NWC Slammin’ TV 7/22/1995

Written by: Heelsinc

1995-07-22 Slammin’ (matches taped various dates at Silver Nugget Pavilion in Las Vegas, Nv)

Champion: Sabu

Samurai Warrior vs. Judge Dread ref David Hogg (1995-02-11)
Warrior tries to shoulder tackle Dread down but Dread is to large and clotheslines Warrior over the top. Dread takes down Warrior with a kick and then drops an elbow. Warrior tries to fight back but the big man just hammers away on Warrior. Warrior moves on a corner charge and quickly goes up top. He comes off with a cross body attempt but gets caught and powerslammed down. Dread with a clothesline and this match has reached the point where its gone on for way to long. Dread with a slam and he goes up likely to finishes it off. Vader bomb splash from the top rope for the easy win in 4.47.

We get one of the Bill Anderson Honky Tonk Man interviews. It’s a duplicate of a previous one.

NWC Update on Thug. Thug has recently returned after a 60 day suspension. Thug attacks Junkyard Dog and a ref. Then Thug was doing a Q & A with fans on the Doctors Office Thug pushed a fan off the stage and through a table. After the 60 days was up Thug still hadn’t paid the fine. Throws money at the Las Vegas commissioner and is now allowed to wrestler.

Thug vs. Cincinnati Red ref David Hogg (1995-03-17)
Thug beats on Red. He hits a monkey flip, side slam and inverted atomic drop. Thug hits the ropes and nails a flying shoulder tackle then locks in the switch blade which is a surf board style submission. Red has no choice but to give up after 1.49.

Bill Anderson brings in Larry Powers of the “world famous” Power Twins. Powers says that the fans need to stop bringing their garbage to the arena to throw at him especially their toothbrushes cause they need to keep them to brush their one tooth.

Johnny “Psycho” Paine vs. Lil’ Haystacks ref Jesse Hernandez (1995-03-17)
I really hope this shit isn’t ten minutes like last weeks match. Paine beats on Haystacks nails a big boot and leg drop for a 2 count. Paine misses a corner charge and Haystacks sends him into the opposite corner. Haystacks follows with a splash but then he gets back dropped high over the top rope and to the floor. Paine with a slam on the floor. Paine was in a mental hospital with Charles Manson according to the announcers. Paine in control of the match but Haystacks mounts a comeback and the announcers question his wrestling ability. He’s a good guy aren’t they supposed to hype him up? Haystacks goes up top but misses a splash. Paine connects with a DDT and then covers for the win in 4.58.

To the Doctor’s Office we go and TC Martin brings Lil’ Haystacks out and he wants to know why he’s bothering interviewing him. Wow what an asshole. Martin tells Haystacks he is pathetic and a piece of garbage and he doesn’t belong in the NWC because he’s a fat piece of garbage. Martin wants to know if Haystacks got paid for tonight and demands to see his check. Martin rips up the check and throws it down and tells him not to come back. What the fuck was that all about. A wrestler just got bitched out by an announcer and did nothing about it.

Bill Anderson brings in Ariel Assault. Rob Van Dam says they have not been tested. Bobby Bradley says they are coming after the Power Twins.

That dick head TC Martin and Al Lorenz hype tonights show with Warrior.

Terry Funk vs. Virgil ref Jesse Hernandez Branding Iron Match
Funk chases Lorenz and Martin around with a flaming branding iron. The commentary is dubbed in post production and instead of pretending that it’’s live they just talk it like it’s not happening. I hate when commentary is done in post and they don’t pretend like it’s done live and completely ignore when they are on the screen or in the fucking ring doing the ring intros while doing commentary. The match starts and they brawl on the floor. Lorenz and Martin show back up on screen and this time they pretend that it’s live as they run away “good thing we have portable microphones.” Funk with a piledriver on the floor. Funk nails Lorenz. Funk slams Virgil on a table. Pandemonium breaks loose! Finally into the ring and Funk chops Virgil down and then throws him right back out of the ring. Funk with a DDT on the floor. Fans are going nuts. Virgil fights back and Funk is knocked loopy and starts taking swings at security. Virgil with a DDT on the floor now. Garbage can put over the head of Funk and he’s sent into the ring post. Funk busted open. Virgil pounds away on Funk and brings it back into the ring and hits another DDT. Virgil calls for another one. Funk nailed with a third DDT in the match. Funk goes to the floor and throws the ring bell into the ring. Funk brings the branding iron into the ring and takes a swing but Virgil ducks and nails Funk with a right and inverted atomic drop. Virgil locks in the million dollar dream. Funk grabs the ref and nails him as Funk goes out. Virgil lets go and covers but there is no ref. Virgil has a clear win. He goes to get the ref and Funk picks up the branding iron and nails Virgil. Ref gets up and counts the 3 for Funk in 9.30. Funk nails the ref with the iron rips off his shirt and brands him. Funk goes to brand Virgil but Junkyard Dog makes the save. Why didn’t the ref DQ Funk for hitting him?

Douchbag Martin hypes tonights big show.

My thoughts on the show
Main even was fun. Funk really knows how to put on an awesome crazy brawl. Rest was eh.

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