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SMW TV 4/30/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Clinton, TN

1.) Well Dunn defeated Anthony Michaels & Bobby Blaze
2.) Kendo The Samurai defeated Brian Logan
3.) SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Bruiser Bedlam defeated Tracy Smothers to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Bob Armstrong is interviewed regarding the Volunteer Slam event on May 20th taking place in Knoxville. He has it finalized that Dirty White Boy will defend the SMW Heavyweight Championship against Jake Roberts on May 20th. Roberts didn’t get a big reaction when he was mentioned.

2.) Jake Roberts sent in some thoughts regarding the match with White Boy. Roberts asks who was the man who dropped Andre the Giant? Who was the man that played with Randy Savage like he was a toy? Who made Rick Rude’s life miserable? Who made Sting close to quitting wrestling? Who was the guy that the WWF refused to put Hulk Hogan in the ring with? Who is the man that does exactly what he wants to? Roberts says the answer to every question is him. He wants to know who the Dirty White Boy is. Roberts says White Boy will not be SMW Heavyweight Champion for long. He will be champion whether you like it or not.

3.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy is out with a bandage on his eye to be interviewed regarding his match with Jake Roberts. White Boy knows that Roberts is a mean man and sickest human beings he has ever met in his life. White Boy says it doesn’t matter his condition he will be there to defend the championship on May 20th. White Boy turns his attention to the attack by Prince Kharis saying he has to wear his bandage for a few more weeks. White Boy says that he is the top dog in the Smoky Mountain area. White Boy is going to kick Prince Kharis’ ass.

4.) Daryl Van Horn and Kendo The Samurai are interviewed following his debut. Van Horn puts over Kendo saying he can’t be stopped and people are going to get hurt. Van Horn doesn’t think White Boy is worthy of being champion and Kendo is gong to be the guy who takes the title.

5.) Personality Profile this week is with Chris Jericho and Lance Storm. Jericho says that the fans have made them feel really at home and they thank them for that. Storm repeats the same but accidentally said Rocky Mountain before correcting himself. Well Dunn comes out and confronts Storm and Jericho. They feel like they aren’t getting a fair treatment. They have a list of complaints. Steven Dunn says they want music videos, big contracts and big matches. They also wants entrance music, which they don’t have. Jericho suggests that they don’t deserve anything on the list because they haven’t been working hard enough. Dunn says they will beat them down and show their fans just the no talent losers they really are. Jericho challenges them to a match next week. The match will happen.

6.) Bob Armstrong talks about the Volunteer Slam event some more hyping up some of the big matches. We hear from Randy Savage in a pre-tape capacity. Savage says he is ready willing and ready to come to town to Knoxville. He is going to be ready for Bob Armstrong. Savage is going to take Cornette and Bruiser Bedlam out on May 20th.

7.) Jim Cornette and Bruiser Bedlam are interviewed regarding Randy Savage. Cornette says that Bob Armstrong will help Savage to the backstage after the beating Bedlam gives him. Cornette says that both Armstrong and Savage will be knocked out in Knoxville. Cornette puts over Bedlam as being bigger and badder than Savage. Bedlam says they are all scabs. Bedlam will fight any man and is the baddest man around.

8.) SMW Tag Team Champions Rock N’ Roll Express are interviewed regarding Brian Lee and Chris Candido. Morton says that Lee is being told he is a superstar and Tammy Fytch gets all the money and doesn’t have to worry about anything. Morton is confident they will take care of Lee and Candido.

9.) Bedlam tosses Smothers across the ring out of a lockup and taunts the fans. Smothers avoids Bedlam in the corner delivering a few right hands in the corner. Bedlam shoulder blocks Smothers to the apron and Cornette is proud of his man. Smothers hip tosses Bedlam and follows up with a few dropkicks. Smothers drops Bedlam with a leaping forearm strike for a near fall. Bedlam gains control and chokes Smothers over the top rope for a few moments before hitting a clothesline. Bedlam scoop slams Tracy and heads to the top rope but Smothers avoids Bedlam and decks Bruiser with right hands followed by a karate kick for a two count. Smothers heads to the top rope and hits a twisting uppercut but Bedlam kicks out at two. Tracy goes up again but Cornette knocks him off and Bedlam pins Smothers. (*. Smothers is still enjoyable in the ring, but the action on Bedlam’s part was lackluster, really.) After the match Bedlam puts the claw hold on Smothers until Bob Armstrong enters the ring and attacks Bedlam with right hands! Bruiser whacks Armstrong over the back with a tennis racket and puts the claw hold on Armstrong. smothers has the racket and whacks Bedlam three times with it before Bedlam lets go. Cornette throws powder into Tracy’s face and the heels work over Smothers and Armstrong.

10.) Tracy Smothers cuts a promo at the end of the show. Smothers is livid about what they did to Bob Armstrong. Smothers says that Bob Armstrong is like his stepfather to him. Smothers says the ballgame isn’t over until the fat lady sings and the South will rise again.

Final Thoughts:
Alright, Jake Roberts AND Randy Savage are going to be on the SMW show on May 20th. To me, that makes it a big show and perhaps the biggest show in terms of name power to this point. Roberts is surely on the decline in popularity while Savage is the top draw here. It was an okay show, but not overly great or anything. Jericho and Storm need a more high profile feud, too.

Thanks for reading.

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