OVW TV 3/26/2005

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Louisville, KY

1.) The Heartbreakers defeated Da Beast & Deuce Shade
2.) Nick Nemeth defeated Mike Mondo
3.) Alexis Laree defeated Jillian Hall
4.) OVW Heavyweight Champion Elijah Burke defeated Tank Toland to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Jim Cornette conducts an interview with MNM regarding the recent tag team title controversy. Last week, MNM was able to get a pin fall on Johnny Jeter, who is one-half of the OVW Tag Team Champions. Joey Mercury rips on the Midnight Express right in front of Jim Cornette, which is humorous. Mercury says they are the uncrowned OVW Tag Team Champions and believes they are the best looking people in the business today. Johnny Nitro chimes in and says that everyone was going nuts when they won last week. He believes the Thrillseekers are scared to lose to them in a rematch. Mercury invites the champions to come out and accept their challenge face to face. Melina says they have to the count of ten to come out there. They count to ten and the champions don’t come out. Naturally, after the count, the champions come out. Matt Cappotelli laughs at the thought that they are scared of MNM. Cappotelli says they waited until after the count of ten only because they wanted to see if Nitro could count that high. Johnny Jeter accepts their challenge for a title match next week. Cappotelli wants a stipulation added to the match. Cappotelli suggests that Melina is handcuffed to the ring post. Jeter says that Cappotelli didn’t say bed post, but the ring post. Mercury accepts the challenge and says they will reclaim their titles.

2.) Nemeth gets an upset victory over Mondo thanks to botched interference by Kenny Bolin. The fans don’t seem to be overly invested in the man that would eventually be known as Dolph Ziggler.

3.) Danny Inferno makes his way out to be interviewed by Jim Cornette. Inferno says he has been sick to his stomach for the last week. He has been sick because he lost his own match against Aaron Stevens. Inferno demands a mixed tag team street fight where he and Trudy take on Aaron Stevens and Beth Phoenix. If they don’t show up next week they will find them at their house and have a street fight there.

4.) Tank and Chad Toland cut a promo about Tank’s title match coming up next. Tank believes the belt belongs around his waist. Tank is going to drop the bomb on Burke tonight. OVW Heavyweight Champion Elijah Burke cuts a promo about it was his dream to be the OVW Heavyweight Champion and he achieved it. Burke isn’t about to lose the championship to Tank tonight.

5.) Burke avoids Tank at the start ducking a clothesline and hitting an arm drag. Tank sends Burke head first into the corner but misses a splash and Burke works over Tank in the corner briefly. Burke hits a hip toss turned into a neck breaker but Tank kicks out at two on the cover attempt. Chad Toland distracts Burke to allow Tank to hit a spear sending Burke to the floor. Tank works over Burke with basic strikes but Burke fights back with forearm shots. Tank catches Burke in the corner and manages to hit a gut buster for a near fall. Burke ducks a spinning hammer shot and plants Tank with a face buster. Burke decks Tank with strikes and clotheslines. Burke hits a leaping forearm shot and has the fans behind him. Burke counters a slam with a side Russian leg sweep but Tank kicks out and Burke lands on the referee. Chad tries to help on the apron but Tank spears Chad on accident and Chad flips into the ring. Burke covers Chad, not Tank, and gets the win. (1/2*. I really hope that doesn’t lead to another match between Burke and Tank. There isn’t a spark in their match and Tank didn’t come across like a serious threat to Burke to me.)

Final Thoughts:
A dull episode for OVW this week, but I’m hoping the tag title match next week delivers like they did a few weeks prior.

Thanks for reading.

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