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OVW TV 4/9/2005

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Louisville, KY

1.) The Heartbreakers defeated El Diablo Negro & Ken Anderson
2.) OVW Television Champion Brent Albright defeated Seven to retain the title
3.) The Blonde Bombers defeated OVW Tag Team Champions The Thrillseekers to win the titles

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Jim Cornette is in the ring and brings out Matt Morgan for an interview segment. Morgan isn’t wearing a mask and is dressed to impress with a suit. Cornette also brings out the OVW Heavyweight Champion Elijah Burke to be part of the segment. Burke gets in the ring and gets into Morgan’s face. Cornette reveals that Burke accepted a title match between himself and Morgan for next week. Morgan is confident that he will beat Burke and will prove that he has been held back by Cornette. Morgan is going to be the king of the castle, again. Burke warns Morgan to not talk like he isn’t standing right here. Burke comes back saying Morgan should be talking “if” he were to win instead of guaranteeing it. Burke reminds Morgan that the last time they met he beat him, and beat Morgan three different times. Burke warns Morgan to come into the arena prepared for the fight of his life. Morgan is tired of hearing Burke talking about his dreams. Morgan proceeds to plant Burke with a power bomb and shoves security guys away. Morgan has the microphone and says that next week Burke will feel his nightmare. Well, that was effective, I must say.

2.) After Brent Albright won his match he cut a promo saying that Seven submitted to the best wrestler going today. Albright does come across like a solid wrestler and I’m buying into him.

3.) Jim Cornette is in the ring to interview Mac Johnson and Seth Skyfire. We see a video made by MNM. They aren’t impressed that Mac Johnson is back in action. They say that they haven’t learned their lesson and they laugh at the thought of a rematch. Nitro is pissed about losing last week. Mercury says that if they got their hands on Mac and Skyfire the arena would be like CSI. They joke about seeing prison and Nitro talks about thinking a girl was 18 and the ID was legit. Yeah, he just made a rape joke, essentially. Melina tells the camera guy to cut it and send it to OVW. Skyfire thinks that MNM is scared because they are back. They can wait another week to get their revenge. Mac talks about waiting three months to get his hands on MNM. He says they will be here until they get their hands on MNM, and that’s a promise.

4.) We see footage of Aaron Stevens and Beth Phoenix running away from Danny Inferno backstage earlier in the day. Stevens and Phoenix got in a car and drove off to avoid Inferno. There were a few fans in the parking lot chanting for Danny.

5.) Cappotelli and Chad start off the title match with Cappotelli getting the advantage with a chop. Chad is sent into the corner where Jeter delivers a big boot and a cannonball splash for a near fall. Jeter works over Chad in the corner with chops. Chad comes off the ropes and is met with a double flapjack. Jeter flapjacks Chad onto Tank and hits a double leg drop, which Cornette sells ridiculously on commentary. Cappotelli kicks Chad away on the floor but Tank hits a spear and nearly wins the match. Cappotelli tries to fight his way to his corner for a tag but is stopped by Chad. Tank tags in and gets several shots on Cappotelli to keep him on the canvas. Tank knee lifts Cappotelli for a near fall. Cappotelli tries a rollup but Tank gets out and spears Cappotelli a second time in the match. Chad tags in and keeps control of Matt in the corner.

Chad spears Cappotelli in the corner and Matt dangles over the middle rope on the apron. Tank delivers a few shots to the knee of Cappotelli causing Matt to fall to the floor. Cappotelli continues to be worked over in the corner. Cappotelli is driven down to the canvas with a front Russian leg sweep by Chad. Chad runs into a big boot and Tank is knocked off the apron. Jeter gets the hot tag and cleans house on the challengers. Jeter hits a neck breaker on Chad but can’t get a three count on the cover. Jeter drops Chad with a spinning heel kick but only gets a two count. Tank is tossed into the referee but here comes Jillian Hall to cause a distraction and the challengers have the advantage. Jeter is knocked out in the ring and Chad covers to get the win and win the titles! (**. The Cappotelli heat segment wasn’t all that thrilling as it was rather basic. I’m not overly shocked that Tank and Chad won the tittles since they have been getting a lot of air time, but the Thrillseekers should have held them for a little longer.)

Final Thoughts:
I’m digging Brent Albright. The Inferno/Stevens feud needs to be over with at this point. I’m mildly interested in the Morgan/Burke match for next week. There are some bright moments on the show but for the most part OVW doesn’t have many interesting acts right now.

Thanks for reading.


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