NWC Slammin’ TV 8/19/1995

Written by: Heelsinc

1995-08-19 Slammin’ (matches taped various dates at Silver Nugget Pavilion in Las Vegas, Nv)

Champion: Sabu

Ya’ll ready for this?!?

Douche 1 and Douche 2…TC Martin and Al Lorenz are the hosts.

Zuma vs. Don Juan ref Jesse Hernandez (1995-07-22)
Don Juan goes to the arm and pulls the hair to get Zuma down. Zuma with the speed advantage and it gives him control and he goes to the arm. Juan bails to the floor. Zuma with a sweet looking cross body from the top to the floor. Juan to the apron and Zuma goes for a sunset flip power bomb out of the ring but Juan blocks it and sits down on Zuma. Zuma back up quickly though and he goes for a springboard sunset flip but just about kills himself by landing on his head and then Juan falls on top of him. Juan into a camel clutch. Zuma fights out and slams Juan. To the apron and back in with a slingshot leg drop. Again but he misses a somersault leg drop from the apron. Juan covers and gets 2. Juan struts but sorta just looks like he shit himself. Monkey flip by Juan for 2. Zuma sent into the corner but he jumps to the top rope and comes flying at Juan with a twisting plancha for the 3 count in 7.45.

Bill Anderson brings in Larry Power. Anderson wants to know where the brother is and Power says he is out picking out their laundry. What? Anderson says Power smells. August 25th the Power Twins will be champions. This was terrible.

Warrior University commercial. It’s as awesome as you would expect.

NWC Update hypes Night for Champions. Powers of Pain and Bushwackers have entered the tag team tournament. Lil Haystacks takes on two midgets and Virgil goes up against the Thug.

Bill Anderson brings in “Psycho” Johnny Paine. Paine talks about how he injures everyone he faces. He says he’s tired of all the big stars coming into NWC because it’s his place and he is going to take them all out. Paine bits Anderson.

Native Warriors vs. Starman & 3rd Dimension ref David Hogg (1995-07-22)
The masked men attack before the bell and dump the Warriors over the top. Dive through the ropes onto the Warriors. The masked men jaw with the crowd allowing the Warriors to get back in the ring and then slingshot them back into the ring. Things finally settle down. Navajo Kid and 3rd Dimension start off. Headlock take over but Navajo reverses into a head scissor. Few arm drags and then Kid with a headlock takedown. Tag to Dancing Wolf and he comes off the top with a chop. Double chop off the ropes by the Warriors. 3rd Dimension rakes the eyes and tags in Starman. This dude is no where near as awesome as Starman from Pro Wrestling on NES. 3rd Dimension tags back in and stays on Wolf. Wolf though rolls under a punch and tags. Kid comes in but gets cut off. The masked men tag and double team. Starman with a DDT on Kid and then he tags. The idiot announcers say it was a modified DDT but it was just a regular one. Double clothesline. End this please! Wolf tags in and he gets his ass kicked now. 3rd Dimension with a chin lock. Wolf fights out hits a polish hammer and tags. Warriors with a double running chop to the top of the head of 3rd Dimension. Kid then misses an elbow drop and Starman tags in. NOOOOOOOOO!!!! All four man now into the ring oh good it’s almost over. Double whip reversed by the Warriors and the masked men crash together. Each Warrior goes to the top and hit a chop to the top of the head. Kid with a back body drop on 3rd Dimension. Samoan drop and finally. 9.56. About 6 minutes to long. Holy fuck the Native Warriors are so awful.

Cactus Jack is in the Doctor’s Office filmed back on June 24th. He talks about how great a concept a 4 corners cage match with weapons is. Tonight he is going to hurt Champion Sabu, Virgil and Mr. Hughes. He asks who wants to see someone get hurt and everyone cheers. Jack says they are a bunch of sickos but as long as there are sickos like them he will never have to worry about his job.

Champion Sabu vs. Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart ref Jesse Hernandez (1995-05-12)
Taken directly from my review of the handheld of the match. Anvil bails out right away. Sabu with a headlock. I can’t imagine Anvil lets Sabu do anything . Anvil gets free and locks in one of his own. Anvil with a shoulder tackle. He charges for another but Sabu side steps and throws him through the ropes. Anvil goes to ram Sabu into the ring post but Sabu reverses and sends Anvil in. Anvil placed on a table and Sabu goes for a springboard moonsault but Anvil moves and Sabu goes through the table. Anvil powerslams Sabu through another table! Back in the ring Anvil locks in a million dollar dream then hits a short arm clothesline. Anvil pushes Sabu off the apron through another table. Anvil gets a 2 count. Bear hug but Sabu breaks it and leaps up and over for a sunset flip attempt. Anvil cuts it off with a big right though and gets 2. Body slam by Anvil but he misses a splash from the second rope and goes to the floor. Sabu with a slingshot plancha and then he posts Anvil. Back in the ring air sabu and a springboard leg lariat gets 2. Sabu goes for a springboard leg drop but Anvil moves. Power bomb by Anvil for a 1….2 but he picks Sabu up!! He goes for a second but Sabu reverses into a rana for the 3!! Sabu retains after 9.32. Anvil attacks after the match but Sabu reverses an irish whip. Anvil grabs the ropes and bails. Sabu then dives out of the ring and puts himself through a table for fun I guess.

Bill Anderson has Cactus Jack as a guest. Jack runs down the history he has with Sabu and again mentions the sick people of the U.S. and how he will always have a job because of them. He says he is going to cross the line and put Sabu out of the wrestling business for good.

Martin talks about the upcoming card on Friday to close out the show.

My thoughts on the show
That tag match tonight was BRUTAL! Main event was not as terrible as I thought it would be although like I thought Anvil didn’t let Sabu get his regular stuff in really.

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