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OVW TV 4/2/2005

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Louisville, KY

1.) OVW Television Champion Brent Albright defeated Mike Mondo to retain the title
2.) OVW Tag Team Champions The Thrillseekers defeated MNM to retain the titles
3.) Danny Inferno & Trudi DeNucci defeated Aaron Stevens & Beth Phoenix in a Jersey Shore street fight

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Brent Albright takes care of Mondo in under five minutes by making Mondo submit to the Crowbar submission hold. After the match, Albright gets on the microphone and reminds Mondo that he just tapped out. Albright puts himself over as the best submission wrestler. Blaster Lashley comes into the ring and wants a piece of Albright. Brent charges towards the ring but is stopped by security.

2.) Matt Morgan comes down to the ring for an interview by cutting off Jim Cornette. Morgan is sick and tired of hearing about how tomorrow night is a big night for Orton, Cena and Batista. Morgan wants to know who’s fault it is that he isn’t at WrestleMania. Cornette tells Morgan to take his mask off and look him in the eye. Cornette is going to tell Morgan who is at fault that he isn’t at WrestleMania. Cornette puts over Morgan’s height and ability. Cornette says the man who held him back this whole time is… Matt Morgan himself! Cornette says that Morgan tried to skip over people before he was ready and he blamed others for his lack of success. Jim says that Morgan is his own worst enemy. Morgan decides to listen to Cornette and asks for one thing against Elijah Burke for the OVW Heavyweight Championship. Cornette decides to give Morgan the championship match next week.

3.) Mercury and Cappotelli started the title match where Cappotelli slides to the floor and kisses Melina. Nitro gets a sneak tag and attacks Cappotelli from behind in the ring to gain control briefly. Cappotelli runs around the ringside area and avoids a sunset flip attempt by Nitro. Jeter is tagged in and clotheslines MNM. Jeter knocks Mercury down with a few shots and gets a two count following a neck breaker. Nitro backdrops Jeter over the top to the floor to stop the momentum of the champions. Mercury knee lifts the midsection of Jeter for a two count before tagging in Nitro. Jeter is taken over with a double vertical suplex but kicks out at two. MNM drive Jeter down with a double back breaker for another near fall. Jeter is sent flipping into the corner and crashes onto the canvas. Jeter fights back with knees to Mercury but can’t make the tag. Nitro prevents the tag but is kicked by Jeter and Cappotelli gets the hot tag.

Cappotelli cleans house with strikes and hits a leg drop on Nitro followed by a flapjack sending Mercury onto Nitro. Cappotelli nearly pins Nitro with another leg drop. Cappotelli attempts a suplex into the ring but Mercury holds his foot and Nitro nearly steals the titles. Nitro is left alone in the ring as he is met with a double super kick but Mercury makes the save on the cover attempt. Cappotelli sends Mercury to the floor and heads to the top rope. Mercury shoves Cappotelli off across the top rope. Jeter and Cappotelli rollup MNM out of the Snapshot and win the match to retain the titles. (***. A good fast paced match that blew by, which is always a good thing. These two teams have a lot of chemistry and it’s a shame that Jeter and Cappotelli didn’t get better runs in WWE.) After the match, MNM is super kicked but Melina enters to cause a distraction and MNM beat down the champions. MNM hit the Snapshot on Jeter and the same for Cappotelli. Mac Johnson and Seth Skyfire run into the ring and make the save. Johnson hits a picture perfect dropkick.

4.) Okay, so last week that wasn’t seen on television, there was a confrontation between Tommy Dreamer and the trio of Lance Storm and MNM. This would eventually lead to a six man tag match after the tapings which saw Dreamer and the Dudley Boys win. MNM attacked after the match hitting the faces with a tennis racket until the Thrillseekers ran down with crutches to make the save. Bubba Dudley cut a post match promo thanking the fans and putting over the tag team of Cappotelli and Jeter as the future of tag team wrestling. He has done that a lot in pro wrestling throughout their run. This lead to the Heartbreakers coming out and getting some love as well. That team has apparently connected very well with the crowd in Kentucky. They jump on the Dudley Boys with hugs. They dance with the Dudley Boys to end the segment.

5.) Inferno starts the main event hammering away on Stevens in the ring while the ladies are by the commentary table since Phoenix is avoiding Trudi. Stevens sends Inferno face first into the ring post but the ladies roll into the ring where Trudi whacks Beth with a trash can lid. Trudi sprays some hairspray into the eyes of Phoenix, too. Trudi rubs lipstick all over the face of Phoenix before choking Beth with a bra it looks like. Trudi tries to tie Phoenix to the turnbuckle with the bra but is stopped by Stevens. Trudi low blows Stevens and Inferno gets a right hand on Stevens. Trudi and Phoenix go to the floor while Stevens and Inferno brawl in the ring. The ladies have gone backstage brawling. Stevens whacks Inferno with a broomstick. Stevens runs over Inferno with another broom shot. They return to the ring where Stevens and Phoenix keep control for a moment. Inferno and Trudi fight back with basic strikes. Stevens is put in the tree of woe and stomped by Inferno. Truoi sends Phoenix head first into the groin of Stevens in the corner! Stevens is met with a trash can shot to the face and can’t get up from that. (*. Nothing great of a brawl and the duo of Inferno and Trudi just don’t seem to be connecting with the fans, so their offense wasn’t received well and it felt weird.) After the match, Phoenix and Stevens attack Trudi and Inferno. Stevens plants Trudi with a piledriver.

Final Thoughts:
The tag team title match was a good match and worth the time to watch it completely. Aside from that, the show didn’t have much else going for themselves. Stevens is a great heel but needs to be used outside of his feud with Inferno, who just isn’t working as a face. If I said I had interest in the Morgan vs. Burke match, I’d be lying to you, as well.

Thanks for reading.


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