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ECW Hardcore TV 10/10/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Philadelphia, PA

1.) Taz defeated Jason Knight
2.) Cactus Jack defeated El Puerto Ricano

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Steve Austin tells a story about calling Eric Bischoff to be fired over the phone. Austin talks about Dusty Rhodes not wanting to push him against Sting and Savage. He had this great idea with Hulk Hogan and they would take it all the way, but that wasn’t for him. He wanted to recreate the Hollywood Blonds but they needed him in a singles role. He as promised a US title reign and number one contender and world title shot but that never happened. He says that the politics in WCW kept the biggest superstar down on the ground. He was being used to get guys like Marcus Bagwell and Alex Wright over. He let himself become garbage because WCW treated him as such. He became complacent with the paycheck. He gets injured in Japan and gets fired. Then all the major companies come calling and he chooses ECW. He calls the ECW Arena the most disgusting place he has ever seen. He calls everyone misfits who think they can actually wrestle and he has just seen a bunch of violent crap. Steve Austin is here to wrestle because that’s what he does best. There aren’t any Hogan’s, Flair’s or Dusty Rhodes in ECW. There isn’t anyone that can hold back Austin now. He tossed stunning out the window because it was never meant to be. ECW is going to find out first hand what Austin is capable of doing. “I’m going to be the superstar that I always knew that I could be, because there is no one in ECW that can stop me.”

2.) ECW World Champion the Sandman and Woman are interviewed. Woman suggests that Steve Austin can join them and enjoy the benefits or stray away and deal with the consequences. Sandman says that Austin isn’t going to revive his career at his expense.

3.) Taz says that Jason is going to get choked out. 2 Cold Scorpio is next because he took him out with injury. Scorpio embarrassed him and Taz tells a story about not walking up to Lou Thez. He is going to choke out Jason just as he will to Scorpio.

4.) Steiner Brothers share some thoughts on the Eliminators. They are here because they can get wild and crazy here. Scott thinks their name is stupid and they are going to take them out. Rick Steiner is going to crazy their cranium with something. Come to the ECW Arena, Eliminators.

5.) Taz ducks a clothesline and locks in the Taz Mission to win the match in thirty-seconds. Taz says he is going to choke out anyone that gets in his way and he is going to choke out Scorpio when he gets his hands on him.

6.) Jason claims that it was an illegal choke and he is not a loser. He claims he was involved in a terrible car accident which hurt his back and neck. Then he was jumped by thugs waiting for Triple A. El Puerto Ricano comes out and is confronted by Jason who sees him as being disrespectful for cutting off his interview. Eventually, Ricano dropkicks Jason several times knocking him to the floor. Ricano hits a springboard cross body to the floor to take Jason out.

7.) Cactus offers Ricano the opportunity to lose by forfeit but that’s not going to happen as Ricano instead takes Cactus out with a springboard moonsault to the floor. Cactus was going to go for the middle rope elbow to the floor but decides against it. Cactus actually wrestles the entire match winning with a rollup and not hitting any of his trademark moves. After the match, Raven and Cactus deliver a spike piledriver on Ricano. Raven works over Ricano on the floor wen Tommy Dreamer enters the ring and attacks Cactus. Raven comes back in but Dreamer fights back hitting a DDT on Raven and another one for Cactus! Dreamer comes off the apron to elbow drop Cactus on the floor. Tommy tries to do it again with a chair but Raven cuts him off sending Tommy into the guard railing. Raven wants to use a chair on Dreamer and whacks Tommy over the back despite Cactus not wanting him to. Cactus doesn’t want to use the chair but Raven tells him to and Cactus delivers a double arm DDT onto the chair and leaves. Raven plants Dreamer with a DDT onto the chair, as well. Cactus Jack comes back in with a roll of barbed wire and elbow drops Dreamer! Raven has gotten a table and sets it up. Cactus has the barbed wire around his elbow and comes off the middle rope to elbow drop Dreamer through the table. The Pitbulls finally come out to make the save, but they are way too late on that.

8.) ECW Television Champion 2 Cold Scorpio is laughing that Tommy Dreamer got hurt and he likes to see people get hurt. Scorpio is so obsessed with being champion and doesn’t care about anyone else.

9.) Raven and Cactus Jack cut a promo about Dreamer getting hurt due to his selfish ways. Raven says that Cactus needs Dreamer for a higher purpose and he’s not there. Raven says he is friends with Jack and it should be Tommy. Cactus says a show of force was necessary to give Dreamer a message. He doesn’t think the fans understand what he is going through. Sometimes he watches TBS just to watch their good wholesome programming. Cactus asks how long did Dreamer think TBS was going to wait for him. Cactus talks about various guys become anything they want to be. He notes other guys in ECW who have changed or don’t even have a job anymore (Rotten Brothers). Cactus is worried about Mikey Whipwreck and the fans encouraging his demise. Cactus says that WCW can’t allow Dreamer to be a woman beater and Cactus is trying to save Dreamer’s life because he loves him. Cactus can’t go back to WCW and it’s all over for him. He deserves to be in hell that is ECW. He doesn’t think he is going to fight Dreamer on October 28th. He wants Dreamer to grant him his serenity.

10.) Tommy Dreamer is in the ring all taped up and he has someone on the phone that is going to watch his back and be in his corner. Dreamer reveals that Terry Funk will be in his corner to combat Cactus Jack. The fans erupt for that to end the program.

Final Thoughts:
A strong episode this week with the Austin promo and the reveal that Terry Funk is coming back to help Dreamer in his feud. Scorpio is an enjoyable self absorbed champion, too.

Thanks for reading.

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