SMW TV 5/14/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

: 5/14/1994
From: Harriman, TN

1.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy defeated James Adkins
2.) SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Bruiser Bedlam defeated Anthony Michaels
3.) Jake Roberts defeated SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy to win the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy is wearing a pirate eye patch instead of a bandage at this point. Jake Roberts has come down to ringside drinking water watching the champion in action.

2.) Dirty White Boy confronts Jake Roberts at the announcers table with Bob Armstrong trying to keep them apart. White Boy wants to know why Roberts is here right now. Roberts says it is nice to see handicap people getting a shot to do things. He rates White Boy as a soft four in the ring. Roberts says that he would never beat a man who is physically or mentally handicapped. Roberts doesn’t want to beat White Boy up and wants him at one hundred percent. Roberts says White Boy will never be one hundred percent. White Boy tells Roberts he will give him a title match tonight. Roberts feels bad about that, but not as bad as White Boy will feel. So, the Volunteer Slam match is happening on TV… for free.

3.) Jim Cornette and Bruiser Bedlam are interviewed following their match. Cornette knows it won’t be easy against Randy Savage, but he knows that Bruiser can take care of business. Bruiser chimes in and says something I can’t understand and he shakes his head like a maniac.

4.) Rock N’ Roll Express are interviewed about losing the tag team titles recently. Morton says that he made a mistake the night they lost the belts. Morton says that they will get the titles back. Next week, Morton will wrestle Chris Candido in a singles match. He is going to make Candido realize that he is a little shorter than he thinks he is.

5.) Personality Profile this week is with the new SMW Tag Team Champions Brian Lee and Chris Candido with Tammy Fytch. Chris Candido says that Ricky Morton was too scared to come out and compete and Robert Gibson was too dumb to run through the wrong curtain. Candido used the piledriver on Morton because Morton was trying to hit him in the groin. Tammy doesn’t care about $1,000 fine because she spends that money shopping anyway. Tammy thanks Candido for winning the belts. Brian Lee is annoyed that he didn’t get any credit since he did all the damage. Tammy says that Morton made the biggest mistake in kissing her and he nearly broke his neck as a result. Yeah, Brian Lee is going to eventually be a face from this duo you can see by the way he is getting treated already.

6.) Roberts is out of shape as he has a beer gut nowhere near the shape he was in even during his WCW run. Roberts backs White Boy into a corner and taunts White Boy by holding his eye. Roberts yanks White Boy down to the canvas by his hair. White Boy returns the hair pulling and taunts Roberts. Jake continues to rub the patch but White Boy decks Roberts causing Jake to stumble and falls to the apron and floor. White Boy shoulder blocks Roberts and controls the arm on the canvas. White Boy knocks Roberts down with a right hand and keeps Roberts on the canvas with control of the arm. Roberts drops White Boy with a jaw breaker. Roberts knocks White Boy to the floor with a shoulder block. Kendo The Samurai comes out and takes the patch off of White Boy’s eye. Roberts has White Boy and taunts the champion before delivering a right hand.

Jake continues to work over White Boy in the corner and taunts the fans as he takes some tape off his wrist to rub that into the eye of White Boy followed by a knee lift. White Boy nearly gets a victory with a rollup but only gets a two count. Roberts drops White Boy with an atomic drop. Roberts stops White Boy with an eye poke to the injured eye. Roberts sends White Boy to the floor. White Boy hammers away on Roberts several times to make a comeback. Roberts is sent hard into the corner and White Boy hits a big boot to drop the challenger. White Boy knocks Roberts through the middle rope to the apron. Roberts goes to the cameraman and kicks him before grabbing the camera. White Boy goes to grab Roberts but Roberts uses the camera to flash into the champions injured eye. Roberts plants White Boy with the DDT and wins the championship. (*1/2. The match is simply an angle advancement since so much of it was focused on the injured eye. I don’t believe the design here was to have a great match, but rather a reason for people to want to see White Boy challenge Roberts on May 20th.)

7.) Bob Armstrong hypes up the Volunteer Slam event which will feature Roberts/White Boy rematch and Randy Savage taking on Bruiser Bedlam.

Final Thoughts:
Well, Jake Roberts as the SMW Heavyweight Champion surely makes it look like a bigger deal with a top name coming in and winning it. Roberts is still a great heel on the microphone but his in-ring ability is greatly diminished even at this point. For the title change, not the complete match, it’s a memorable show.

Thanks for reading.

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