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NWC Total Chaos 10/7/1995

Written by: Heelsinc

Released 1995-10-07 Total Chaos (matches taped various dates at Silver Nugget Pavilion in Las Vegas, Nv)

Champion: Sabu
Tag Team: Ariel Assault

TC Martin is the host of the tape. I’m sure Al Lorenz will join him on commentary for the matches. Martin runs down the matches for the tape.

Sabu vs. Cactus Jack ref Jesse Hernandez Desert Deathmatch (1994-10-29)
We’ve seen highlights of the match and a handheld of one of the rematches finally we get to see this one in it’s entirety. Jack hits the boss man guillotine and Sabu goes to the floor and gets a chair. Jack gets nailed hard in the head. Jack suplexes Sabu through a table full of old people for 2. Jack with a large piece of broken table and he rams it into Sabu. Back in the ring Sabu with a leg lariat for 2. Sabu with a springboard somersault senton. He gets a chair and nails Cactus with it then goes for an arabian face buster but Jack moves. Kitchen sink by Jack and now he picks up the chair. Jack hits Sabu in the head with a sickening thud. Jack gets on the mic but I can’t understand a word he’s saying. Sabu sent into the ring post but then he reverses a suplex on the floor. Arabian face buster on the floor. Jack tries to get a chain from an old guy but the guy won’t give it up. Jack goes for a belly to back but Sabu lands on his feet and kicks Jack to the floor. Sabu flies over the top rope and lands on Jack. They fight to the concession stand. Cut back to the ring and Sabu with camel clutch. Sabu throws Cactus to the floor and hits a dive through the ropes for 2. Cactus takes over slams Sabu down onto the ring steps and suplexes a table onto him. Cactus gives a “bang bang” to the crowd and then covers but only gets 2. They fight into the casino Martin says that Jack gave Sabu a piledriver onto a blackjack table but we don’t see it. Elbow drop for 2. Back to the ring and Jack hits a double arm DDT. Cactus clothesline to the floor. Jack goes for another but Sabu ducks and Cactus gets hung in the ropes. Sabu jumps off a chair and leg drops the top of Jack’s head sending him to the floor. Jack placed on a table and Sabu goes to the apron. Springboard moonsault but Jack moves and Sabu crashes through the table. Jack to the apron and he comes off with an elbow drop. Jack covers and get a near fall. Back in the ring Sabu charges Jack in the corner with a chair, Jack moves. Jack goes for a slam but can’t get Sabu up. Jack goes up top but misses a somersault senton. Sabu goes up top with a chair but Jack goes low. Jack goes up with Sabu but gets nailed with the chair. Arabian face buster from the second rope. Sabu covers 1, 2, 3. Well not the full match like they said. 18.51 was shown. Also this match is pretty famous for the piledriver on the blackjack table except they don’t show it which leads me to believe that the piledriver is a bunch of BS (I actually just confirmed from someone that worked for the company that the piledriver did happen). Good match though. Jack and Sabu hug after the match. Sabu moonsaults through a table after the match.

Jack cuts a promo on Sabu. He says he is going to take the belt and put Sabu out of wrestling but he won’t put him out of a job as he can be his chauffeur.

Champion Sabu vs. Cactus Jack ref Jesse Hernandez & David Hogg Steel Cage Weapons Match (1995-01-13)
They go over all the weapons that are in the ring. Of interest are two glass wine bottles. Only way to win is over the top of the cage. Some back and forth until Jack uses a plastic garbage can on Sabu. Sabu blocks himself from being slammed into the cage. Jack with a body scissor. Sabu gets a piece of wood and nails Jack on the head. Jack with a shovel and he nails Sabu and sends him into the turnbuckle. Jack with another shovel shot to Sabu. Jack sends Sabu into the cage twice and then drops a leg. Sabu is cut open. Cactus whips Sabu to the ropes and Sabu tries to jump on the garbage can to the rope but falls down. Cactus grabs a giant ceiling light cover and breaks it over the head of Sabu then stabs him with a piece. Cactus sets up a table then throws a cooking sheet at him. Cactus with a super belly to back through the table and both men are down. Sabu tries to climb out but Cactus goes up to to stop him. Sabu with a drop kick and Cactus falls onto the ropes. Cactus now sent into the cage. Sabu wants to give Jack the arabian facebuser with a piece of the broken table but it’s to big so he just throws it on top of Jack. Jack now bleeding and Sabu hits a leg drop from the top. Shovel to the back of Cactus. Jack though tries to fight him off with a mule kick. Cactus tries to get out but Sabu stops him with some shovel shots to the back and legs. Sabu tries to get out but Jack blocks him. Sabu pushes Jack to the mat and splashes him from the top rope. Jack slams a piece of table on Sabu. He goes for a back body drop but Sabu drops him with a DDT instead. Jack into the cage and then placed on a table. Sabu misses a top rope moonsault but the table doesn’t break. Jack goes up top and misses an elbow drop but again the table doesn’t break. Jack but on the table and Sabu hits a leg drop finally breaking the table. Sabu goes to climb the cage but Cactus low blows him. Both men climb the cage and jump down but Sabu is declared the winner at 16.33. Jack attacks Sabu and nails him with a chair. Sabu puts himself through a table afterwards.

