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SMW TV 6/25/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Loudon, TN

1.) Scott & Steve Armstrong defeated Larry Santo & James Atkins
2.) SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Tracy Smothers defeated Chris Hamrick
3.) Dirty White Boy defeated Joe Cazana by disqualification
4.) Timothy Well defeated Lance Storm by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Well Dunn come out and talk about their penalty box match against the Thrillseekers. They will have an automatic disqualification match which is basically just a regular match.

2.) Scott and Steve Armstrong are interviewed following their victory. They have been out of the title picture and they want Brian Lee and Chris Candido. Scott says that at Summer Blast they will go to battle with two guys they idolized growing up in Terry Funk and Dory Funk Jr. They have a title shot on the Summer Blast tour, apparently. They hyped their July 3rd match in Georgia.

3.) Tammy Fytch and the SMW Tag Team Champions Brian Lee and Chris Candido are interviewed. Fytch is getting fed up with the Rock N’ Roll Express for dumping manure on her and now they bring in Bambi. Tammy is disgusted by Bambi and says she is worst than Dirty White Girl. Fytch isn’t going to wrestle because she isn’t a wrestler.

4.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Jake Roberts is interviewed regarding Dirty White Boy and his recent mind games by having his own Kendo The Samurai. Roberts suggests that White Boy’s wife though of that. Jake says that White Boy can take his finger but he’ll take his arm. Poke him in the stomach but he will rip out your heart. Roberts isn’t worried about a cage match for Summer Blast. He reminds us that his father taught him how to steal, lie and cheat. Roberts suggests White Boy asks his wife how that DDT ride was for her.

5.) Jake Roberts comes into the ring and attacks Dirty White Boy from behind. Roberts stomps away on White Boy and chokes the challenger. Roberts plants Kendo The Samurai with a DDT. Another Kendo comes out and chops Roberts several times. Roberts hit the wrong Kendo with a DDT. Roberts looks stunned and confused that he would mess that up.

6.) Jim Cornette, Killer Kyle and Bruiser Bedlam are interviewed. Cornette puts over his enforcer Killer Kyle for being the guy who will do the dirty work. Bedlam is the most dangerous man in the group while the Funk Brothers have opened a branch in Texas. Cornette says that Bob Armstrong is a coward and he wants all of the Armstrong Family members out of SMW. He also hypes the Tracy Smothers match with Bedlam saying the only way to win is to have the opponent pushed out on a stretcher.

7.) Bambi is interviewed by Les Thatcher in the ring. Bambi says she has been a friend to Ricky and Robert for a long time. Brian Lee, Chris Candido and Tammy Fytch enter the ring to confront Bambi. Fytch says she has ran every woman out of SMW and she will do the same to Bambi. Brian Lee has Bambi but here comes the Rock N’ Roll Express for the save. Fytch is in the ring and sent into the ropes by Bambi but she is pulled out to the floor by her men. Morton says that Tammy has stuck her nose into their business too many times and this time Fytch will be in the ring with the Express one more time.

8.) Well, Timothy Well spits at Lance Storm and Storm responds with a closed fist punch and that causes the disqualification. Yeah, that’s rather lame.

Final Thoughts:
A fine go-home show before the series of Summer Blast events. I’m interested in most of what is going on aside from the Thrillseekers/Well Dunn feud. I think the Roberts/White Boy stuff has improved and it feels rather personal when they keep it around Roberts and his attack on Dirty White Girl. However, I think from the beginning the feud between the Express and the team of Candido and Lee has been my favorite thing and I’m looking forward to that eventual blowoff.

Thanks for reading.

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