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WCW Saturday Night 7/10/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) Sting & Davey Boy Smith defeated Rip Rogers & Gary Nations
2.) Lord Steven Regal defeated Johnny Gunn
3.) Maxx Payne defeated Scott McKeever
4.) 2 Cold Scorpio & Marcus Alexander Bagwell defeated TJ Maverick & Todd Zane
5.) Paul Roma defeated WCW World Tag Team Champion Steve Austin

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) WCW World Tag Team Champions Brian Pillman and Steve Austin are interviewed. Pillman says that Paul Roma had a cute move at the Clash of the Champions when they were attacked by him. Pillman says that Roma is the next star in their production. Austin chimes in and says there is no time for humor at this point. Austin calls Roma a coward and is going to show him what it is like to be in the ring with greatness.

2.) We go to the streets of Cleveland to find Cactus Jack. Catherine White is back for the reporting of the story. White has Cactus Jack’s wife and child with her, it appears. A homeless guy has now turned into a working citizen and says that White has gotten smarter. He knows where Cactus is and will lead White to where he is. They find Jack who fixed a bike for a young girl. Cactus knew that White would come back and find them. His wife comes over and is emotional trying to remind Cactus of his family. Cactus doesn’t know who they are and says that he is home. Catherine White plays the emotional role to end the segment.

3.) Lord Steven Regal cuts a promo following his match in the ring. Regal is focusing his words on the British Bulldog suggesting that Bulldog take notice of the best scientific wrestler.

4.) Teddy Long talks about the fire inside of him starting again and says that he is in the gym looking for someone to manage.

5.) Dusty Rhodes is interviewed regarding the Super Assassin claiming they have unfinished business. Dusty says that he is retired and tells Assassin to not drag his family into their issues. Rhodes warns Assassin that he doesn’t want a piece of him, that’s for sure.

6.) Austin pokes Roma in the eyes and gets control working over Roma in the corner with several blows. Austin sends Roma hard back first into the corner and hits a back suplex. Austin puts Roma on the top turnbuckle but gets knocked off the middle rope. Roma takes Austin out with a missile dropkick. Roma backdrops Austin and taunts the champ as he rolls to the floor. Roma follows and sends Austin into the apron. Austin stops Roma and goes for a piledriver but Roma counters with a backdrop. Roma rams Austin back first into the apron. Roma hits a top rope axe handle back in the ring for a two count. Austin drags Roma to the floor and attempts a suplex but Roma lands on top. Austin sends Roma chest first into the guard railing before returning to the ring. Austin sends Roma head first into the railing. Austin leaps off the apron to axe handle Roma followed by a right hand. Austin scoop slams Roma in the ring and leaps off the middle rope but misses a fist drop. Roma gets up and pins Austin with an inside cradle. After the match, Brian Pillman runs into the ring and attacks Roma but Arn Anderson makes the save chasing the heels from the ring. (*. Well, that was uninteresting and felt like a squash match until Roma got the surprise win. I’m not a fan of Roma in this role, at all.)

Final Thoughts:
Meh. There isn’t anything on the show as that all that interesting or entertaining. The creative for WCW seems to have taken several steps backwards compared to their stuff in ’92.

Thanks for reading.

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