NWC Slammin’ TV 8/5/1995

Written by: Heelsinc

1995-08-05 Slammin’ (matches taped various dates at Silver Nugget Pavilion in Las Vegas, Nv)

Champion: Sabu

Opening video.

TC Martin and Al Lorenz bring us to the start of our show and runs down the card.

Judge Dread vs. Gary “Crusher” Key ref David Hogg (1995-03-17)
Key looks like he will not be crushing anyone tonight or most other nights for that matter. Dread with a bear hug and then drops back clotheslining Key on the top rope. Clothesline by Dread and he stomps on the throat of Key. Key tries for a head scissor out of the corner but Judge just throws him to the ground. Avalanche and top rope vaderbomb get the win for Dread in 2.59.

Bill Anderson brings in Mr. Hughes and Hughes says he is there to take people out and win all the titles in the NWC.

Sabu takes on Cactus Jack in a lumberjack match and the tag team title tournament takes place Friday August 25th.

NWC update brings us to a few highlights from matches between Terry Funk and Champion Sabu and then the wars between Cactus and Sabu.

Bill Anderson brings in Junkyard Dog. JYD says the four squared circles are his yard and Mr. Powers Larry Rivera better watch out. None of this made any sense.

Bobby Bradley vs. Wild Renegade ref David Hogg (1995-03-17)
Renegade slaps Bradley a few times and then bails when Bradley tries to go after him. Bradley finally gets his hands on Renegade and hits a hip toss and atomic drop. Drop kick by Bradley and into a chin lock. Bradley with a spin kick and nice snap suplex for 2. Renegade comes back though with a super kick. Release german but Bradley able to kick out at 2. Bradley comes back and hits a powerslam for 2. Bradley goes up top and hits a big leg drop and then goes back up top for a second one. Renegade though able to reverse an irish whip and hit a clothesline. Elbow drop for 2. Renegade with a chin lock and Bradley begins to fade. Al Lorenz goes on and on about how Bradley and his partner Robbie V are a couple of real good looking guys. Bradley with an arabian press from the top turnbuckle for the win in 5.57.

Bill Anderson brings in Thug. Thug says NWC stands for one thing and one thing only. They then beep out the next three words he says. I can’t figure out what it is he would have said.

Navajo Kid vs. RJ Rodriguez ref Jesse Hernandez (1995-03-17)
RJ goes to work on Navajo the announcers let us know that RJ is “a cagey veteran.” Kid goes for a drop kick but RJ hangs onto the ropes and Kid crashes to the mat. Suplex brings Navajo over with a suplex. Navajo starts war dancing and comes back with some chops. Samoan drop finishes off RJ in 3.48.

We go to the Doctor’s Office with TC Martin and his guest this week is Don Juan. Holy FUCK Don Juan says he is going to make money faster then the casino by opening up a watermelon stand for black people, a second hand store for the white trash and third a target range to get rid of the homosexuals. The dirty rednecks actually start to cheer him. A sign in the crowd says “Don Juan is a homosexual” and gets a lot of time on screen. Juan introduces his new manager Barbara Blaze. Everything about this was wildly inappropriate.

Battle Royal ref David Hogg & Jesse Hernandez (1995-02-11)
Participants are Terry Funk, Junkyard Dog, Virgil, Larry Powers, Zuma, Gary “Crusher” Key, Wild Renegade, The Mercenaries, Navajo Kid, Judge Dread, Swat, Volcano Kid, Johnny Psycho Paine, Thug, and Little Tokyo. Tokyo gets a standing ovation and the fans chant his name. Swat picks up Tokyo and carries him over to people and Tokyo kicks them. For some reason the Mercenaries have been fighting each other the entire time. One would think the tag team would ya know team up. Key gets tossed off screen and one of the Mercenaries tosses his partner. Renegade and the other Mercenary gets tossed. Navajo Kid also gone. Powers tosses Zuma. Thug, JYD and Paine throw out Judge Dread. Tokyo nails Thug in the balls and stomps him. Swat is dumped by JYD. 5 minutes in. Thug gets eliminated. Paine presses Tokyo and throws him onto thug. Paine gets tossed from behind. JYD gets rid of Volcano Kid. Down to Funk, JYD, Powers and Virgil. Powers eliminated JYD. Funk nails Powers due to miscommunication. Virgil quickly gets rid of Funk and Powers and wins the 10 k purse in 6.42. Martin interviews Virgil and Virgil says some stuff. Virgil would have to force like 4,000 people into taking pictures with him to get that much money.

Bill Anderson brings in Honky Tonk Man AGAIN. Honky talks about how anyone can come and take on the Honky Tonk Man and he will beat them all.

Martin and Lorenz hype the next show.

My thoughts on the show
This one was weak. The announcers are garbage and make the shows somewhat difficult to sit through. No mention of the Warrior Honky Tonk match from 2 weeks back on the show. According to the internet the match lasted 13.05.

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