ECW House Show 12/10/1994

Written by: Heelsinc

1994-12-10 at Louis Armstrong Middle School in Bristol, Pa

World: “The Franchise” Shane Douglas
TV: Dean Malenko
Tag: Public Enemy

How to Catch a Predator star Rob Feinstein’s first fan cam. Mikey Whipwreck sets up the ring and then we go to the action.

Pitbulls (w/ Jason) vs. JT Smith & Steve Richards ref Jim Molineaux
Richards and Pitbull 1 start off. Pitbull powers Richards into a corner and pounds on him. Richards moves out of the way of a charge and goes after the arm. Richards goes for a super kick but gets his leg swept out. Pitbull 2 tags as does Smith. Smith uses his speed to hit a super kick and cross body. Pitbulls however use their size advantage to gain control. They go after the forever injured knee of Smith. They go to the floor and brawl. After what feels like hours Smith with a clothesline and tag. Richards with lots of super kicks. He even turns and accidentally nails Smith. Richards can’t believe what he did and Pitbull 2 powerslams him for the win in 11.55. Smith is obviously upset and they argue a bit. Smith nails Richards and the ref calls for a bell.

Steve Richards vs. JT Smith ref Jim Molineaux
Smith beats on Richards as the fans call for blood. Richards trips up Smith and covers with his feet on the rope for the win in .47.

Young Dragons vs. 911 (w/ Paul E Dangerously) ref Jim Molineaux
911 picks up the win in .41 after a double chokeslam. 911 with a few more after the match to keep the fans happy.

Al Snow vs. Tazmaniac ref John “Pee Wee” Moore
Snow in his debut here. He locks on a headlock but Taz throws him off. A few minutes in and Taz knocks Snow to the floor. Jason comes out and begins to give Snow some pointers. Jason trips Taz and out comes Paul E to even things up. Snow with a surfboard. Paul E now trips up Snow and Taz hits a belly to belly. The Pitbulls comes down and distract Taz. Snow with a suplex and here comes 911. Big slam by Snow. Taz with a belly to back for 2. Leg drop from the top by Snow. Taz ducks a clothesline and hits a half nelson suplex for the 1, 2 and 3 in 8.10. Jason yells at Snow so Snow attacks him and hits a plancha on the Pitbulls. Snow then chases after the Pitbulls with a chair and falls down HA. In the ring Taz gives the ref a belly to belly.

World Champion “The Franchise” Shane Douglas vs. Hack Meyers ref Jim Molineuax
Fans are anti Douglas chanting “Pittsburg sucks” Shane gets on the mic and tells Meyers he’s a piece of shit. Hack fires away on Shane and clotheslines him over the top rope. Hack all over Shane working the arm and trapping Shane in the corner. Meyers charges but Shane gets the boot up and throws Hack to the floor and hits a plancha. Shane breaks an oar over the back of Meyers. Shane comes off the top with a double axe handle back in the ring and then locks in a chin lock. They trade rest holds for entirely to long. Shane with a head scissor that goes on for like 3 minutes. Hack breaks out and drops a leg low on Shane. Shane eventually reverses a corner whip and hits a belly to belly as Hack comes out for the 3 count in 21.05. They each get on the mic after the match and shit talk.

“Ironman” Tommy Cairo & Angel vs. Tommy Dreamer & Peaches ref John “Pee Wee” Moore
I don’t get why these guys didn’t join forces and decide that they hate Sandman more than they hate each other. Dreamer with a piledriver right out of the gate. The girls go at it and Dreamer pushes Angel and Peaches gets the 3 count in 2.24. Peaches chases Angel back and Sandman shows up. Shandman, Dreamer and Cairo all face off and Cairo and Sandman seem to work together to take out Dreamer. Cactus Jack tries to make the save and goes after Sandman but Cairo saves him. WHAAAAAAAAT!?! Cactus is left a bloody mess by Sandman.

Tag Team Champions Public Enemy vs. Hack Meyers & Mikey Whipwreck ref Jim Molineaux & John “Pee Wee” Moore
Hack gets his second title shot in one night. Not very deserving of either of them. Cactus must be unable to compete. Two refs must mean it’s falls count anywhere. I didn’t hear if that was announced though so it’s just a guess. A few minutes into the fight Cactus Jack show up and Hack just wonders off. Cactus hits Johnny Grunge with a double arm DDT but “Flyboy” Rocco Roc breaks up the pin attempt. Cactus nails him with a DDT on a chair. Cactus drops the chair to the face of Roc but Roc just gets the shoulder up right before the 3. They brawl into the crowd. Things are wild and the fans are loving every second of it. Roc goes for a drive by through a table but it doenst break. He hits a second one off the table this time and gets a 1,2 3 in 10.10.

PE are in the dressing room with Commissioner Tod Gordon. Grunge is all bloody. They say they are done with Cactus and Mikey because it’s time to take out Tazmaniac and Sabu.

Cactus Jack and Tommy Dreamer talk about the beating they took from Sandman and Tommy Cairo.

Al Snow tells Tazmaniac that he’s coming back after Tazmaniac.

Cactus gives a few autographs to kids after the show.

My thoughts on the show
Cactus bleed like crazy for a house show. The promos at the end make me wonder if some of this will actually show up on TV which would explain the massive amount of blood from Cactus. All of the matches besides the Tag Title Match were either WAY to long or they lasted seconds. Tag was the only one that felt like it had a good time to it.

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