NWC Slammin’ TV 8/26/1995

Written by: Heelsinc

1995-08-26 Slammin’ (matches taped 1995-07-22 at Silver Nugget Pavilion in Las Vegas, Nv)

Champion: Sabu

TC Martin and Al Lorenz are around as usual to piss me off.

Thug vs. Blackhawk ref David Hogg
Thug comes to the ring with a KKK hood on. Seriously this company is so racist. Thug beats on Blackhawk and hits a side slam. Suplex by Thug. Blackhawk ducks a clothesline and hits a drop kick and slam. Blackhawk sets up a piledriver but Thug just jumps in the air before Blackhawk is ready and lands on his face. Blackhawk with a gut wrench suplex. Thug though comes back when Blackhawk ducks his head. Shitty spine buster by Thug. Side breaker and Thug hits an awful looking leg drop from the second to get the pin in 3.37. After the match he does it again and it still looks awful. Thug gets on the mic and says there is no true black man in the NWC and no minority that could take him on. Holy fuck.

Bill Anderson brings in “the most disgusting wrestler in the NWC”, “Psycho” Johnny Paine again. Paine cuts a promo on Navajo Kid.

NWC Update on Ultimate Warrior. We see his entrance for the match with Honky Tonk Man. Crowd seemed pretty packed. Warrior interview he of course rambles on. We get the finish of the match. Warrior hit a flying shoulder tackle followed by the big splash as Jesse Hernandez made the 3 count.

“Psycho” Johnny Paine vs. Carlos Mata ref Jesse Hernandez
Paine hits the ring and attacks. He dumps Mata to the floor and then yells at the camera. Buffalo Jim joins the commentators. I have no idea who this guy is. Mata with a sunset flip for 2. Mata in control of the match working over the arm. Jim is apparently an owner of a car dealership that sponsors NWC. He likes Paine so Martin and Lorenz rip on him. Good idea to shit talk one of your sponsors. Paine with a powerslam for 2. Paine with a bunch of knees that send Mata out of the ring. Back in Mata with a crucifix for 2. Clothesline and Mata goes to the apron but misses a slingshot somersault. Paine with a DDT but he pulls up Mata at 2. Spinebuster but again he pulls him up. Paine chokes on Mata. The ref pulls him off so Paine stomps him and gets the time keepers bell. Mata slammed face first into the bell and he chokes Mata again. Blackhawk, Cincinnati Red and the Native Warriors hit the ring and try to pull Paine off. Mata gets the win by DQ in like 7.10. Warriors and Paine get physical afterwards.

Bill Anderson again with the most disgusting wrestler in the NWC Don Juan with Barbara Blaze. I’m seeing a pattern with the him disliking the heels. Oh man Juan is just awful on the mic. He calls Zuma a homosexual.

To the Doctor’s Office we go. Lil Haystacks comes out and he says that the earlier today on TV he saw the interview that Martin had with Haystacks. This interview was taped on the 22nd which is when the first interview being referenced here aired. Haystacks says he can hand in the NWC and should get a shot tonight. Martin again tells him he stinks and is a fat slob. Martin tells Haystacks to get on his knees. Is this going to turn into one of the amature porn casting videos? Martin says Haystacks gets a match tonight.

Lil Haystacks vs. Silver Wings ref Jesse Hernandez
Haystacks attacks before the bell and hits a cross body from the middle rope. Lorenz screams at Martin for giving him the match. Wings hits a a northern lights suplex for 2. Wings blocks a hip toss and hits a neck breaker. Haystacks ducks a back elbow and hits a sit out power bomb for a 2 count. Slam by Haystacks and he goes up top and hits a splash for a near fall. Wings ducks a clothesline grabs a waist lock and hits a german for 2. Drop kick by Wings and a clothesline sends them both to the floor. Wings to the apron and he hits a somersault dive. Haystacks reverse a whip and Wings hits the post. Haystacks with a power bomb on the concrete! Wings though comes back into the ring with a sunset flip. Haystacks blocks it and sits down on Wings for a 2. Bulldog attempts but Wings blocks with a belly to back suplex. They fight in the corner. Haystacks with a slam but misses a moonsault from the top. Wings with a half nelson suplex for the 3 count in 5.13. This was a good match. Martin and Lorenz talk more shit about Haystacks. Martin gets in the ring and again belittles Haystacks. Seriously I want Haystacks to beat the shit out of him so badly.

Ariel Assault vs. Principe Hindi & Superboy
The masked men attack before the bell. They are dressed the same so I won’t know who is who. Bobby Bradley though with a combo headscissor headlock takeover. Bradley gets back dropped in the corner but hangs on to the ropes and comes down with a head scissor. They go to the floor where Bradley gets posted but Rob Van Dam leaps off the apron with a moonsault. Van Dam gets drop kicked. He gets charged at again but does a split in the ring ducking a drop kick that hits his other opponent. Bradley hits a moonsault from the top to the floor. Bradley with a bunch of arm drags. Ok so you can tell them apart because Superboy doesn’t have red on his tights. Van Dam tags in and comes off the top with a sunset flip. Hindi with a back body drop. Double spin buster. Superboy with a slam and moonsault. Superboy pulls up Van Dam at 2. Missed drop kick and Van Dam able to tag. Bradley comes in and gets tossed in the air but comes down with a head scissor. Slam and Van Dam comes off the top with a flying kick. Tag back to Bradley and Van Dam belly to back suplexes Bradley into a leg drop on Superboy. Doomsday Device rana by Bradley. Both masked men taken down and Van Dam and Bradley each hit top rope splashes on both man. Suicide Bomber gets the pin on Superboy in 6.21.

Bill Anderson brings in Warrior. Warrior tells Anderson to come to the Warrior University to get back in wrestling shape. Warrior calls himself Ultimate Warrior then realizes he can’t say that so he says the former Ultimate Warrior, the Warrior. HAHA. Warrior says he is not there to judge but to see who is rising up to the challenge. Isn’t that kinda the same as judging?

My thoughts on the show
Final two matches were good. I really hope Martin gets his ass kicked. According to the “live” commentary this show should have aired on 7-29. They mention the Warrior match being “last week”. At the end of the show though in a voice over they mention showing highlights from the tag tournament which just happened the night before this actually aired.

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