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SMW TV 6/18/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Loudon, TN

1.) Chris Jericho & Lance Storm defeated Chris Hamrick & Larry Santo
2.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Jake Roberts defeated James Atkins
3.) Tracy Smothers defeated SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Kendo The Samurai to win the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Well Dunn confront Jericho and Storm following their victory as they were about to be interviewed. Storm says they are all fed up with Well Dunn complaining. Jericho has an idea to settle their issues. Jericho notes that his father played hockey for ten years. If you break the rules, you are put in the penalty box. Jericho suggests a penalty box match where if you break the rules then you are put in a penalty box for two minutes. These matches will take place during Summer Blast in July.

2.) Rock N’ Roll Express are interviewed with a box apparently a gift for Tammy Fytch. Morton says he will leave the box out here since Tammy probably doesn’t want to come out here with the Express out here.

3.) After a video recapping what happened last week, Tammy Fytch and the SMW Tag Team Champions Brian Lee and Chris Candido come out to see what is in the box. Fytch says that the Express must have come to their senses. Fytch is excited about what could be in the box. Tammy goes to take the bow off but Bambi bursts through and attacks Tammy briefly before they run off. Rock N’ Roll Express come out and they put over Bambi as one of the best wrestlers in the world for females. Morton says they are going to have a six person tag match with Bambi on their side and Tammy Fytch wrestling.

4.) Dirty White Boy is sitting outside up against a tree where he says he has been doing a lot of thinking about all of his problems that revolve around Jake Roberts. He says he has never begged anyone but Roberts has made him beg. White Boy begged Roberts to hit him with the DDT but instead Roberts hit Dirty White Girl with the DDT. White Boy encountered a snake while outside and says that a snake will either bite you or slither away. He knows that Roberts likes to play mind games and White Boy wants to play mind games. White Boy says he eased up behind the snake and grabbed the snake by the back of its head. The snake was at his mercy. White Boy is going to have to start acting like a snake. “You wanna play games? We’ll play games.”

5.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Jake Roberts comes out for an interview. Roberts is bald now since losing a hair vs. hair match in Mexico against Konnan. Roberts says that if this was a battle of wits he would be fighting an unarmed man. Roberts says when you run with the devil you get to feel good when you want to feel good. Roberts shows off his bald head and says now it proves what he will do to play mind games with White Boy. Roberts says he already did his wife and now what will he do to White Boy.

6.) Kendo The Samurai comes out to give Jake Roberts something but Dirty White Boy comes out and puts his arm around Samurai. Roberts is confused as he leaves the ring. It appears that White Boy and Samurai are in an alliance now. It’s likely a different Samurai, but still.

7.) Backstage, Roberts finds Kendo The Samurai being tied up in a cage and Roberts breaks Kendo free. They return to the ring and all four men begin to brawl. White Boy and his Samurai prevail in that exchange.

8.) Dirty White Boy is interviewed with his Kendo The Samurai. White Boy tells Roberts that the games have begun. White Boy takes off his eye patch saying that he is 100% now. He will be wrestling Jake Roberts at Summer Blast inside a steel cage. White Boy says that Roberts can’t runaway from him in the cage. He owes Roberts something and he plans on collecting.

9.) Bob Armstrong, Steve Armstrong and Scott Armstrong are interviewed. Bob knows that Jim Cornette is behind this for the Funk Brothers to be entered into their issues. Bob didn’t have to pay a penny for his sons to come in and have his back. Scott Armstrong talks about Dory Funk Jr. being the best wrestler but he is also a mat wrestler. They try to make Steve out to be crazy like Terry Funk. They want the Funk Brothers to bring Jim Cornette to Summer Blast so they can beat his butt.

10.) Jim Cornette and Bruiser Bedlam are interviewed regarding the Armstrong Family. Cornette says that everyone knows that Bob Armstrong is a crooked commissioner. Bedlam will be wrestling Tracy Smothers in a dock fight match. So, the match is basically an anything goes match just called a dock fight match. Cornette says that they have decided to form a union called FIGHT. They have the biggest, baddest roughest and toughest guy going and Killer Kyle is the enforcer in the group. Kyle has a different look as he has a bandana and jeans now.

11.) The original Kendo The Samurai wasn’t pinned in the main event but rather the other Kendo came down and Smothers got an inside cradle on him and won the match to win the title. It was a three minute segment.

Final Thoughts:
Basically every match for Summer Blast was touched upon here and it made for a very good episode as it flew by. A new stable of guys called FIGHT for Cornette to combat Bob Armstrong should be intriguing, I guess. They’ve done a good job hyping up the Summer Blast feuds as I’m interested in the Express/Lee/Candido feud and even Roberts/White Boy at this point, too.

Thanks for reading.

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