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ECW Hardcore TV 10/18/1994

Written by: Heelsinc

TV 1994-10-18 (Matches taped 1994-09-30 at Fieldhouse in Hamburg, Pa)

World: “The Franchise” Shane Douglas
TV: Jason
Tag: Cactus Jack & Mikey Whipwreck

Sandman video package airs in black and white with some sad music opens the show.

We go to Joey Styles but there is no audio AGAIN.

Opening video.

Back to Joey still no audio. Sabu and Cactus Jack has been signed for the November to Remember tour in Hamburg, Pa on the 4th. We will also see 6 man tag action as Ron Simmons, 2 Cold Scorpio and Chris Benoit will take on World Champion “The Franchise” Shane Douglas, Mr. Hughes and Borne again. Then at the ECW Arena the very next night Sabu takes on Chris Benoit, Tazmaniac against Dean Malenko, Tag Team Champions Mikey Whipwreck and Cactus Jack in a Brawl Games Match with former champions Public Enemy, 2 Cold will square off with Borne Again and Sandman will address the fans and give a farewell speech.

Public Enemy vs. Tony Stetson & Rockin’ Rebel ref Jim Molineaux
PE beat on their opponents with bats and then hit the reverse DDT and moonsault for the win in 2.03. PE sending a message to the Pitbulls who they face on the 4th and the current ECW Tag Team Champions Mikey and Cactus whom they try to dethrone on the 5th.

Woman joins Joey on the phone. Woman says the show must go on and she will go out and get a new wrestler to manage. She is not going to sit around because some wrestler couldn’t take care of himself. On the 5th Woman will announce her newest charge.

We go to last week and see the end of Borne Again 2 Cold Scorpio. 2 Cold is backstage and he still has the Doink wig. Scorpio says something isn’t right with Borne and every time he looks at the wig or thinks about what happened he gets a knot in his stomach. Scorpio says there’s no reason to be a clown in ECW. Borne should step up and face him like a man.

Joey talks about how Sandman has lost a lot but he has never lost the respect of the wrestlers in the ECW locker room. “Ironman” Tommy Cairo joins via satellite from his home. Cairo says it was difficult to watch from TV. Cairo says it was so difficult to watch on TV because he would have much rather have been there to see it and watch it live. He wishes he was the one that did it himself. No one cared about Cairo being out for the past month and he says that Sandman is a scum bag and always will be one. Well I’m glad someone calls it like it is. The guy beat and pimped out his wife and he gets hurt and everyone loves him now?

Chris Benoit vs. Ray Odyssey ref John Finnegan
This could be decent. Some fast action to start and Benoit bails after taking a drop kick. Ray with a plancha. Back in the ring Benoit with a suplex and some chops. Benoit with a stiff clothesline followed by a back elbow for 2. Benoit with a slam and then a sharpshooter. German and northern lights each get a 2 count. Benoit goes for a belly to back but Ray rolls over and lands on top for a 2 count. We cut away as Dreamer shows up backstage and says he wants Cairo back on. Benoit hangs Ray out to dry on the top rope. Slam by Benoit and he heads up top. Diving head butt gets the 1, 2, 3 for Benoit. 5.53 was shown. Not sure if they cut stuff out when they went to Dreamer backstage.

Cairo is back and he makes fun of Sandman more and says he has been enjoying sitting in his garden eating peaches. Dreamer is bent out of shape.

World Champion “The Franchise” Shane Douglas talks about who he has challenged Ric Flair to a shoot but Flair has said no because he is afraid of getting his old ass kicked by Shane. Douglas says the future of wrestling is ECW.

Sabu (w/ Paul E Dangerously) vs. Tag Team Champion Cactus Jack ref John Finnegan
Cactus hits the ring and attacks. Joey told us before the match that Sabu broke 3 ribs during it. Jack puts Sabu on the middle rope and then goes to the floor. Jack swings a chair but Sabu moves and it hits the ropes and nails Jack. Sabu goes for a springboard moonsault and totally over shoots and lands on the guard rail and probably breaks 3 ribs. We take a commercial break and when we get back 911 has hit the ring and attacked Jack. I assume this is to stall and see if Sabu can continue. Jack throws Sabu down on a chair. Jack goes for a suplex but Sabu reverses. Jack is bleeding likely from his fight with 911. Sabu can barely get up and Jack suplexs a table onto Sabu’s back. Oh god that had to have been so painful. Sabu gets a chair and gets back in the ring and nails Jack. Air sabu, with broken ribs. Sabu misses the arabian face buster 3 times in a row and then fakes a third. Jack rolls out of the way and then rolls back expecting Sabu to be on the ground but instead gets hit in the face with the face buster. Jack comes right back and throws Sabu to the floor where he suplexes him on a table. This all seems so mean. They fight into the crowd. Cactus with a piledriver on a stage. Sabu dives off the stage onto Jack. Back towards the ring Jack goes after Paul E so 911 spikes him into the guard rail. Sabu with a springboard moonsault that puts Jack through a table. Cactus gets a bottle but Sabu fights him off. Split legged moonsault for 2.8. Air sabu but Cactus catches him but then can’t hold him up. Sabu lands on top and gets 2. Sabu nails Cactus in the head 7 times with the bottle before it breaks. You can hear the ping of the glasses on the head of Cactus. My god. Sabu drops on the top rope and comes off with a moonsault for 3. 13.31 is shown.

My thoughts on the show
Loved it! It’s ECW’s WrestleMania season as we being the build to November to Remember! Truthfully the build had already started maybe two weeks ago but matches have been made official this week. Top to bottom a very good show. All the promos were on point and gave good hype to N2R. The PE match gave a big push on the hardcore tag matches coming up at N2R and the other were good. Sabu did so much if his ribs were legit broken which I can’t see how they weren’t. Cactus getting hit with a bottle 7 times! Great. The one thing I don’t like is that Tommy Cairo is now the bad guy for being glad the wife beating pimp was hurt.

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