NWC Slammin’ TV 8/12/1995

Written by: Heelsinc

1995-08-12 Slammin’ (matches taped 1995-06-24 at Silver Nugget Pavilion in Las Vegas, Nv)

Champion: Sabu

Opening Video.

TC “Boy do I Look Like a Douchebag” Martin and Al Lorenz are the hosts and they welcome us and run down the crowd. They hype the next show coming up on the 25th which will feature a Tag Team Title Tournament as well as Champion Sabu taking on Cactus Jack in a Lumberjack Match

Don Juan vs. Cincinnati Red ref Jesse Hernandez
Don gets the mic…oh no… His first goal when he came to the NWC was to have sex with all the women in the town which he has done. Number two was to take the peoples money which he has also done. The third thing he wanted to do was beat the snot out of a little red headed punk. Martin makes some type of facial joke. Juan controls for a bit. Red comes back so Juan stalls. Red with a leg lock but Juan able to reverse it into one of his own. Juan hits a clothesline. So I’m noticing that Don Juan is pretty ugly and has a terrible body but his gimmick is not played with irony. Red again fights back but misses a moonsault off the top. Juan sends Red into the ropes and hits a back elbow. Juan with a running powerslam for the win in 5.05.

Bill Anderson hypes the 25th. He brings in Johnny “Psycho” Paine who has TONS of drool on his beard. Paine says that he and Judge Dread don’t even care about winning the titles they just want to beat everyone up. Paine says they are going to beat more people up on the 25th than Hitler did. Jesus.

We go to Martin for the NWC Update. He hypes the 25th.

Native Warriors vs. Dreaded Paine ref David Hogg
Judge Dread starts off with Dancing Wolf. I’m guessing Wolf is the guy that saved Navajo Kid a few weeks back. Wold hits some terrible looking drop kicks but Dread just shrugs them off and hits a clothesline. Side slam by Dread. Wold basically right back up and hits a kick but then Dread hits two straight standing spin kicks. World’s strongest slam by Dread. Dread whips Wolf into his own corner but Navajo doesn’t tag him. Wolf moves out of the way of an avalanche. Dread though locks him in a full nelson. Why didn’t he tag!!!!?!?!?? Dread with a slam but then misses an elbow. Wolf gets up and just runs full speed over and tags. Good selling. Navajo with a few clotheslines on both Dread and Paine. Dread hits a big boot to take back control. Navajo ducks a line but gets caught when he goes for a cross body. Wolf drops kicks the back of Navajo and he lands on top of Dread. Paine though throws Wold out of the ring. Dread goes up top for the vader bomb splash now called the gavel buster. Dread though picks up Navajo at 1. Paine and Wolf brawl outside. Paine posts him. Dread hits another gavel buster and goes for a third. The ref tries to stop him so he gets slammed hard. Brawl continues as we get a bell in 7.53. Paine and Dread bail as they are DQed.

Back to Bill Anderson and he brings in Ariel Assault. Bobby Bradley says they are going to win the titles on the 25th. Rob Van Dam says that the fans are telling them they have just as good a chance to win as all the other tag teams. Umm so then why so confident if you have a 1 in 8 chance?

Lil’ Haystacks & Little Tokyo vs. Gary “Crusher” Key & Bobby Dean ref Jesse Hernandez
The Dean and Tokyo start. Dean slams Tokyo. Both guys tag. After some back and forth action Haystacks clotheslines Key over the top tope and then goes to the apron and hits a flying somersault. Back in the ring slam and Haystacks goes up but misses a moonsault. Haystacks though reverses an irish whip and hits a drop kick. Haystacks charges Key and gets back dropped out of the ring. Key hits the ropes and leaps over the top rope onto Haystacks. Haystacks fights back and locks in a front face lock. Dean comes in and distracts him allowing Key to hit a super kick. Both teams tag. Dean and Tokyo flex. Key comes in and Dean picks him up to show off. Haystacks comes in and Tokyo tries to pick him up in a chicken position but can’t and Haystacks falls face first to the mat. They argue and Tokyo yells at Haystacks for being fat. Dean with a full nelson. Tokyo calls for help from Haystacks. Haystacks charges and Dean turns so that Tokyo catches a boot from Haystacks. They argue again. Full nelson again but this time Haystacks stops himself before he nails Tokyo. Tokyo reverses the full nelson. Haystacks now charges to kick Dean but Dean moves and Tokyo still gets nailed. More arguing. Tokyo with a back body drop on Dean. He goes for another but Dean back flips out of it sort of. Dean with a slam and cover. Haystacks comes in to break it up but Dean moves and Haystacks splashes Tokyo. Key presses Dean into the pile and they both cover Haystacks and Tokyo for the win in 10.23.

Honky Tonk Man vs. Junkyard Dog ref Jesse Hernandez
That idiot Al Lorenz calls Honky “the greatest intercontinental ever” not “the greatest intercontinental champion ever” which would be a real sentence. Martin and Lorenz talk about how these two have been chasing each other all over the world for years. Honky begs off in the corner not wanting to lock up with JYD. They finally do and JYD shoves him to the mat. Honky with a sleeper but JYD messes with his hair. Honky bails. Back in the ring JYD with an arm bar. Honky with a knee to the gut. Honky goes for 10 punches but Dog has that hard head so he no sells it and hits an inverted atomic drop. Dog with a head butt and right head floors Honky. Honky with a low blow. Honky with a diving head butt but it hurts his head. Dog does his crawling headbutt. Honky scurries away but crotches himself on the ring post. JYD drives his head into Honky’s and pushes. Honky pulls Dog down throat first on the top rope. Honky unwraps his wrist tape and uses it to choke Dog behind the refs back. Honky with a reverse chin lock and dog starts to fade. Dog fights up and starts back up with the head butts. Honky pushes JYD into the ref and then grabs his table. Honky pokes Dog with his guitar in the throat and covers. Honky puts his feet on the rope for some added leverage. The ref gets up and counts the 1-2-3 in 9.30.

Bill Anderson brings in Larry Powers. Powers says he and his brother are going to win the tournament.

My thoughts on the show
Bleh. I sorta liked the mixed tag match. I know thats sad.

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