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NXT 6/28/2012

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Orlando, FL

1.) Seth Rollins defeated Jiro
2.) Jinder Mahal defeated Jason Jordan
3.) Leo Kruger defeated Aiden English
4.) The Ascension defeated The Usos
5.) Richie Steamboat defeated Rick Victor
6.) Antonio Cesaro defeated Dante Dash
7.) Derrick Bateman defeated Johnny Curtis

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) This is the debut of Seth Rollins on NXT. Rollins uses the Curb Stomp as his finishing move. It’s using the name Blackout. He was interviewed right after his victory. Rollins came to NXT to do what he does best and turn the place upside down to change the world. Jinder Mahal comes out and has a brief stare down with Rollins before heading to the ring.

2.) Jinder Mahal says we will witness a new wave of dominance going through the WWE courtesy of him.

3.) Leo Kruger is Adam Rose under a different gimmick.

4.) Curtis slaps Bateman and runs to the floor where he runs around and misses a knee drops. Bateman dropkicks Curtis and sends Johnny head first into the corner to continue his offense. Bateman sends Johnny hard back first into the corner for a two count. Bateman misses a leaping knee strike in the corner and Johnny twists Derrick to the canvas by his leg. Bateman focuses his offense with knee drops to the injured knee of Bateman. Derrick punches his way out of a leg lock. Bateman kicks Curtis to the corner chest first and follows up with a few clotheslines. Derrick plants Johnny with a leg sweep. Bateman drives Curtis head first into the canvas with a modified DDT for the win. (*1/2. Well, that wasn’t nearly as good as the first main event, but they didn’t get a lot of time to begin with.)

Final Thoughts:
Well, Seth Rollins and Cesaro are in NXT as the talent already begins to be loaded. Sure there will be WWE undercard guys that most won’t care about, but there aren’t any awful workers at this point so the show is easy to go through. Nothing memorable here as they are still just setting everyone up in the promotion.

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