ECW Hardcore TV 12/13/1994

Written by: Heelsinc

TV 1994-12-13 (Match taped 1994-12-10 at Louis Armstrong Middle School in Bristol, Pa)

World: “The Franchise” Shane Douglas
TV: Dean Malenko
Tag: Public Enemy

Highlights of last weeks happenings with World Champion “The Franchise” Shane Douglas. Shane Douglas says that Ron Simmons can do all the things he did to Vader and Flair to him but won’t beat him. Douglas tells Flair it’s time for him to retire. Douglas says the fire in Flair is gone and it’s time to stamp it out like a cigarette. Shane says since Flair doesn’t have the guts to pick up the phone and call him the won’t say his name again. Pffffft Yea right. Douglas says he will mention another WCW wrestler but these guy has the guts to come to ECW and face him man to man and that guy is Ron Simmons. Douglas says that after this Saturday night Simmons is just another notch in his belt of beaten opponents.

Opening video.

911 killed the Young Dragons in under a minute with a double chokeslam. Joey Styles questions if 911 bite off more then he can chew when he goes up against the Pitbulls at Holiday Hell this Saturday.

“Ironman” Tommy Cairo announces “The Virgin Princess” Angel as his new manager.

Joey hypes the main event at Holiday Hell between Champion Shane Douglas and Ron Simmons. Simmons says he is going to show Douglas what it’s like to feel the emotion he used to feel making a game winning tackle. Simmons talks about how good it feels to be champion. Think this might be the same promo they used a few weeks ago.

We go to clips of Sabu’s injuries over the past few weeks. From there we go to November 19th when Tag Team Champions Public Enemy attacked Sabu and Tazmaniac during their match. Sabu and Tazmaniac repaid the attack during the PE’s match with Cactus Jack and Kevin Sullivan.

Johnny Grunge says that no one is more Extreme then PE. Grunge says their beef is with Sabu and Paul E but Tazmaniac got in the way and he is going to suffer. “Flyboy” Rocco Roc says they are taking about Taz and Sabu. Good promo from Grunge who gets the least mic time out of the two.

Paul E joins Styles. Paul he hypes the 911 Pitbulls match and says all that it takes is him dialing three numbers. Paul says whats really on his mind is PE. Paul E talks about violence in society. He pulls out a wad of cash and says that PE loves cash and to get it they have to go through Taz and Sabu and he doesn’t think they can do it. Taz and Sabu are going to bring to much violence.

They briefly go to the mixed tag team match but then cut to the locker room where Cactus Jack and Mikey Whipwreck are. Mikey says sorry to Jack for letting Kevin Sullivan turn on him. Mikey then runs away. Cactus says he is most mad at Sullivan for not telling him that he was going to go after Hulk Hogan because he would have stayed and helped. Woman shows up and tells Jack to watch out what he says about her husband. Sandman attacks from behind with the cane. Joey says Sandman is on his way to the ring for a dueling cane match with Tommy Dreamer but Cairo never got out of the ring from the last match. Nice they just made up a match for TV that was never actually a thing. They show the beat down of Dreamer and Cactus. Joey tells us that added to Holiday Hell is Cactus and Dreamer against Sandman and Cairo. Cactus and Dreamer are in the locker room and Cactus says he has put wrestler out just for fun. But Woman and Sandman have actually given him a reason. Jack talks about Dreamer becoming a man and that Jack doesn’t care about losing body parts cause the more he loses the less has to lose.

My thoughts on the show
I love the week before the big show. It’s basically what would have been the “Preshow” had the show been on PPV. Good promos from everyone tonight. No matches though so if you like straight hype check this one out.

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