ECW Hardcore TV 12/6/1994

Written by: Heelsinc

TV 1994-12-06 (Match taped 1994-11-19 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pa)

World: “The Franchise” Shane Douglas
TV: Dean Malenko
Tag: Public Enemy

World Champion “The Franchise” Shane Douglas and Sherri make their way to the ring.

Opening video.

Joey Styles tells us that “Stunning” Steve Austin is injured and is not there tonight. Douglas says that only the Hollywood Blondes took him to the limit in WCW. Douglas says that anyone can get a refund if they want after intermission. Sherri says that she has a new partner for Douglas. She says that Austin might not be there but she does have a Hollywood Blonde for him “Flyin” Bryan Pillman!!!!

Douglas, Pillman and Sherri conducted an interview for the ECW phone line. Douglas getting wrestling back on track to being the sport that it once was. Pillman says Austin was the weak link of the Blondes. Douglas says they are the greatest team ever put together.

2 Cold Scorpio and Ron Simmons are together backstage before the match. Scorpio talks about how Austin has never been to the projects. Simmons is very angry and says he’s going to kick peoples ass. He says he’s going to put Douglas’ ass on his back. I wonder how you do that. They say Austin pinked out.

World Champion “The Franchise” Shane Douglas & Flyin’ Bryan Pillman (w/ Sherri) vs. Ron Simmons & 2 Cold Scorpio ref John Finnegan
Joey says the match is going to be shown in highlight form. Oh man. Douglas gets out of the ring and disappears. Simmons and Scorpio come out and should probably be careful. Yup Douglas attacks Simmons as he was hiding under the ring. Simmons though takes over on Shane and Scorpio sends Pillman to the ground. Simmons over powers Douglas but ducks his head and gets DDTed. Suplex by Shane. Scorpio and Pillman both tag in. Scorp with a cross body off the top and then he tags Simmons. Pillman wants to shake hands. Simmons kicks Pillman instead. Pillman goes for a leap frog but Simmons catches him and lands a spin buster. Shane doesn’t want to tag in so Pillman goes to the floor and they regroup. Clip. Shane wants to shake hands now. Simmons goes to kick him but Shane catches it and takes over. Gut wrench by Shane that Simmons almost kills him self on the bump. Clip Scorpio reverses a tombstone but Shane shakes out of it and Scorpio falls with Shane on top for a 2. Pillman tags in and dropkicks Scorpio off the apron. Pillman goes for a cross body off the apron but Scorpio moves and Pillman hits the guardrail. Scorpio with a high drop kick from the top rope. Douglas makes the save at 2. Clip. Pillman calls for a test of strength will Simmons easily wins. Pillman though goes to the eyes. Simmons runs through Pillman with a clothesline. Clip Douglas comes off the middle rope with a forearm smash to the back of Simmons. Pillman tags in and they hit a double suplex. Double belly to back for 2. Shane in now with Simmons. Double corner whip. Simmons hits and comes right back out with a double clothesline. Press slam and Scorpio comes off the top with a splash but Shane gets his knees up. Stomach breaker by Shane. Clip. Douglas gives Scorpio a flap jack and drops an elbow. Some double teaming by Shane and Pillman. Double stun gun and Shane locks in a bear hug. Shane will a back drop. Shane misses a cross body off the second rope and Scorpio hits a spin kick. Pillman back in and he’s going for a superplex but Scorpio pushes him down and comes off the top. Pillman drop kicks Scorpio out of the air. Shane hits a belly to belly but Sherri reaches in and puts Scorpios foot on the ropes for some reason. Scorpio drop kicks the ref by accident. Sherri comes off the top and nails Douglas with her heel. Simmions nails Pillman with a flying shoulder tackle. Douglas tries to leap frog Simmons but he’s caught in a powerslam. Simmons covers and wins! Simmons has pinned the World Champion. Pillman goes after Sherri and rips off her top. Sherri slides in the ring and hides behind Shane. Shane turns to her confused over everything and see a picture of Ric Flair stuck in her bra strap. Douglas takes the picture and rips it up. Joey says that Flair sent Sherri here to set up Shane! Douglas with a pile driver on Sherri! Shane says never has he seen someone send a woman to do a mans job. He tells Sherri to go back and give Flair a big “Fuck you”. 15.56 of the match was shown.

Joey hypes Holiday Hell 2. Simmons is getting a title match against Shane. Tag Team Champions Public Enemy face Tazmaniac and Sabu. 911 in a handicap match against Pitbulls 1 and 2.

Ron Simmons says he doesn’t say a lot of words because his fists do the talking for him. Simmons says Douglas is going to continue to get beat by Simmons.

Cactus Jack says Mikey Whipwreck he told him Kevin Sullivan couldn’t be trust. Jack says he was happy because Mikey kept his word and when Sullivan turned on Jack Mikey kicked his ass.

Tag Team Champions Public Enemy says that every store they go to kicks them out. Sabu stuck his nose in their business. PE says they are going to destroy Tazmaniac and Sabu.

Paul E Dangerously says everyone used to group to together to stop him and his guys but now there is someone around who is badder then him and any member of the Dangerous Alliance ever. Paul E says though that now he has Sabu and Taz and they are badder then anyone he has ever managed.

My thoughts on the show

Yes of course you should watch it. Everything was good as has become the norm.

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