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NWC Slammin’ TV 7/8/1995

Written by: Heelsinc

1995-07-08 Slammin’ (matches taped various dates at Silver Nugget Pavilion in Las Vegas, Nv)

Champion: Sabu

Opening video. They use the Jock Jams classic hit “Get Ready For This” by 2 Unlimited as their theme immediately making this the world’s greatest wrestling promotion EVER!

Our hosts for the show are “The Doctor” TC Martin and Al Lorenz.

Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart vs. Cincinnati Red ref David Hogg (1995-04-14)
Anvil attacks and chokes Red in the corner. Red is supposed to be a baseball player for the Cincinnati Reds. Anvil spends a few minutes just beating the crap out of him. Slam and camel clutch gets the submission win for Anvil in 3.24.

Bill Anderson tells us that on July 22 The Ultimate Warrior is coming to take on Honky Tonk Man. Honky says he signed an open contract but he didn’t want to wrestle Warrior. Honky says he is going all out to finish Warrior off after he got screwed over for the IC Title but in ’88.

They hype Warrior coming in and use WWF footage. That’s probably not legal.

Al Lorenz gives us the NWC Update and he talks about all the crazy things that have been going on live at NWC events over the past 8 months. Lorenz hypes the Ultimate Return and Revenge match.

Ariel Assault vs. Blackhawk & Kerry Love ref David Hogg (1995-05-12)
Bobby Bradley and Rob Van Dam make up Ariel Assault and are currently undefeated according to the announcers. Bradley with a belly to back suplex on Love and he tags Van Dam who comes off the top with a cross body. Love backs Van Dam into the corner and tags Blackhawk. Van Dam with a monkey flip and spring board cross body gets 2. Bradley tags in and they dump Blackhawk to the floor. Bradley comes off the top with a headbutt to the floor! Love breaks up the pin back in the ring. Blackhawk comes back with a side slam and slingshot belly to back into a back breaker. Tag to Love and they hit a double shoulder block. Love digs his fingers into the eyes of Bradley. Blackhawk back in with another side slam for 2. Double clothesline and both men are down. Blackhawk tags Love. Bradley back flips out of a back body drop and then hits a drop kick and tags. Van Dam with a bunch of kicks for a 2. Standing moonsault for another 2 followed by a drop kick that sends Love to the floor. Sunset flip power bomb by Van Dam out of the ring on Blackhawk and Bradley hits a flying somersault plancha on Love. Van Dam with a blockbuster on Blackhawk. Bradley sets up Blackhawk for a power bomb and Van Dam comes off the top with a somersault body attack it’s called the suicide bomber. That looked pretty awesome. Bradley covers for the win in 6.34.

Bill Anderson brings in Cactus Jack. Jack talks about being the sickest wrestler in the world today. Jack says he will take anyone and put them out of the sport.

Larry Powers vs. Lil Hastacks ref Jesse Hernandez (1995-05-12)
Powers is part of the Powers Twins tag team. Haystacks dicks a clothesline and gets a 2 on a sunset flip. Two drop kicks hit but a third gets swatted away. Haystacks goes for a cross body but gets caught by Powers and dropped across the knee with a rib breaker. Big back body drop from Powers. Pile driver gets the 3 count for powers in 2.09.

Music video featuring some action from past NWC shows.

TC Martin hypes July 22nd.

Bill Anderson brings in “Psycho” Johnny Paine. Paine talks about how great of an amateur he was. He says the only amateur match he ever lost was when he bit off his opponents ears and got DQed.

TC Martin is in the ring for The Doctors Office. Martin’s guest is The Iron Sheik. Sheik has his Iranian Clubs and he says anyone can come and do the exercise he will do double or give them $500. Junkyard Dog and USA “Phew.” I fucking love this guy. Some giant dude gets picked from the crowd and rips off his shirt. He has to do 27 to get the the cash. Bob can hardly get 2 done. Sheik attacks him because he was “a piece of fat garbage.”

Virgil vs. Honky Tonk Man ref David Hogg (1995-05-12)
Virgil brings a guitar to the ring to mock Honky and then we clip to the start of the match with them fighting on the floor. Lorenz says these two have chased each other across the country for years. WTF? Honky comes back and beats on Virgil locking on a chin lock. Virgil fights back and comes off the turn buckle but Honky gets a knee to the gut. Honky sends Virgil to the floor. Virgil comes back in with a sunset flip for 2 but Honky remains in control. Honky back to the chin lock Virgil finally gets out of hit and boxes Honky. Clothesline and inverted atomic drop. Virgil with a russian leg sweep and he locks in the million dollar dream. Honky backs him into the corner to break it. Virgil comes out with a clothesline but then misses a top rope cross body. Honky gets the guitar the Virgil brought out. The ref tries to stop him so he nails him in the gut with it and then crushes Virgil over the head with it. Shake rattle and roll by Honky. Virgil wins by DQ in 6.16. Junkyard Dog comes out to save Virgil.

Bill Anderson hypes July 22nd some more. He brings in Honky Tonk again and Honky says he is going to break Warriors neck. Anderson says this is the greatest main event of all time.

We see a replay of the main event and get some hype for next week.

My thoughts on the show
Pretty decent first TV show. A good mixture of squashes and competitive matches. The main event was garbage but the tag match had some exciting action in it.


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