SMW TV 4/16/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Clinton, TN

1.) Chris Jericho & Lance Storm defeated Chris Hamrick & The Hornet
2.) Bruiser Bedlam defeated SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Mike Furnas to win the title
3.) Brian Lee defeated SMW Tag Team Champion Ricky Morton by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Les Thatcher joins Bob Caudle on commentary to replace Dutch Mantel for some reason. Bruiser Bedlam is picked to wrestle Mike Furnas for the SMW Beat The Champ TV Championship match.

2.) Jim Cornette is interviewed regarding Bruiser Bedlam. Cornette says that the Heavenly Bodies are out of SMW but is confident that it won’t be forever. He says that Bruiser Bedlam is going to live up to his name and cause bedlam. Cornette has a big surprise for later tonight.

3.) Tammy Fytch, Brian Lee and Chris Candido are interviewed regarding the Rock N’ Roll Express. Fytch says that Lee and Candido have promised to her that they will win the tag team titles from the Express. Fytch insults Ricky Morton for kissing her and she is disgusted. Fytch is livid that SMW won’t get rid of the footage that saw Morton kiss her. Candido says that Morton isn’t a real man. It should be noted that Candido said “you don’t do that to my girl, I mean our girl.” Rock N’ Roll Express come out and Morton says that he could have either hit her or kiss her and he decided to kiss her, something Candido wouldn’t know. Morton challenges Candido to a match, but Candido puts Lee in the match. Lee was mad at first but agreed to do it for Tammy.

4.) Bedlam attacked Furnas before the bell and dominates the title match. Bedlam won the match with a claw hold to the midsection and Furnas couldn’t get up from it. It’s a really weak looking finishing hold for a large guy. Tracy Smothers and Bobby Blaze enter the ring to make the save since Beldam wouldn’t let go. Bob Armstrong also came out to confront Bedlam and apparently wants a piece of Bedlam, but the heels leave the ring.

5.) Personality Profile with Les Thatcher interviewing Jim Cornette and Bruiser Bedlam is next. Cornette has a special announcement to make and has a letter from the board of directors. He says that Bob Armstrong has a conflict of interest being a wrestler and commissioner. Thus, on April 19th, Armstrong will be banned from competing in the ring as long as he is the commissioner. Bedlam is ready to tear some heads off. Bedlam says he will beat any man at anytime. He is having fun beating people up.

6.) Daryl Van Horn is interviewed regarding a new wrestler coming to SMW. Kendo The Samurai is coming to SMW. Van Horn says he will be coming in the next few weeks. He also talks about the SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy. He notes that Prince Kharis knocked White Boy out with his big arm three times. He believes Kharis will be champion.

7.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy is interviewed regarding Prince Kharis. White Boy says that Van Horn is a little man in a big man world. White Boy isn’t afraid about any army coming to SMW and says all you gotta do is sign on the dotted line so he can drop them one by one. Well Dunn came out and wanted to complain but they aren’t interviewed.

8.) Backstage, Tammy Fytch is telling Brian Lee to not lose tonight and Brian says that he is going to send Morton back to the cookie factory.

9.) Morton uses his speed to avoid Lee at the start of the match. Morton attempts a scoop slam but Lee is too heavy and shoves Morton away. Morton attempts another slam but again can’t pick Lee up. Lee attempts a slam on Morton but Ricky blocks it a couple of times causing Lee to get frustrated. Morton kicks Lee in the midsection and takes Lee over with a scoop slam. Morton takes Lee over with an arm drag and works on the left arm. Lee comes off the ropes to drop Ricky with a shoulder block. Lee works over Morton in the corner with strikes but misses a splash and Morton hits a shoulder block of his own. Morton hits a bulldog but doesn’t followup on the advantage as Lee went to the corner. Lee scoop slams Morton and delivers a fist drop to maintain control of the bout. Lee avoids a splash in the corner and Morton hit the corner shoulder first. Morton tries to fight back with a jaw breaker but Lee stops Ricky with a clothesline. Morton avoids being rammed into the turnbuckle on the apron and hits a top rope cross boy on Lee managing a near fall. Morton has Tammy but is attacked by Lee from behind. Morton nearly wins with an inside cradle. Morton again nearly wins with a backslide as Candido is on the apron. Robert Gibson catches the purse that Tammy tosses in and decks Lee with it to cause a disqualification. After the match, Candido sends Morton over the top to the floor. Morton returns to the ring with a steel chair to chase the heels from the ring. (**. A decent match between these two and the finish doesn’t settle anything between them so this might be going on for a little while.)

10.) Rock N’ Roll Express are interviewed to end the program. Ricky Morton says they ran the Heavenly Bodies from SMW. Morton says they have to teach Brian Lee and Chris Candido a lesson along with Tammy Fytch. They are going to teach them a good lesson.

Final Thoughts:
Bruiser Bedlam as a top heel act is something I’m having a hard time buying into because his finisher is so weak to me. He looks intimidating but grabbing the belly of an opponent just doesn’t strike fear into me. The only really interesting thing going on at this point is the tag feud with Lee and Candido taking on the Express. I’m not sure how I feel about Candido already taking control of the team and essentially causing friction between the new duo, but we shall see how that plays out.

Thanks for reading.

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