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ECW Holiday Hell ’94 12/17/1994

Written by: Heelsinc

Holiday Hell 1994-12-17 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pa

World: “The Franchise” Shane Douglas
TV: Dean Malenko
Tag: Public Enemy

This is a fan cam and we go right into our first match joined in progress we get about a minute of TV Champion Dean Malenko taking on Ray Odyssey. Not much action is shown. Malenko would go on to win by submission in a finish that wasn’t shown.

Chris Benoit vs. Hack Meyers ref John Finnegan
JIP. Benoit with a slam and northern lights suplex for 2. Hack fights back after reversing a corner whip. Benoit ducks a clothesline and hits a full nelson suplex that dumps hack on the back of his head. Hack is down and Benoit goes after him but the ref backs him off. We get a ref stoppage as Hack is to hurt to continue. 3.31 filmed. Sabu comes out and goes after Benoit. Dean Malenko hits the ring to help out Benoit.

911 chokeslams Santa Clause as the crowd goes wild. Pitbulls hit the ring which brings us to…

911 (w/ Paul E Dangerously) vs. Pitbulls (w/Jason) ref John Finnegan
Boring change starts right away. Pitbull 2 with a slam and then he press Pitbull 1 up and drops him on 911. Lost of ceiling shots. 911 goes for a double chokeslam. Jason comes off the top rope and the Pitbulls both chokeslam 911. Jason gets chokeslamed. 911 breaks through a double clothesline hits a chokeslam and pins them both. 2.37 filmed pretty sure there was some cuts. Paul E gets on the mic and hypes 911.

“Ironman” Tommy Cairo (w/ Angel) & Sandman (w/ Woman) vs. Tommy Dreamer & Cactus Jack ref John Finnegan
It’s a giant brawl with all four men in the ring. They spill to the floor and it sounds like lots of weapon shots are happening. Dreamer back drops Jack out of the ring onto Sandman and Cairo. Sandman and Cairo double team Dreamer as it has turned into an actual tag team match. Most of the show so far has been the back of people’s heads and the guy covering his camera cause he’s afraid of getting caught. Sandman hits a leg drop off the top then spikes Dreamer with a piledriver. Cactus makes the save on the pinfall attempt. Jack hits Cairo with a DDT and covers for the win. 7.08. Dreamer goes after Sandman with the cane. Woman jumps on him so he goes after her but she throws Angel in the way and leaves. Jack gets on the mic and tells Tommy not to do Dreamer gives Cactus the can and then he nails her with it himself.

World Champion “The Franchise” Shane Douglas vs. Ron Simmons ref Jim Molineaux
Shane on the mic. Can’t hear him but I imagine he talks shit about Flair. Simmons comes out in street clothes and appears to have his arm in a sling. Simmons says something and then leaves. Douglas I think calls him a punk. Simmons come and nails Shane. Simmons takes off his belt and whips Shane. Shane gets the World Title and nails Ron with is and rips off the sling. Shane comes off the top rope but gets caught in the jaw by Simmons. Ron misses a corner charge and hits his shoulder in the buckle. Shane with a chop block and he gets the win in 4.17.

Tag Team Champions Public Enemy vs. Sabu & Tazmaniac (w/ Paul E Dangerously) ref John Finnegan
Guess what? It’s a giant brawl, from what I can tell. Fans are going ape shit. Sabu dives out of the ring then hits air sabu. Taz with a few suplexes. Paul E and Taz pin down “Flyboy” Rocco Roc as Sabu goes up to put him through a table. Johnny Grunge makes the save and nails Taz and Paul E with a frying pan. Sabu breaks character a bit and does the cabbage patch. Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko hit the ring and Benoit pushes Sabu through the table and then hits a tombstone piledriver. Roc with a swinging neck breaker. I assume the match is still going on. Roc puts Sabu on a table and goes for the drive by but Taz covers up Sabu and they both get put through and Roc makes the cover for the win. Well couldn’t see half the match so hopefully they show it on TV cause the crowd was way into it. Finish looked sort of weak though as Roc didn’t seem to hit with any impact. After the match Taz puts PE through a table. Malenko and Benoit stay around and Taz and Sabu get beat down. 911 comes out and hits everyone with lots of chokeslams. Sabu puts a chair on the top turnbuckle and climbs onto the chair and leg drops Grunge through a table. That looked stupid. Oh wait the table didn’t break. Sabu goes for it again but Roc hits the rope I think accidentally and Sabu falls face first onto the table. Paul E gets on the mic and hypes the crowd.

After the show are videographer gives us a tour of the outside of the ECW Arena and hangs with some wrestlers at the hotel. He evens gets to ask Benoit a few questions.

My thoughts on the show
I don’t know if I would have liked it or not cause I couldn’t see any of it! If you’re this much of a pussy it’s fine I get it just don’t bring a camera to the show in the first place. Do not add this to your collection.

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