NWC Slammin’ TV 9/3/1995

Written by: Heelsinc

1995-09-03 Slammin’ (matches taped various dates at Silver Nugget Pavilion in Las Vegas, Nv)

Champion: Sabu

Right to an NWC Update with TC Martin. Slammin’ moves to Sundays next week! Next live show is October 7th! Warrior vs. Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart! One year anniversary! AHHH!!!!

We get the tag match from last week. Apparently they were flooded with requests to see it again.

Bill Anderson brings in Virgil who on the 7th takes on Thug. Virgil tells Thug not to end up in jail cause he will bail him out just so he can kick his racist ass.

Islanders vs. Samurai Warrior & Ragin’ Raven ref Jesse Hernandez (1995-03-17)
Volcano Kid does his fire gimmick before the match starts. Raven and Tonga Kid start off. Tonga with a shoulder tackle. Lorenz and Martin off course make tons of racist comments about the Islanders. Tonga with a super kick flooring Raven and he tags Volcano. Double flap jack and Raven rolls to his corner and tags. Warrior goes to work on the arm but Volcano reverses it. Volcano with some chops and a super kick to the throat. Tag and double thrust by the Islanders. Tonga throws Warrior into his corner so Raven can tag in. Double clothesline on him as Volcano tags in. He continues to work over Raven and lets him tag back out. Tonga tags and a double head butt ends it in 5.33.

To the Doctors Office with Sabu. Things apparently broke down as 3 wrestlers attack Sabu and one of them gets put through a table as Martin screams at the fans to get back.

Honky Tonk Man is with Bill Anderson and Honky says that no one in the NWC has been a challenge and he wants to get a shot at the belt. Sabu is apparently afraid of Honky and won’t face him.

We get the ridiculous Don Juan in ring promo that aired on August 5th and that leads right into our main event

Don Juan (w/ Barbara Blaze) vs. Zuma ref David Hogg (1995-07-22)
Zuma with a bunch of hip tosses and arm drags. Juan bails to the floor. Juan wants to shake hands and does so clean? Why? Juan takes over and stomps Zuma. Zuma sent off the ropes and caught with a back elbow. Drop kick by Juan. The announcers talk about Barbara and sound like a bunch of morons. At one point she just starts to get in the ring right in front of the ref. Juan decides to distract the ref this time and she slaps Zuma twice. Zuma sent into the rope but he springboards off and gets a 2 count from a cross body. Butterfly suplex and Zuma goes to the apron for a springboard flying headbutt. Slingshot leg drop now but Zuma doesn’t cover. Foolish. Zuma with a slam and he goes up top but Barbara slows him down by grabbing his foot. Juan with a low blow and he slams Zuma off the top rope. Zuma fights back and hits a drop kick but Juan backs off into the corner to get toweled off by Barbara. Really you stop the match after 7 minutes for that. Zuma just puts Juan on the top and hits a super rana kinda out of no where. Juan slammed into each corner and then he falls down face first. Barbara comes up on the apron and throws powder into the eyes of Zuma. Zuma gets the DQ win in 8.28. Juan continues the attack after the match. Juan nails Zuma with a chair. Barbara rubs lipstick on his face. Zuma fights back and dumps Barbara out of the ring.

Warrior promo similar craziness as last week. This is actually pretty awesome.

The announcers talk about the changes that were announced at the beginning of the show and say a bunch of random other nonsense.

My thoughts on the show
Warrior promo is worth a watch.

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