Molineaux
They brawl to start and then Diamond ends up in the ring with Sullivan. Diamond comes off the second rope and hits a bulldog. Both teams make tags. Tazmaniac with a tone suplex. Tanaka with a tiger bomb for 2 but Tazmaniac comes back with an overhead belly to belly. Diamond eventually gets tagged in and hits a cross body for 2 followed by a spin kick. Diamond with a roll up on Tazmaniac and he gets the pin in 6.24. After the match Tazmaniac hits a t-bone suplex. He and Sullivan then hit a spike pile driver on Diamond followed by Sullivan hitting another piledriver. Diamond is down and out and ends up getting stretchered out.

Joey is on the phone with Pat Tanaka and Tanaka’s at the hospital with Diamond. Tanaka is mad because they can’t get a doctor to see Diamond. Tanaka says there is no way Diamond can wrestle on the 5th for the titles. He has however already spoken to someone who is going to take the place of Diamond and that man is none other then the Sheik!

My thoughts on the show
Things are picking up for the big arena show on the 5th. Nothing is must see here though unless you want to see the lead in to the tag title match coming up then.

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