ECW Hardcore TV 10/3/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Philadelphia, PA

1.) Mikey Whipwreck & Public Enemy defeated ECW World Champion The Sandman, ECW Television Champion 2 Cold Scorpio & New Jack in a steel cage match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Beulah says she will read all letters written to her in what she calls “Beulah’s Box” She also says she that her box is always open. Classy.

2.) Hard to tell who the babyfaces and heels are in this. The fans kind of like everyone until New Jack lays into the PE with one of the more profanity loaded promos ever to be unleashed on any wrestling show. The only guy I like in this match is Mikey. Sandman gets thrown into the cage and lands with his cigarette still in his mouth. Rocco steals it, takes a drag and throws it into the crowd. Asai moonsault press into a Russian legsweep from Rocco. Cool. They spill out of the cage. Most of the guys are now busted open. The cameras try to follow Grunge-New Jack out in the fans while Sandman-Mikey brawl on the top of the cage and Rocco-Scorpio run a few basic sequences on the mat. Mikey hits a rana on Sandman for 2. Sandman suplexes a table on Mikey. Sandman throws a table off the top of the cage onto Rocco. Scorpio follows in with a superkick. Some plunder shots follow. PE stack tables in the corner of the ring until they’re level with the top of the cage. Rocco and Scorpio fight over the tables. They throw each other off through the tables (another 3 makes 11 busted tables for the night). Sandman suplexes a table onto Rocco to prevent a 3 count. Scorpio and New Jack are thrown out of the cage leaving Sandman on his own. Double vertical suplex with a Mikey crossbody gets 2. Sandman-Mikey fight on the top and Mikey hits a rana from the top for 2. Mikey goes back up and hits a top cage splash for the win at 15.06. *1/2. Scrappy match with lots of blown spots. No wrestling at all to boot. I’ve seen worse I suppose but that wasn’t the best of garbage matches. At least there were a few entertaining spots – like the triple table spot but that probably should have been the finish. (Credit: Arnold Furious, Gangstas Paradise ’95 Review)

3.) Tommy Dreamer tells Lance Wright to shut up before his promo. He says they keep on pushing him when he his normal. He had his revenge on 2 Cold Scorpio but it was taken away by Cactus Jack and Raven. Dreamer wants Raven and Cactus Jack’s life.

4.) We see footage of Steve Austin showing up to the September 23rd show in Middletown, NY before the ECW World Championship match. Austin calls the place a complete shit hole and is horrified to be in the area. He says that WCW would never book a wrestling match here. Austin appreciate that Sandman kicked someones ass to win a title instead of licking one. Austin says that Sandman’s name isn’t Hogan and can whip his ass. Sandman challenges Austin to a match at any point. Austin wishes Sandman luck against Whipwreck. Austin isn’t going to shake Mikey’s hand because he doesn’t deserve to be in the same ring as him.

5.) Cactus Jack apologizes for his behavior a few weeks ago because he gets a little emotional when it comes to professional wrestling. Cactus explains his background and seeing a special on 20/20 which challenged wrestling and put it down. His friends laughed at him for wanting to be a wrestler. He has left body parts laying all over the world. Cactus says that professional wrestling will never be respected no matter how much he loses. Cactus says that the ECW fans will be the death of Tommy Dreamer. He knows that the fans rule ECW and not the wrestlers. Cactus is mad at the fans for chanting “you fucked up” when JT Smith smashed he skull on the floor. Cactus endorsed Tommy Dreamer for being hardcore and deserves to die a horrible death for doing that. Cactus wants Dreamer to think it over to joint Turner. If Dreamer says no then Dreamer is okaying the internal damnation that he would suffer. Cactus wants Dreamer to call Uncle Eric and say he is in so that he can save his life.

Final Thoughts:
I’m looking forward to the segments involving a pissed off Steve Austin. ECW is the perfect home for him. Cactus is doing a great job with the promos on Tommy Dreamer making their feud seem very personal. ECW continues to hold my interest.

Thanks for reading.

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