ECW Hardcore TV 11/22/1994

Written by: Heelsinc

TV 1994-11-22 (Matches taped November to Remember Night 1 1994-11-04 at Fieldhouse in Hamburg, Pa & 1994-11-19 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pa)

World: “The Franchise” Shane Douglas
TV: Jason
Tag: Public Enemy

Steve Richards & ??? vs. Hack Meyers & ??? ref John Finnegan (1994-11-19)
This is a Dream Partner Match. You can’t pick someone that already has a match signed though. Richards picks JT Smith. Hack picks Chad Austin. How the fuck does anyone dream of teaming with JT Smith or Chad Austin?!?Austin on the mic says he’s not going to wrestle in the Arena. Austin runs down ECW and says he’s leaving and going to Smokey Mountain Wrestling. Austin says he wants Hack to come with him. Hack attacks Austin. Richards nails Austin which officially starts the match with a super kick. Smith with a northern lights for the pin in .08. Hack nails the double knees from the top to send Austin packing.

Opening video.

Jason is backstage with Dean Malenko Jason says even though Tod Gordon has tried to ban Malenko from ringside he is still going to come to the ring.

TV Champion Jason (w/ Dean Malenko) vs. ??? ref John Finnegan (1994-11-04)
So much mystery behind this weeks matches! Tod Gordon comes to the ring and says if Malenko doesn’t leave before he counts to 5 Jason will be fired from ECW. The Pitbulls then come out and Gordon runs back to the ring telling them to leave. Gordon says it’s going to be one on one tonight. Jason says to bring out his opponent because he will beat them. Jason tells Gordon to bring out Don E Allen or Dino Sendoff or Chris Kanyon. Gordon says no and that tonight his opponent will be 2 Cold Scorpio! Scorp hits the ring and nails some clotheslines, a splash in the corner and standing moonsault for 2. Scorpio with a slam and then he goes to the second rope with a leg drop but he picks Jason up at 2. Scorpio picks up Jason for a slam but the ref gets nailed by Jason’s foot. Scorpio can’t get the win cause there’s no ref. Pitbulls come out but Scorpio hits a plancha on them. Scorpio goes up and hits Jason with the 450 but still no ref. Malenko comes back out and attacks. Scorpio with a super kick to Malenko. Scorpio with a flying forearm from the top rope 1, 2 and 3. We have a new TV Champion in 2.37. Malenko attacks Scorpio after the match and nails him with the belt. Swinging neck breaker and then he locks on a submission until Ron Simmons comes out and chases them off.

After commercial Jason is backstage and he is very upset over losing the title. Jason promises he’s going to get the title back as he holds back tears.

World Champion “The Franchise” Shane Douglas vs. Jim Powers ref John Finnegan (1994-11-04)
So I’m actually kinda excited for this match. We go to comments from Ron Simmons. Simmons says he’s going straight to the top because he knows what it feels like to have the belt around his waist. Back to the match and we are JIP. Douglas with a back elbow for 2. Suplex by Shane and he goes up top. Powers though gets up and shakes the ropes and Douglas falls onto them. Atomic drop and then an inverted one by Powers. He follows that up with a clothesline for 2. Powers with a knee lift for another near fall. Powers plants Shane into the mat with a DDT but Shane again able to get up. Powers goes for an O’Connor roll but Douglas ducks through the ropes causing Powers to hit his throat on the top rope. Douglas quickly falls on top and hooks the tights to pick up the win. 3.11 of the match was shown.

We go to highlights from the Brawl Games Match in which Public Enemy become Tag Team Champions for a second time.

Paul E Dangerously talks about how not long ago he would have paid money for the Malenko brothers to join the Dangerous Alliance. That was then and this is now he says. Now he only is interested in Sabu and Tazmaniac. Paul E accuses Jason of smoking pot for thinking that the Malenkos are going to just run over Sabu and Taz.

Tazmaniac & Sabu (w/ 911 & Paul E Dangerously) vs. Dean & Joe Malenko ref John “Pee Wee” Moore (1994-11-19)
Taz and Sabu hit the ring and go after their opponents. Sabu wraps Dean’s towel around his neck and then whips him into Taz who hits a t bone suplex. Flapjack on Joe. To the floor they go. Sabu has a neck brace on just two weeks removed from his match with Chris Benoit. Sabu dives over the top rope onto Joe. Dean with a rolling samoan drop. Sabu props Joe an a table outside of the ring. Sabu dives but Joe moves and Sabu slams into the table. Taz nails Dean with a chair a few times in the ring. Gut wrench by Taz. Everyone in the ring now. Taz with a belly to belly on Joe. Dean goes for a superplex but Taz grabs him and puts him on his shoulders and they hit a doomsday device. Half nelson suplex by Taz gets the win in 4.09. Jason comes in the ring and nails Paul E. 911 come in and grabs Jason but the Pitbulls come out to save him. They don’t get saved though as 911 hits a double chokeslam. The fight between Sabu, Taz and the Malenkos continue. 911 chases Jason and the Pitbulls to the locker room. Tag Team Champions Public Enemy hit the ring and go after Sabu but he hits a springboard moonsault onto both of them. The Malenkos have Taz with each with an arm bar on. PE hit a double tombstone on Sabu! Paul E comes in and nails Johnny Grunge but “Flyboy” Rocco Roc nails him. Roc puts Paul E through a table with a moonsault!!!! Roc drops Sabu throat first on the top rope twice. Grunge with a DDT on Sabu. PE put Sabu on a table and Roc hits the drive by as the Malenkos hold Taz and make him watch. Taz breaks free and gets rid of everyone and goes to check on Sabu and Paul E. EMTs come out to check on Sabu and Paul E as we go off the air with carnage in the ring.

My thoughts on the show
Holy shit is ECW hot right now. I would have enjoyed more of a match for the main event because I think these four guys could have put on a good one but the brawl they had was fun and the aftermath was kick ass!

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