Terry Funk vs. Virgil ref Jesse Hernandez Branding Iron Match
Funk chases Lorenz and Martin around with a flaming branding iron. The commentary is dubbed in post production and instead of pretending that it’’s live they just talk it like it’s not happening. I hate when commentary is done in post and they don’t pretend like it’s done live and completely ignore when they are on the screen or in the fucking ring doing the ring intros while doing commentary. The match starts and they brawl on the floor. Lorenz and Martin show back up on screen and this time they pretend that it’s live as they run away “good thing we have portable microphones.” Funk with a piledriver on the floor. Funk nails Lorenz. Funk slams Virgil on a table. Pandemonium breaks loose! Finally into the ring and Funk chops Virgil down and then throws him right back out of the ring. Funk with a DDT on the floor. Fans are going nuts. Virgil fights back and Funk is knocked loopy and starts taking swings at security. Virgil with a DDT on the floor now. Garbage can put over the head of Funk and he’s sent into the ring post. Funk busted open. Virgil pounds away on Funk for a few minutes outside the ring and brings it back in and hits another DDT. Virgil calls for another one. Funk nailed with a third DDT in the match. Funk goes to the floor attacks some fans. Virgil nails Funk with a chair and piece of table. Funk goes low and throws the ring bell into the ring. Funk brings the branding iron into the ring and takes a swing but Virgil ducks and nails Funk with a right and inverted atomic drop. Virgil locks in the million dollar dream. Funk grabs the ref and nails him as Funk goes out. Virgil lets go and covers but there is no ref. Virgil has a clear win. He goes to get the ref and Funk picks up the branding iron and nails Virgil. Ref gets up and counts the 3 for Funk in 15.17. Apparently they cut a bunch of the outside brawling from the TV episode. Funk nails the ref with the iron rips off his shirt and brands him. Funk goes to brand Virgil but Junkyard Dog makes the save. Why didn’t the ref DQ Funk for hitting him?

The rest is taken from the 09-24 Slammin’ review.

Powers of Pain promo they talk about how they are going to destroy Ariel Assault.

Powers of Pain vs. Ariel Assualt ref David Hogg Semifinals Match
Strength against speed! Power against acrobatics!! What will happen!!! Barbarian and Rob Van Dam start off. Barbarian wrenches the arm of Van Dam. Clothesline ducked and Van Dam goes for a cross body but Barbarian catches him and powerslams him. Elbow drop missed by Barbarian. RVD with a kick but Barbarian charges at Van Dam. Van Dam does a split and Barbarian falls through the ropes. Van Dam flies out of the ring onto Barbarian. Warlord and Bobby Bradley tag in. Warlord wants a test of strength but Bradley is smart enough to know that’s a bad idea. Warlord though boots him and whips him into the corner. Back the other way and Bradley jumps to the top rope and over Warlord landing on his feet. Warlord though charges and nails a hard clothesline that turns Bradley inside out. Barbarian tags in and Bradley goes for a crucifix but gets samoan dropped instead. Two powerful back breakers by Barbarian. Warlord back in and he stomps on Bradley. Warlord distracts the ref and Barbarian picks up Bradley and runs his back into the ring post. Back breaker by Warlord but Van Dam breaks up the pin. Warlord tags and Barbarian comes in with a big boot. Barbarian holds up Bradley for 15 seconds then suplexes him down. Boston crab locked on. Van Dam breaks it up. Warlord in and he locks on a bear hug. Bradley claps the ears of Warlord to get out and tries to crawl through the legs to make the tag but Warlord stops him. Barbarian tags in but he misses a headbutt from the top and Bradley tags! Van Dam with a bunch of jumping spin kicks and a cross body from the top. Van Dam hits the rope and Warlord knees him in the back and Warlord boots him HARD in the face. Bradley and Warlord both hit the ring and Warlord pushes the ref getting his team DQed in 13.29. Barbarian with a power bomb on Bradley and they toss Van Dam from the ring. After the announcement Barbarian gets pissed and power bombs Bradley again.

One of the Warrior promos is shown.

My thoughts on the show
This tape was awesome. All four matches were exciting. Add the Lil Haystacks Silver Wings match and you have the best matches from the company.


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