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ECW Hardcore TV 10/11/1994

Written by: Heelsinc

TV 1994-10-11 (Matches taped 1994-09-30 at Fieldhouse in Hamburg, Pa)

World: “The Franchise” Shane Douglas
TV: Jason
Tag: Cactus Jack & Mikey Whipwreck

We see some clips from the 10-01-1994 Arena taping. Paul E Dangerously tells us not to miss November to Remember.

Opening video.

Joey Styles welcomes us to the show tonight.

Public Enemy vs. Dino Sendoff & Don E Allen
PE attack with baseball bats. PE hits a suplex top rope cross body combo. Johnny Grunge with the reverse DDT and “Flyboy” Rocco Roc comes off the top with the drive by for the win in 2.21. We go to pre recorded comments from PE walking on the streets. Roc talks about how the street used to be there life until one year ago when they became wrestlers and rose to the top quick. They don’t want to be back on the streets so they are going to bring the street to Tag Team Champions Cactus Jack and Mikey Whipwreck and win the titles back.

Joey says tonight we will get comments from Tommy Dreamer. Call in to ECW and leave a message for the Sandman they will air next week!

Borne Again (w/ Mr. Hughes) vs. 2 Cold Scorpio ref John “Pee Wee” Moore
Pre recorded comments and Scorpio trash talks both Borne and World Champion “The Franchise” Shane Douglas. Borne wrestles in the Doink costume with half his face painted and no wig. He plays it pretty crazy doing the Doink laugh and such. I like this. Nice back and forth for the first five minutes. Scorpio uses his quickness to control the arm of Borne. Borne bites the nose of Scorpio. Scorpio goes up top and gets 2 off a cross body. Scorpio goes back to the arm. We go to commercial and when we come back Scorpio planchas out of the ring onto Hughes. Borne and Hughes double team Scorpio but a miscommunication keeps Scorpio in control. Scorpio with an atomic drop but then he misses a corner charge. Borne gets a chair and then throws the ref out of the ring. Borne nails Scorpio with a the chair and then hits the whoopee cushion. Scorpio win the match by DQ. Borne puts the Doink wig on Scorpio. Borne asks Scorpio what it feels like to live in his hell. Hughes stomps on Scorpio as more referees come to the ring to stop it. Borne keeps telling Scorpio that he’s a clown. 9.21 was shown. We go to commercial and when we come back Scorpio is beating up Rockin’ Rebel who Joey tells us came to the ring to mock Scorpio.

Borne Again is backstage and he talks about staying close to your enemies so that you will always know what they are doing. Borne goes off about how there are so many Doinks and about how he feels so good.

TV Champion Jason vs. Tag Team Champion Mikey Whipwreck
Mikey tries to regain the TV Title here tonight! The match gets going and we go to commercial. We come back and Jason is in control. Jason with a piledriver but he doesn’t go for the cover. Jason goes to the top but Mikey stops him. Mikey this time off the top with a clothesline and the ref gets knocked down by Jason. Mikey covers but there’s no ref. Public Enemy hit the ring and attack Mikey and throw Jason on top. Johnny Grunge drags the ref over and he makes the count. PE continue the attack after the match until Cactus Jack makes the save. 6.29 of the match was shown.

Joey tells us next week Sabu and Cactus Jack will go one on one in the main event. We go to Tommy Dreamer and he is watching what he did to Sandman in slow motion in his living room. Dreamer is very upset and looks like he is going to cry. He says he sees what happened every time he closes his eyes. Dreamer is an emotional wreck and tells Sandman that he didn’t mean to blind him. Dreamer says he wanted to give the fans a hardcore match and if him not wanting to take out someones eye makes him not hardcore well then he’s not hardcore. Dreamer tells Sandman he is trying to get a benefit show going and that from now on every time he wrestles he does it for the Sandman. Dreamer then cries like a pussy.

My thoughts on the show
I liked the Borne Again Scorpio match. Borne was a great talent that played crazy awesomely. The Dreamer crying stuff was decent but over the top.

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