ECW Hardcore TV 11/29/1994

Written by: Heelsinc

TV 1994-11-29 (Matches taped November to Remember Night 1 1994-11-04 at Fieldhouse in Hamburg, Pa & 1994-11-19 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pa)

World: “The Franchise” Shane Douglas
TV: 2 Cold Scorpio
Tag: Public Enemy

Tag Team Champions Public Enemy are in the streets again and they say they are back to where they belong and the belts are back to where they belong. Sabu and Tazmaniac are next and PE are coming for them.

We go to last week and all the craziness that was the main event. They show everything from the pinfall on.

Back to the PE and they smash a car and stuff.

Opening video.

Joey Styles runs down some matches for Holiday Hell set to take place on December 17th.. PE takes on Sabu and Tazmaniac, 911 goes 2 on 1 with the Pitbulls and World Champion “The Franchise” Shane Douglas defends against Ron Simmons.

TV Champion 2 Cold Scorpio vs. Dean Malenko (w/ Jason) Ref John “Pee Wee” Moore (1994-11-04)
Before the match we get highlights from last week when Scorpio won the title from Jason. Scorpio pushes Malenko to the mat. Malenko rolls back nips-up and then gets rocked with a super kick from Scorpio. This was a pretty sweet looking sequences. They go to commercial. Nice test of strength spot that ends with Malenko hitting a body scissor as they get a nice hand from the crowd. Scorpio gets the arm of Malenko. Malenko fights out and goes after the leg and then locks in a STF. Scorp gets out and goes back to the arm. Scorpio comes off the top with a splash but Malenko kicks out. Scorp with an irish whip then he ducks his head and Malenko hits a double underhook power bomb. Texas cloverleaf but Scorpio gets to the ropes. They go to the floor where Scorpio slams Malenko. Scorpio goes for a plancha but Malenko moves. In the ring Malenko throws Scorpio to the corner and goes in after but Scorpio springs back off the rope knocking into Dean. They go to the top and Scorpio hits a super victory roll for 2! Scoprio goes for a rana but Dean power bombs him. Scorpio gets Dean back down but misses moonsault. Malenko with an awesome looking swinging neck breaker he covers for the 3 and the tittle!! 13.05 of the match was shown. So Scorpio was Champion for 1 week TV and probably like an hour real time.

Joey Styles tells us that Chad Austin is heading to the ring. Chad Austin says he was snubbed by his manager, partner and the fans so he is now going to the greatest promotion in the world SMW. He says the wrestlers and fans are better there. Shane Douglas comes out and Austin says even the athletes there are better. Douglas says Austin is a punk. Austin says SMW wants him to give Douglas something. Austin nails Douglas! Why would he do that?!?

World Champion “The Franchise” Shane Douglas vs. Chad Austin ref John “Pee Wee” Moore (1994-11-04)
Shane with a belly to back and hanging vertical suplex. Douglas all over Austin. Douglas drives his forearm into the face of Austin and the ref gets the mic. Douglas tells Austin to say ECW is number 1. Bully. Austin says it and the ref calls for the bel in 2.15l. Wait what were the rules to this match? Douglas tells Austin to go tell all the rednecks the best wrestling is in ECW.

Joey talks about the feud between PE and Sabu. We go back to November to Remember where Sabu pushed “Flyboy” Rocco Roc through a table and we go through what has happened up to last week.

Tag Team Champion Public Enemy vs. Cactus Jack & Kevin Sullivan ref Jim Molineaux (1994-11-19)
JIP and clipped. They fight all over the place and use many different weapons. It’s an all out brawl. Oars, chairs, cookie sheet, shovel and a crutch. Sullivan nails Johnny Grunge with the title belt. Jack with a double arm DDT on “Flyboy” Rocco Roc. Jack with a second. Cactus spits on the ECW title and Sullivan attacks him with the belt. The ref calls for the bell. Mikey Whipwreck comes out to help Cactus. Mikey goes right after Sullivan! Sullivan and PE beat on them and Mikey gets killed with a chair by Sullivan. Grunge with a reverse DDT and then they set Jack up on a table. Roc goes up top but Tazmaniac and Sabu hit the ring and go after PE. Sabu puts Grunge on a table and comes off the top with an arabian face buster. 2.58 of the match was shown.

My thoughts on the show
Week after week ECW continues to entertain me. Very good opening match and a fun albeit short brawl to end it. Fans went crazy at the end when Taz and Sabu come out.

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