SMW TV 6/4/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Harriman, TN

1.) Rock N’ Roll Express defeated Killer Kyle & James Adkins
2.) Well Dunn defeated Brian Logan & Anthony Michaels
3.) Kendo The Samurai defeated Chris Hamrick to win the vacant SMW Beat The Champ TV Championship
4.) SMW Tag Team Champions Brian Lee & Chris Candido defeated Mike Furnas & Bobby Blaze

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Tammy Fytch had a press conference regarding some controversies going on. Fytch says that the boss of the team of Brian Lee and Chris Candido. Fytch declares that she is the boss of the tag team champions. She continues saying that there are not any conflicts between Lee and Candido. She admits they may argue but that’s just because they want to do the best they can for her. She thinks the piledriver match is ridiculous and says that Bob Armstrong wants them to lose the tag titles. Candido used the move to save his life against Ricky Morton. She says they will piledriver the Rock N’ Roll Express and anyone else that gets in their way.

2.) Jim Cornette, Bruiser Bedlam and Dory Funk Jr. had an interview after Bedlam’s match with Randy Savage at the Volunteer Slam. Cornette says that he will become the commissioner again and suggests that Bob Armstrong just give it up. Jim says that bad things are going to happen to him and his family until he gives up the job. Bedlam chimes in and says that Tracy Smothers is a punk. Dory Funk Jr. says that if the fans like the Armstrong Family that they should tell them to stay away from Dory and Terry. Dory says he is just like his brother Terry.

3.) Bob Armstrong says he knows what Jim Cornette is doing but he isn’t going to do it. Bob says he just has to ask for his army to have his back and they are there for him.

4.) Tracy Smothers is interviewed regarding Bruiser Bedlam. Smothers is still pissed about the brass knuckles being used on him. Smothers knows he can beat Bedlam in a coal miners match because that is his match.

5.) Dirty White Boy cut an interview regarding Jake Roberts putting his hands on Dirty White Girl at Volunteer Slam. White Boy is upset that Roberts hit a DDT on Dirty White Girl. He says that Roberts can beat on him all day long but he messed with his old lady and that changes things. White Boy says he can’t forgive himself not until… well, he doesn’t finish that statement.

6.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Jake Roberts is interviewed regarding Dirty White Boy. Roberts says he isn’t going to take pictures with the Rock N’ Roll Express. Roberts says he was brought into this world by a woman and a man. He says there were mistakes made at the beginning of his life. Roberts learned how to cheat, steal and lie from his father, apparently. Roberts says it isn’t his fault he was taught that as a child.

7.) No surprise with Kendo The Samurai winning the SMW Beat The Champ TV Championship since he appears to be getting a push and Chris Hamrick is a jobber in SMW.

8.) Chris Candido and Brian Lee deliver a piledriver on Bobby Blaze and attempt a spike piledriver on Mike Furnas but the Rock N’ Roll Express run down and make the save attacking the champions.

Final Thoughts:
A complete filler of television for SMW this week as they mainly focused on Volunteer Slam and the same feuds got hyped. I’m not liking that Brian Lee and Chris Candido are probably going to split soon, but that probably has to do with Brian Lee working for the WWF at SummerSlam. Roberts/White Boy using the DDT on a woman just reminds me of Roberts/Savage from three years prior.

Thanks for reading.

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