ECW Hardcore TV 1/18/1994

Written by: Heelsinc

TV 1994-01-18 (Matches taped 1994-01-08 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pa)

Heavyweight: Terry Funk
TV: Sabu
Tag: Kevin Sullivan & Tazmaniac

“The Franchise” Shane Douglas is getting ready with Sherri Martel and he says tonight he becomes ECW Champion again.

Opening video.

Joey Styles welcomes us to this very special 90 minute edition of ECW TV.

Tag Team Champions Kevin Sullivan & Tazmaniac (w/ Woman) & Johnny Hotbody vs. Tommy Dreamer & Badd Company ref Jim Molineaux
Before the match starts we cut to the locker room where Champion Terry Funk is with Bad Breed. Funk says ECW is where the toughest wrestlers are. Funk says he respects Douglas and hopes that tonight he will come out victorious. Hotbody and Paul Diamond start off and Diamond hits a back breaker and spin kick in the corner. Tag to Dreamer and he hits a powerslam for 2. Pat Tanaka tags in as does Sullivan and we go to commercial break. Tanaka beats on Sullivan as we come back from break and both teams tag bringing in Tazmaniac and Diamond. Diamond with a drop kick. Diamond hits an enziguri and spin kick for 2. Dreamer comes back in and hits a snap suplex. Taz goes low to gain control and they go to the floor. Hotbody now comes in and locks in an abdominal stretch but Dreamer breaks out and hits a hip toss. Tag to Diamond. Taz also tags in. Taz with a few blows but he quickly tags out to Sullivan. Sullivan throws Diamond out of the ring and Taz nails him with a chair. Sullivan with a bulldog back in the ring and then the heel team makes a few tags back and forth. Diamond finally makes a come back and tags Tanaka. Taz though hits an overhead belly to belly on him and tags Hotbody who comes in and nails a superplex but only gets a 2 count. Sullivan tags in and nails Tanaka with the time keepers hammer. The heels again tag in and out. They refuses to pin Tanaka and continually pull him up after 2 counts. Sullivan and Taz end up on the floor freaking out which distracts Hotbody allowing Tanaka to roll him up for the victory. The champs attack Hotbody and stomp the crap out of him. 12.09 of the match is shown.

We go to Joey and he talks a bit about the main event tonight and then we see some Shane Douglas clips.

Paul E. Dangerously and Sabu’s handler (later to be known as 911) come to the ring and Paul E says that lots of people want to know where he stands now that Shane Douglas is getting the title match against Terry Funk. Chad Austin who is in the ring interrupts Paul E and gets himself chokeslammed and pinned. Austin is then slammed with another chokeslam.

Matty is in the Dressing Room with Jason. Jason tells Matty he looks like a slob. Jason talks about the Pitbull and Rockin Rebel and how they are going to take out Sandman. We then get highlights of a bunch of different matches that took place with Jason’s men during the taping with Jason and Matty doing voice overs.

Pitbull (w/ Jason) vs. Sandman (w/ Peaches)
Pitbull hits two single arm DDTs. Pitbull with a hammerlock slam. We clip and Sandman hits a superplex and then he goes up top. Jason grabs his foot to stop him. Peaches comes over to break it up and her and Jason have words. Sandman dives onto Jason but hits the ground hard and gets counted out. Jason and Pitbull attack after the match and lay out Sandman with the dog collar. 1.20 of the match was shown.

Pitbull (w/ Jason) vs. Tommy Cairo
Pitbull with a body slam. Cairo with a release german for 3. Only .38 of this match was shown. After the match Jason comes off the top rope after the match attacking Cairo and Pitbull hits a power bomb. Cairo ducks a double clotheslines and hits one of his own. Rockin Rebel hits the ring to help out Jason and Pitbull but Sandman makes the save.

Rockin Rebel & Pitbull (w/ Jason) vs. Tommy Cairo & Sandman (w/ Peaches) ref John Finnegan
Pitbull is in a shinny silver singlet it looks like he’s wearing tinfoil. Sandman and Cairo win the match but they get attack by Mr. Hughes as they are heading to the back. Hughes brings Sandman back to the ring and they hang him with Pitbull’s dog collar.

A Double Dog Collar match has been signed between the teams of Pitbull and Rockin Rebel and Tommy Cairo and Sandman. That match will take place on February 5th.

Shane Douglas is talking with Sherri before the title match and she chases off the camera man.

Champion Terry Funk vs. Shane Douglas (w/ Sherri Martel) ref John Finnegan
Paul E. Dangerously joins on commentary. Funk frustrates Douglas with a side headlock to start. Shane bails and back inside Funk goes right back to the headlock and wrenches it in. After over 4 minutes they spill to the floor Funk keeps the headlock on and they get counted out. The fans boo but Funk gets on the mic and says that match better restart. The ref is cool with it and restarts the match as we go to commercial. Back from break and in the ring Shane works on the arm of Funk ten dumps him to the floor. Shane comes off the top with an axehandle to the back. Back in the ring and back to the arm Shane goes. After a few minutes Funk breaks it up with a few headbutts. They both fall out of the ring again and Shane goes back to the arm getting a little help from Sherri. Funk at the 11 minute mark breaks out of the arm bar and they again go to the floor but Shane slams Funk’s arm into the ring post. Shane uses a chair on the back and arm of Funk. In the ring Funk hits two inverted atomic drops but Shane won’t releases the arm bar. Funk try as he might can’t break the hold. This has been a real solid 20 minutes. They again go to the floor but this time they fight down the entrance way and into the crowd. Funk’s arm gets cut after he’s thrown into the wall. Funk hits a DDT at ringside and we get a real good shot of his arm which is just gushing. He goes to DDT Sherri but Shane saves her. Piledriver but Shane only gets 2. After a second one Funk crawls to the floor. Sherri chokes him. Back in the ring Funk finally makes a comeback unloading on Shane and even nailing Sherri with a chair! Funk hits a piledriver in the ring. Funk hits a rude awakening and they fight into the crowd again as we pass the 30 minute mark. Back in the ring they collide. Shane rolls up Funk puts his feet on the ropes and gets the pin! Bad Crew and Paul E hit the ring to complain about what happened. Tod Gordon comes down and restarts the match. Funk gets thrown to the floor and Paul E attacks Funk. Bad Crew chase him away. Bad Crew then attack Shane on the floor. They continue to fight in the ring and we go to a time limit draw at “45 minutes”. I had it clocked at more like 38. No matter how much time passed by this was a real good one.

My thoughts on the show
Pretty good 6 man opens up the show for us tonight. The Jason segment was a little long I bet at least one of the matches they highlighted could have filled the time if shown in full. The main event was a real good match. A nice pacing to it so it didn’t feel like it dragged at any point.

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