SMW TV 5/21/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Harriman, TN

1.) Tracy Smothers derated Chris Hamrick
2.) SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Bruiser Bedlam defeated Brian Logan
3.) Ricky Morton defeated SMW Tag Team Champion Chris Candido by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Rock N’ Roll Express are interviewed regarded Ricky Morton competing in a singles match against Chris Candido. Brian Lee and Robert Gibson will be handcuffed to the ring posts to prevent interference. The piledriver is illegal, as well. I mean, it always has been, but okay.

2.) Tracy Smothers is interviewed following his victory. Smothers will be wrestling Bruiser Bedlam and he is fired up about it. Smothers says he will hit Bedlam with anything he can to get a victory over Bruiser. He suggests Bedlam remembers his name.

3.) Bruiser Bedlam retires after five successful title defenses and gets $5,000. So, that title his vacant now. Jim Cornette and Bruiser Bedlam are interviewed as well. Cornette says that Bedlam can beat up any man wether they are a wrestler or a truck driver. Jim is annoyed that Bob Armstrong didn’t resign as commissioner. Bedlam rips on hillbillies for giving up easy and being cowards. Cornette insults Smothers asking how Smothers would know who his father is in reference to Bob Armstrong being a second father to him. Tracy Smothers heard enough and runs out to deck Cornette but Bedlam knocks Smothers out with a pair of brass knuckles. Smothers has been busted open as the locker room empties out but they are all taken out by Bedlam.

4.) A bloodied Tracy Smothers and Bob Armstrong are interviewed with Bobby Blaze there as well. Smothers tells Armstrong that Bedlam needs to be stopped and he hasn’t asked for much. Smothers wants a coal miners glove match with Bedlam. He wants that because coal miners are the toughest people and the glove will feel like brass knuckles. Armstrong says the match will happen whenever Smothers wants it.

5.) Dirty White Boy is interviewed regarding losing the SMW Heavyweight Championship last week to Jake Roberts. White Boy says that Jake Roberts accomplished in getting him mad and it cost him the title. White Boy says there will be a title rematch soon. White Boy has to reach down and get a gut check. He mentions again about shooting snakes and he is on a snake hunt.

6.) Daryl Van Horn and Kendo The Samurai cut a promo on Dirty White Boy. Van Horn says that Kendo is the most feared man in the world. Kendo whips around his chucks while Van Horn rips on White Boy some more.

7.) Personality Profile this week is with the SMW Heavyweight Champion Jake Roberts, who doesn’t have the belt with him. Roberts says he doesn’t have the belt to prove that he is the best. Roberts tells Les Thatcher that nobody knows him and he doesn’t know himself he just does the things in the ring when it comes to his mind. Jake claims he just wanted to get the last picture of the champion when he used flash on the champion. Jake also says that when you win every night and have victory meals you’re going to be gaining weight. He is giving everyone a sleeping mask for the next time he wrestles Dirty White Boy because it’s the humane thing to do.

8.) Well Dunn is interviewed regarding their issues with Chris Jericho and Lance Storm. Steven Dunn talks about coming out here having serious complaints. Dunn says they are going to get the titles, money and videos they want.

9.) Candido misses a splash in the corner and Morton takes Candido over with a hip toss. Morton attempts an illegal piledriver but Candido bails to the floor to avoid it. Morton goes for another piledriver but Candido drops down to the canvas to prevent it. Morton drops Candido with a high knee lift and goes for the piledriver but once again can’t get it as Candido appears to deliver a groin shot. Candido leaps off the top but misses a leg drop. Morton takes Candido over with a snap suplex for a near fall. Morton misses a splash in the corner hitting the top turnbuckle. Candido continues to try for the piledriver but settles for a swinging neck breaker. Morton counters a power bomb attempt with a hurricanrana. Candido recovers quickly to hit a bulldog. Morton backdrops Candido to counter the piledriver. Morton drops Candido with a swinging neck breaker. Brian Lee gets free from the handcuff thanks to Tammy and attacks Morton to cause the disqualification. Robert Gibson is freed by the referee eventually and Gibson makes the save. (*1/4. Another example of being an angle advancement kind of match instead of being designed to be a great match. The constant piledriver attempts hurt the flow of the match.)

10.) Rock N’ Roll Express and Bob Armstrong are interviewed at the end of the program. Armstrong offers them a piledriver match where the titles would be the on the line but not a sanctioned match. Morton says that the belts were stolen from them and they are coming back for the titles.

Final Thoughts:
I like the intensity for the apparent Bedlam/Smothers feud and Cornette was great on the microphone to get that feud going up a notch. It was a decent overall episode with the top programs getting attention, just lacked anything overly good in-ring.

Thanks for reading.

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