ECW Hardcore TV 10/4/1994

Written by: Heelsinc

TV 1994-10-04 (Matches taped 1994-10-01 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pa)

World: “The Franchise” Shane Douglas
TV: Jason
Tag: Cactus Jack & Mikey Whipwreck

Joey Styles is on location at a hospital as he tells us one superstar has taken it to the extreme.

Opening video.

Back to Joey and he tells us more details about the injured wrestler will be given later in the show.

TV Champion Jason (w/ Dean Malenko) vs. Hack Meyers ref John Finnegan
Dean leaves the ring so we might actually get a real match. We go to pre recorded comments from Jason but Tod Gordon shows up and says that if Dean interferes in the match he will be barred from ringside going forward. Hack beats on Jason. Jason goes low but Hack shakes it off and they go to the floor. Hack sends Jason into the guard rail. Back in the ring Hack beats on Jason and the ref backs him away. Jason grabs onto the ref and Malenko takes his towel and wraps it around the neck of Hack and snaps him to the mat. Jason covers and gets the 3 count in 3.41.

Last week on TV Malenko and Tazmaniac had a showdown. Taz was able to break out of a Malenko arm back. The two men had to be pulled apart by a bunch of guys from the locker room.

Dean Malenko (w/ TV Champion Jason) vs. Dino Sendoff & Don E Allen ref Jim Molineaux
Double undertook sit out power bomb on Allen right the bat. Allen gets nailed with a awesome looking samoan drop. Malenko covers and gets the victory in .29. Malenko goes after Sendoff and hits a reverse DDT. Jason is on the apron calling out Taz and out he comes. Taz goes for a half nelson suplex but Dean blocks it. Dean goes for a clothesline but gets caught in a urinagi. Dean up quickly and hits a double undertook sit out power bomb again. Dean springs up and Taz is back to his feet. Dean hits the ropes but Taz catches him with a fall away slam. Dean ducks a line and hits a release northern lights. Taz reverses a corner whip and then nails Dean with a belly to belly as the locker room again empties to break it up. Malenko leaves. Taz chases a photographer around the ring and Malenko comes back out and they brawl again and again get pulled apart.

Tommy Dreamer is in the locker room preparing for his I Quit Match with Sandman. Dreamer says he would never say it and the only way he is going to lose the match is if he gets taken out in a body bag. Woman yells at Sandman and tells him that no one quits on her. She berates Sandman and tells him he better not quit. To Joey we go and he tells that one of the participants from the I Quit Match is at the hospital and then goes to the match

Sandman (w/ Woman) vs. Tommy Dreamer ref John Finnegan I Quit Match
Dreamer as a car panel. Sandman attacks him in the aisle but Dreamer uses that car piece. Dreamer jabs Sandman low with the metal. Dreamer with a few chair shots to Sandman. Dreamer taking the ten lashes the last time they were in the Arena has really put the fans on his side. Sandman with a suplex and then he brings it into the ring and locks on a cross face chicken wing. Back and forth with chairs, crutches and frying pans they go but neither man quits. Sandman hits some of the worst looking elbows from the top rope but Dreamer won’t give up. Dreamer moves out of the way of a third one and then hits a DDT. Piledriver on the chair. Sandman though comes back and hits a piledriver of his own. Sandman lights himself a cigarette and then hits another piledriver. Sandman beats on Dreamer and gets in his face. Dreamer slaps the cigarette into the eye of Sandman. Woman comes in the ring and hits Dreamer with the cane he doesn’t flinch and grabs it from her and slams Sandman in the face with the cane. Sandman is rolling around on the ground in pain as Woman freaks out. Sandman quits giving Dreamer the win after 12.49. A few refs run down to ringside and Dreamer checks on Sandman who is bleeding from the eye. Tod Gordon hits the ring and calls for more help as Sandman gets stretchered out. Backstage Dreamer wants to check on Sandman as Gordon tells him to just get away. Woman cries and screams at Dreamer. Woman tells Sandman that an ambulance is on the way. A lot of wrestlers surround Sandman after a few minutes Gordon yells at the camera man and tells him to leave.

We go to Joey at the hospital and we see footage of Sandman being lead back out through the arena to the exit so he can go to the hospital. Joey tells us that one eye is swollen shut and was burned and that the other one was torn off!

My thoughts on the show
AWESOME. Loved the angle for the main event that few minutes right there made this whole episode worth it. The Taz Malenko stuff was also lots of fun with them countering back and forth. Another show worth checking out.

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