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WCW Saturday Night 7/3/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Lake Charles, LA

1.) Rick Rude defeated Rex Cooper
2.) WCW World Champion Vader & Sid Vicious defeated Larry Santo & Todd Zane
3.) Ric Flair, Arn Anderson & Paul Roma defeated NWA World Champion Barry Windham, WCW World Tag Team Champion Brian Pillman & WCW World Tag Team Champion Steve Austin by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Rick Rude is interviewed following his victory. Rude believes that Beach Blast will see Dustin Rhodes caught in his fire to be the WCW United States Champion again. Rude says that Dustin is booked in coach and that Dustin will not be the champion.

2.) Catherine White is in Cleveland, Ohio in an attempt to help Cactus Jack remember who he is. She says that Cactus Jack’s wife wanted to come but she is pregnant and they settled for Dustin Rhodes to remind Cactus who he is. They come up to Cactus speaking to a group of homeless people about a storm he dealt with as a captain on a ship. He sees Catherine and asks who her friend is. Dustin Rhodes comes over and Cactus thinks that Dustin is a country singer. Cactus remembers seeing the face of Dustin on an album. In a humorous moment, Dustin agrees to sing for the people until Catherine reminds them their intentions. Cactus Jack’s new wife confronts Catherine. Dustin appears to make Cactus remember bang, bang but then the group of homeless people help Cactus escape the situation, apparently.

3.) Flair For The Gold this week has Maxx Payne as the special guest. Flair is getting his shot at NWA World Champion Barry Windham at Beach Blast. He then brings out Maxx Payne for an interview. Flair says that Payne has to be one of the strangest characters he has ever seen in wrestling. Flair notes that Johnny B. Badd was recently on his program and that Payne stole the Badd Blaster. Payne says that the Badd Blaster can’t be comparable to his guitar. Payne finishes the segment by playing the guitar.

4.) Windham and Flair kick off the main event with Windham backing Flair into a corner but cleanly backs away. Windham shoulder blocks Flair but doesn’t followup on the offense. Windham and Flair trade chops and right hands with Flair winning the exchange. Flair backdrops Windham out of the corner and taunts the tag champs. Windham cheap shots Flair with an eye rake and brings Flair to his corner where Pillman enters to chop Flair a few times. Flair turns it around and chops Pillman but nether man has the advantage for a long period of time. Austin tags in as does Anderson with Austin working over Anderson after a knee lift to the midsection. Austin strikes Anderson several times in the corner with right hands but runs into a back elbow shot. Flair enters the ring and taunts Austin. Anderson keeps control until Austin hits an atomic drop and they collide heads as Anderson stumbled out of the corner.

Austin stops Anderson on the top rope and attempts a superplex but Anderson holds onto the top rope to slam Austin to the canvas face first. Anderson rams Austin head first into the corner Windham tags in as does Roma with Roma controlling Windham with a side headlock. Windham tries to get out with a back suplex but Roma keeps the hold on. Roma tags Flair back into the ring and Flair chops Windham in the corner a few times. Windham fights back with right hands in the corner and sends Flair flipping over the top to the floor from the corner. Flair and Windham trade strikes on the floor with Windham dropping Flair. Barry sends Flair head first into the guard railing and Anderson checks on his friend as the show goes to commercial.

Barry brings Flair into the ring with a vertical suplex but only manages a near fall on the pin attempt. Windham puts Flair on the top turnbuckle hitting a superplex and keeps control of Flair in the corner with the tag champs. Roma is in the match decking Austin but is taken out by the referee back to the apron. Austin scoop slams Flair for a two count. Flair tries to fight out of the corner but can’t battle out. Windham plants Flair with a power slam and tags in Austin who gets a near fall on the pin attempt. Flair avoids an elbow drop by Austin and Anderson gets the hot tag. Anderson spikes Austin with a spine buster but Windham breaks up the pin. All six men are brawling in the ring until Austin clotheslines Anderson from behind to give the heels the advantage. Pillman drives Anderson face first onto the canvas. Windham hits a DDT on Anderson only getting a two count on the pin attempt.

Anderson avoids a leaping Austin apish against the ropes and tries to make the tag. Roma gets the tag but the referee claims he didn’t see the tag. Anderson is triple teamed in the corner but Flair comes over and chops Pillman. Anderson has a pin in the ring but the referee can’t make the count. Pillman comes off the middle rope but Anderson gets his boot up to stop Pillman. Windham enters to prevent Anderson from tagging in Roma with a right hand. Windham atomic drops Anderson followed by a knee drop. Anderson tries to fight out of the corner and stops Windham with a knee lift. Windham takes Anderson over with a snap suplex but Arn kicks out at two. Arn stops Windham with a jaw breaker and a swinging neck breaker. Flair comes off the top and strikes Windham focusing with strikes in the corner. Flair decks Austin and Pillman before taking Windham down with a back suplex. Flair goes for the figure four but everyone gets in the ring and Windham tosses the referee to the floor to cause the disqualification. (**1/4. A decent match and I thought it was interesting that Roma didn’t do much of anything in the match. Flair and Windham had the most heat with the crowd and I was most interested in what they were doing than anyone else in the match.)

Final Thoughts:
It’s an average episode this week as it featured a lot of the top talent and gave some hype to those guys heading into their Beach Blast matches. The Flair/Windham interaction was the best part of the show. Aside from that, there wasn’t much going on here.

Thanks for reading.

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